B12 Shots: Best Injections Sites for Vitamin B12 on the Body

Published : september 24, 2020 Finding the Best Vitamin B12 Injection Site is a key aspect when Administering B12 Shots. After you find the best B12 Injection Locations, make surely you follow the steps here to avoid unnecessary discomfort or possible infection. bill : In the United States ALL injectables require a prescription from a accredited practitioner and can entirely be dispensed from an FDA registered drugstore .

What is a B12 Injection?

Do you think your body gets enough vitamin B12 ? Vitamin B12 is an incredibly important vitamin used to keep the body, brain, nerve, and blood cells healthy. It besides helps make your deoxyribonucleic acid. fortunately, vitamin B12 can be well supplemented with B12 shots. There are besides multiple locations on your body that can be used as a B12 injection site. If you are experiencing a vitamin B12 insufficiency symptoms may include fatigue, system of weights loss, and stultification. B12 injections are an effective and rapid treatment for your body to promptly and efficiently absorb the vitamin it needs ( NIH, n.d. ). Symptoms can be insidious, but B12 shots can completely change how you feel on a day to day footing.

The Four Different Types of Vitamin B12 Supplements:

  1. Methylcobalamin (Best) – Vitamin B12 injections also comes in the form of methylcobalamin, which is found naturally in foods, and is the most active form of B12. As opposed to cyanocobalamin, it is ready to be used by the body and is usually the most ideal and effective method for vitamin B12 injections.
  2. Cyanocobalamin – A vitamin B12 injection can contain cyanocobalamin, which is man-made. This is the inactive form of vitamin B12 that requires the body to expend more energy to convert and remove a cyanide molecule than other forms of B12.
  3. Hydroxocobalamin – Another man-made injectable form of vitamin B12 is hydroxocobalamin, which lasts longer in the bloodstream and requires fewer injections than cyanocobalamin.
  4. Adenosylcobalamin – The mitochondrial form of the B12 vitamin is adenosylcobalamin, which is naturally occurring but is the least stable of the four options.

vitamin b12 injection locations

Vitamin B12 is Essential

B12 is an all-important vitamin, which we typically get through our diet. Food sources of vitamin B12 include gripe, dairy, domestic fowl, and fish. There are many reasons why you may be gloomy on vitamin B12, but treatment for these symptoms is fairly easy. B12 supplements come in multiple forms, one being an over the counter orally ingested pill .

Why Take Vitamin B12 Injections?

Some people who do not get enough B12 naturally in their diet. It ’ randomness no clandestine that we all live busy lives and often don ’ triiodothyronine have the greatest diets. Some people besides have a hard prison term absorbing vitamin B12 through digestion. Vitamin B12 injections are an effective option method to treat symptoms and give your body the vitamin B12 it needs to affair. Once you learn the options for B12 injection sites and you realize the benefits and straightforward steps of a vitamin B12 injection, it may be the best solution for you and an easy way to treat the symptoms of conditions such as a vitamin B12 lack and anemia .

Two Variations of B12 Injections – Intramuscular & Subcutaneous

Vitamin B12 lack is most normally treated with either intramuscular or hypodermic injections .

  1. Intramuscular – These injections typically have better results and inject the medicine directly into the muscle, which is then absorbed by the surrounding muscle immediately.
  2. Subcutaneous – While less common, these injections are still an effective injection method where the needle is inserted just below the skin. For subcutaneous injections, the best site is your upper arm.

Intramuscular B12 Injections

The 3 Most Common B12 Injection Sites

There are 3 coarse B12 injection sites. A license practitioner from Invigor Medical can determine which site and method acting is best for you. They can besides determine the right dose, frequency, and injection site since it depends on your old age, health, and consolation level .

  1. Upper Buttocks (Most Common)
  2. Shoulder
  3. Thigh

have doctors normally give a B12 shoot in the shoulder, but this is more difficult to do if you are good learning. If you are alone, the outer- front tooth thigh is probably the easiest means to administer the injection but may cause more discomfort than the upper buttocks .

Intramuscular – B12 Injection Locations

The Upper Buttocks

If person is giving a B12 inject in the upper buttocks region, the injection is best done in the outer and upper region of the brawn. The person giving the injection will make a v-shape with their flick and index and hold the human body inside the triangle tightly. Insert the needle in the center of the v-shape to administer the B12 injection. Unless instructed by a health care provider, this inject web site is not recommended because untrained injectors may damage the sciatic steel .

The Shoulder

If person is giving you a B12 injection in the shoulder, have them make a downward-facing v-shape with your thumb and index over the deltoid ( shoulder ) muscle. Insert the B12 injection phonograph needle into the center of the v-shape you created with your fingers .

The Thigh

If you are self-administering the shoot, it is recommended that you use your thigh. To give an injection in your second joint, sit down and divide the top of your second joint into three equal parts. Make a v-shape with your hitchhike and index and hold the flesh in the out middle department of the second joint hard. Give the injection in the center of the fingers in v-shape. This thigh muscleman is called the vastus lateralis .

What Supplies Do You Need for a B12 Injection?

B12 Injections, once learned and practiced, are easy to administer and require few supplies. Vitamin B12 injection ordered from Invigor Medical include all necessary supplies at no extra charge .

Necessary B12 Injection Supplies:

  • Methylcobalamin, Vitamin B12 Vial
  • Clean Needle and Syringe
  • Alcohol pads, or cotton balls and rubbing alcohol

How Do I Inject a B12 Shot?

It is recommended that anyone who administers a B12 injection should receive trail and steering from a healthcare professional. The practitioners and staff at Invigor Medical are very helpful with affected role questions and steering. While phonograph needle size, dose, and injection locate will vary from person to person, these are the general tips and steps to follow when injecting a B12 Shot. The way you inject a B12 shot depends on which B12 injection site you choose to use :

Loading the Syringe

To prepare the syringe for the B12 injection, you should :

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Fasten the needle onto the end of the syringe.
  3. Remove the cap and seal on the vial.
  4. Clean the rubber membrane on the vial with an alcohol pad and let dry.
  5. Draw back the plunger and fill the syringe with air equal to the prescribed dosage.
  6. Remove the cap on the needle.
  7. Turn the vial upside down so when you puncture the rubber membrane the needle is pointing up.
  8. Insert the needle into the rubber membrane and inject the air from the syringe into the vial.
  9. Then slowly draw out the correct dosage of vitamin B12 into the syringe.
  10. Place the cap back on the needle until the injection site has been prepped.

Preparing the B12 Injection Site

  1. It is essential always to clean the injection area with alcohol pads.
  2. Allow the injection site to dry completely before administering the shot.
  3. It is authoritative to rotate your B12 injection sites to keep your skin healthy, as repeated shots in the lapp locate may cause scarring or swelling .

Intramuscular – B12 Injection Procedure

When performing an intramuscular injection, cut-in and withdraw the needle at a right lean ( 90 degrees ). After you insert, pull back slenderly on the speculator of the syringe. If you see rake enter the syringe this means you hit a blood vessel and you need to pull out and start over. You will need to replace the phonograph needle before you try again. To replace the needle, draw a little air into the syringe. Place the crown on the needle and remove. Put on a newly needle and remove the cap. Inject out any vent bubbles in the syringe while being careful to not inject any B12. now you are ready to inject again .vitamin b12 injection site -intramuscular After a successful injection, you may want to apply blackmail with a cotton ball or bandage to stop any bleed. always place your use needles in an approve biological agent container and dispose properly of your injection lay waste to. After injection, you can rub the B12 injection web site in a circular motion, which will increase rake menstruate and ease any aggravation. These tips will help ensure a painless and dependable injection.

Subcutaneous – B12 Injection Locations

The 3 Most Common B12 Injection Sites

The Lower Abdomen

This is one of the most common hypodermic vitamin B12 injection sites and is to be administered at or under the level of the belly button. It should be injected about two inches away from the navel itself. Take your thumb and index finger to pinch about 1 ½ inches of skin and inject the acerate leaf into the top skin. Slowly push the speculator to administer vitamin B12 .

Front of Thigh

The second joint is a popular choice ampere well to self-administer a vitamin B12 injection. Pinch a layer of skin with your thumb and index feel, which should be about an column inch and a half apart from each other, in the front area of the second joint. Inject the nip into this pinched layer .

Side or Back of Upper Arm

You can use the side or back of your upper weapon for a hypodermic injection. This may be easier when using the help of another person. Pinch a thick layer of hide on the upper side of your arm and inject the needle at the allow angle into this pinch skin .

Loading the Syringe and Preparing the Injection Site

Follow the like instructions for Loading the Syringe and Preparing the Injection Site as outlined earlier .

Subcutaneous – B12 Injection Procedure

hypodermic B12 injections are an alternative to intramuscular shots and may be a less afflictive method acting for some patients, although they are less coarse. A hypodermic injection uses a shorter needle to inject the B12 solution into the weave layer between the clamber and muscle, but it may be a slower absorption rate than early methods of government. The best method acting depends on you, your need, and your comfort horizontal surface with B12 shots and the hypodermic method may be the most utilitarian, dependable, and convenient way for you. hypodermic injections are administered into fat under the skin, so rather of the needle going in at a 90-degree slant, the hypodermic injection slant is at 45 degrees then that it pierces the bark but not the muscle tissue. The angle of the blastoff does depend on how much fat you have under your skin, so please confer with a trusted healthcare professional like the staff of Invigor Medical to determine what slant is best for you .administering b12 shots - subcutaneous For a hypodermic injection, the B12 needs to be injected into the fatty weave fair below the skin. When you are giving a B12 injection subcutaneously, you pinch the fatty to make sure you ’ re only penetrating the hypodermic tissue ( or the inmost layer of skin ) and pull it away from the muscle, then insert the needle. After a successful injection, apply atmospheric pressure to stop any shed blood. constantly position your use needles in an approved biological agent container and dispose properly of your injection waste. After injection, you can rub the B12 injection locate in a round motion, which will increase blood menstruate and ease any aggravation .

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a B12 shot injection?

Vitamin B12 injections help combat B12 lack and can have versatile benefits. Benefits include increased energy levels, weight loss, increased hair’s-breadth growth or prevention of hair loss, and improved sleep in those with deficiencies .

Are B12 shots prescription-only?

Yes, in the United States ALL injectable medications and vitamins must be prescribed by law .

Do the injections hurt?

While pain allowance varies from person to person, there is a chance you may experience some discomfort or pain, specially around the vitamin B12 injection site. The key is to relax, breathe deeply, eat healthily, and to be well-hydrated .

Are there any side effects of a vitamin B12 shot?

side effects are rare. There are a few balmy side effects that you may experience with the B12 shots, including minor trouble, bruise or inflammation at the B12 injection locate, meek diarrhea, itching, or swelling. While these symptoms are normally nothing to worry about, if they persist or worsen, you are advised to contact your health care professional .

Where to Safely Buy B12 Injections Online

If you are considering using B12 injections it is essential that you only purchase leverage through a safe and authentic generator. Verify that you need a prescription. If they do not require a prescription drug then they are not a safe and dependable reservoir.

If you want to Buy B12 Injections Online please consider Invigor Medical .


While we strive to always provide accurate, current, and safe advice in all of our articles and guides, it ’ sulfur crucial to stress that they are no substitute for aesculapian advice from a sophisticate or healthcare supplier. You should always consult a practice professional who can diagnose your specific case. The content we ’ ve included in this scout is merely meant to be informational and does not constitute medical advice. References :

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