Ruka Sarashina : Everything You Need To Know

Ruka Sarashina is an antagonist who occasionally appears in the Kanojo, Okarishimasu Series. She is a slow-heart girlfriend. She is seeking a partner to asist her with this discipline .

APPEARANCE Ruka Sarashina

Ruka is known for her straight, curly hair that she has tied with ribbons. It is typically a blue decoration. The ribbon is a long, thick, and tortuous style for her haircloth. She wears a blue sky button-up, high-waisted dame and a blue blazer to school. She normally wears a turtleneck sweater during her rental periods american samoa well as a variety short-patterned skirts. Sundresses are her favorite for casual events .
however, she can besides wear longer sleeves or leggings for more formal occasions. Ruka is hard despite being young. Although her body may not be arsenic wax as Chizuru ’ randomness, Ruka says that she still has a large front size and slender legs. male characters much compare her to Chizuru. She is identical popular in the public center .

PERSONALITY Ruka Sarashina

Ruka is described as a happy, determined, and passionate little daughter by her. Ruka is open and honest about her feelings. She can be viewed as possessive and pushful. After being diagnosed with a condition that left her feeling detached from her peers, her personality changed. She believed that a faster pulse would make her feel better therefore she set out to find a boyfriend.

Ruka ’ s bravado can cause conflict with Kazuya, and more specifically Chizuru. Because of her stubbornness and determination, she can be stubborn. She can be impulsive and make poor decisions. If she fails to achieve her goals, she can become torment. Ruka is able to be realistic in unmanageable situations and will work hard to overcome her mistakes. Ruka is an excellent hearer and will work with people she doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like. Kazuya believes Ruka ’ s weaknesses could make her appealing to person who wants to learn from her .


Ruka was born with an atypical blink of an eye. Ruka can fall if she is intemperate working. Ruka rented her girlfriend to increase her heartbeat. She wasn ’ t impressed with the people she met after a while. She met Kazuya Kinshita at an event. She was actual and sincere .
Kazuya fell in love with him because she was earnest, and finally quit her subcontract as a renter-girlfriend. Kazuya is blackmailed by her to become her “ trial boyfriend ”, under the discipline that she doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate reveal Chizuru ’ south job or kinship to Kazuya. This is putting Kazuya in serious fuss. Kazuya ’ randomness problems are made bad by her work at the lapp job .
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Chizuru Ichinose
When they foremost met, Ruka was identical friendly to Chizuru. Ruka asked Chizuru bluffly if she was a tenant girlfriend. This shock shocked Chizuru, who initially viewed her as an foe to Kazuya ’ s fudge life. Kazuya ’ south sincereness and efforts to Ruka regarding his feelings for Chizuru led her to fall in love. He is the only one who can make her kernel beat agile than her irregular values .

Chizuru besides found herself in trouble when she revealed that Kazuya was actually her trial lover. Ruka became more open to Kazuya and became a fierce beloved equal. This is a sign that Chizuru in truth loves Kazuya slowly .


Kazuya and Ruka met for the first meter at Kazuya ’ s grandmother ’ second party. Ruka stated bluffly that Ruka was Kazuya ’ s girlfriend. Kazuya rebutted this claim by claiming that she is a compulsive lieur. unfortunately for Kazuya or fortunately, Nagomi accepted Chizuru as her friend at the party. Another lie from Chizuru. Nagomi openly lied about her, even though she intended to hate Kazuya in her first lie down .


Mami helped Mami with an probe into Kazuya ’ sulfur private life. Ruka met Mami. Ruka told Mami that Kazuya was hers and Mami was an antique. This was a different approach path to Chizuru ’ second to Mami. He asked her not to interfere in his private life. Mami considered her an enemy in exchange, but not the elementary threat.


Yaemori ’ s competition with Kazuya initially upset Ruka. Ruka realized that Yaemori was a follower of Kazuya ’ sulfur way of animation and was able to calm down .


  • Ruka is “lapis lazuli” (or “summer”)
  • Ruka’s surname Sarashina means “change” or” department.


  • Ruka loves blue.
  • Ruka has bradycardia, or something similar in her heart condition.
  • Episode 07 is an anime adaptation about Ruka’s current and past health.
  • Ruka creates social media videos that get lots of hits. Kazuya believes Ruka is the reason for her videos’ popularity.
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