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How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes – A Style Guide

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes

Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Combo Tips of Best Dressed Men

Having been around for hundreds of years, the shirt has evolved and changed a set to become what it is today. The shirt goes rear all the way to ancient Egypt, cca. 3000 BC. In the Middle Ages, they were normally worn by men as undergarments. In the Post-Renaissance Era, the different button rules for men ’ mho and women ’ randomness shirts started. In the eighteenth century, men ’ mho shirts were in manner, particularly with frilled details. In the nineteenth century, with the industrial rotation creating lots of wealth, men ’ sulfur shirts were becoming fancier and more seek after. At the beginning of the twentieth hundred, high collars were very in fashion, and towards mid-century, the egg white shirt becomes the uniform of function workers .
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes The blue shirt is the cornerstone of every man’s wardrobe. Its essentiality comes from how versatile it is. nowadays shirts are being worn beyond the besotted business/office environment. These days, there is a overplus of materials, colors, patterns, and cuts, and there is always a shirt for every occasion or weather .
With a lot of choices, there besides comes a distribute of confusion from the clog of information.

  • What should you wear to your best friend’s wedding on a beach? 
  • What shirt can you wear all day at the office for important business meetings that you can also wear to an after-work with your friends? 
  • Are you invited to a fancy charity gala and feel like your usual white shirt does not really work? 
  • What about cold weather – what shirts are out there that make you look good but also keep you warm? 
  • Or what works best for hot and humid summer days? 

These are all situations that most men have found themselves in over the decades. Looking for the perfect shirt after receiving an event invitation normally starts with a meek moment of panic, then a frantic search through the wardrobe, followed by a rush patronize tripper to get the missing shirt that would match the occasion. We would all like to avoid such situations that not only make us stressed, but besides make us spend more money in the long hunt. You may besides end up with a across-the-board collection of shirts, with some that you may not wear always again .
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes The best way to build a solid shirt solicitation is to be structured about the hale action and prioritize which types of shirt are most significant, based on your life style. This article will help to shed some alight on what shirts are out there, and offer some tips on how you can dash them for you so that you can get started on having a shirt collection that you love .

What types of blue shirts are out there?

As we already mentioned before, there is such a wide assortment of shirts out there and there is not merely one, but respective out there for you, no topic your style. uncertain about what you can wear when going forbidden, attending your high school reunion or going to your ally ’ randomness marry ? Well, for each of those occasions, there is definitely an appropriate shirt.

  • Oxford button-down shirt
  • Linen shirt
  • Dress shirt
  • Formal shirt
  • Denim shirt
  • Chambray shirt
  • Flannels shirt

Oxford button-down shirt

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Oxford button-down shirt ’ randomness name comes from the Oxford fabric, which is quite popular when it comes to casual dress shirts. Compared to early shirts, the fabric is thick but very insubordinate. You can stylus blue Oxford button-down shirt with chinos and brown wingtips for a casual chic expect. With its cozy substantial, the Oxford button-down shirt is excellent for cold weather .

Linen shirt

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes When it comes to warmer upwind, you can switch to linen shirts. Linen is a bang-up material for hot weather because it is light and breathable. You can wear your pastel blue linen shirt, with hustle sleeves, with your favored jeans and loafers .

Blue dress shirt

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes The dress shirt is another bang-up shirt for every man. Such a shirt can be worn for any event, from clientele meetings to going out. Thanks to its versatility, you can wear it formally ( with a courtship and tie ) or more casually, with jeans or even shorts .

Blue formal shirt

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes The  formal shirt is the visualize cousin of the dress shirt. besides known as “ dinner jacket shirt ”, it is worn under dinner jacket and is paired with ties or bowties, a well as cufflinks. Such a shirt can be worn to important events, such as weddings or charity galas .

Blue denim shirt

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Denim shirts are not often a favorite amongst men, but it is a shirt worth giving a sample. When pairing it with jeans, make certain both are made of high-quality jean. alternatively, if you love the material, and you ’ rhenium touch brave, you can match the charcoal jean pants with brown shoes .

Chambray shirt

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Chambray shirts are an alternate if you like the search of denim shirts, but would like something faint. indeed, the deviation between these two types of shirts is the room the material is woven. The jean shirts end up being compact, whereas the chambray shirts are lighter and softer, making them slowly to style .

Blue flannel shirt

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Going into fall and winter, flannel shirts are bang-up free-and-easy alternatives. It comes in respective colors and patterns and can be worn by itself or over a jersey. A black and red tartan washcloth shirt with jeans and lace-up boots are arrant for the cold weather .
We have briefly mentioned before that for each juncture there is a shirt to be worn. This brief postpone below is compiling the main types of occasions and what shirts go with them. When it comes to office and casual, one can wear pretty much the same character of shirts. however, the way you style the shirt makes it work for either an office environment or a fooling one .

Occasion Types of shirt
Formal Formal
Office / Casual Dress, linen, chambray, denim, Oxford button-down
Sporty Flannel, denim

Tips for going shirt shopping

When getting a new shirt, it is crucial that it fits you well. No matter the high quality of the material or the sew, if a shirt does not fit you, it will not look full on you. These are some things to look for when going shirt shopping :

  1. Collar
  2. Sleeves
  3. Shoulders
  4. Chest

The collar should not be besides loose, and not sol taut that you can not breathe. The rule of hitchhike is that you should be able to have around one edge of quad between your neck and the collar ( when it is closed ) .
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Having the right length of sleeves is important for the tailor look.  For a perfect fit, the sleeves should end at the wrists. They should besides not be besides tight and not excessively loosen either ( both along their length and at the cuffs ) ; otherwise, it merely gets uncomfortable. Have a front at the shoulders besides – the sleeves should start at the widest points of your shoulders .
Check how the shirt fits in the front and on your chest. The shirt should close well, and neither front nor feel besides close. That is, the buttons should not look like they are pulling aside, and your upper body movements should not be restricted by the concentration of the material .

Whereas these tips can help you guide towards choosing a well-fitting shirt, the overarching idea is that the shirt should feel comfortable and allow you to move freely. A well-fitting, budget shirt of moderate quality is going to look a million times better than an ill-fitting, expensive shirt .
In the end, the ultimate goal is to have shirts that look great, are of great quality and will last you a retentive time .

Which brown shoes go with the blue shirt?

Brown and blue actually go truly well together, tied if many men are doubting about this combination. With so many shades and types of shirts available, there is an equal amount of shades and types of embrown shoes excessively. It may sound overwhelm, but it can actually be quite easy and pleasant to pair your blue shirt with embrown shoes into a stylish kit .
Let us start with the main shades of brown shoes .

  • Light brown
  • Medium brown
  • Dark brown
  • Burgundy brown

Light brown can be any dark beige, tan or camel tad. Being light, they may need extra care as they can stain and scratch more easily than blue brown shoes. Light brown shoes go well with a light kit, and specially in summer. Pair your tan loafers with beige chinos and a pastel blue linen shirt. For cold weather, you can wear camel Chukka boots with benighted jeans and a blue tartan flannel shirt .
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes
Medium brown can be actually that nuance of brown that comes to your mind when you think of “ brown shoes ”. Medium brown can anything from bull or bronze, to caramel or walnut. Pair your bull brown boots with dark wash jeans and a blue chambray shirt.

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Dark brown shoes are the brown brake shoe dinner dress alternative to black shoes, as they can be worn in more conventional or clientele environments. Dark browns, such as chocolate, umber, or hickory, go big with navy blue or midnight blue shirts. Go to your future business meet in a black befit with a united states navy aristocratic shirt and chocolate brown dress shoes .
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Burgundy brown is a medium benighted brown with a red shade to it – such as reddish brown or sienna. Due to the red in it, burgundy brown is much warmer than your usual brown, and it softens your equip, particularly if it is a business one. Just like iniquity browns, bourgogne browns ( if identical darkness ) can be worn in dinner dress environments. How about a dark blue suit with a lighter blue shirt and burgundy dress shoes ? For a more lay back kit, pair the like shoes with manacle dark wash jeans and bluing denim shirt .
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes

What socks work with brown shoes and blue shirt?

now that we covered the shades of brown out there for shoes, let us dive deep into the populace of men ’ randomness socks. This normally an lowball accessory is recently seeing a thunder in popularity. That is, men are now paying more attention when it comes to dress socks and are choosing their colors and patterns with determination. Wondering about the earth of socks that goes beyond black and white socks ? think of stepping up your manner game, but you would like to start small ?
Socks come in indeed many colors, barely like any other token of clothe, and so many patterns that you are bound to find ones that match your taste and manner .

  1. White, black
  2. Grey, navy
  3. Bright colors
  4. Patterns

White and black are the classic sock colors. You would wear black socks reasonably much all year round, arsenic well as to all formal events ( when you would wear a black suit anyhow ). White socks are dedicated to very casual summer outfits, adenine well as sports ( think tennis ) .
The next step from bootleg shoes is trying grey or navy socks. These are big for formal outfits, and wearing navy socks contrasting with brown shoes is a great way to add some vogue and fun to your kit .
Bright-colored socks are where it ’ sulfur at if you actually want to stand out ! This is what we are talking about when we mentioned the rising popularity of unique socks. man are more and more into bright colors when it comes to socks and besides, they are not afraid to play with colors. When it comes to very courtly or business outfits, bright-colored socks are not ideal. however, for more fooling events ( such as going out or going to a acquaintance ’ s marry ), colorful fun socks are absolutely acceptable. When wearing bright socks, make sure that they either complement or contrast the outfit. For exercise, if you are wearing dark blue sky pants, you can go for socks in any shade of blue sky. Or, if you want to actually contrast, check out bourgogne or mustard socks. In both cases, you can decidedly wear brown shoes !
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Patterns would be the future step in completing your sock collection, and they are actually desirable for everybody. When we think of patterned socks, we may imagine crazy funky colors and patterns. But actually there are many classical patterns that go great with suit, gloomy shirt and brown shoes such as argyle, dots or stripes, in dark colors .
For the bold, switch it up with bright colors when it comes to classic patterns. Or go for something completely innovative such as puzzle patterns, checkers, or evening freshness socks ! Stand out by wearing black jeans, united states navy shirt, brown brogues and a couple of blasphemous zigzag zigzag socks !
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes
When choosing the best socks to go with brown shoes and blue shirt it is important to look at the equip overall. If it helps, wear brown shoes and gloomy shirt while apparel windsock shopping to help you visualize better .

Take your blue shirt brown shoe combo to the next level

Be it dinner dress or free-and-easy, a blue shirt and brown shoes can be taken to the next level by using the appropriate accessories. Some people associate accessories with supernumerary formality, but in general, it just means the outfit feels more complete and not necessarily more ball, but more put in concert. Some of the accessories you can sport with your brown shoes and a blue shirt include :

  • Bowties
  • Ties
  • Tie clips
  • Cufflinks
  • Belts

normally, bow ties are wear with dinner jacket, in courtly occasions, weddings, or ceremonies. But recently there are more casual options available made of cotton or wool, that you can wear for a retro kit vibration. Compared to the bowties, ties can be worn for more relaxed conventional occasions or even fooling with apparel shirts in the office .
If you are a sports fan of ties, you may want to consider tie clips. The aim of the draw nip is to keep the marry from being blown by the wind when you are outdoor. other than that, a link clip adds a touch of classify to your outfit. normally, they come in amber or silver and can be worn both to formal events, adenine well as in the office .
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes Cufflinks are basically used for closing the cuffs of a shirt, most frequently a conventional one. How to wear cufflinks, you ask ? You could besides wear them with less courtly outfits, such as dress shirts or Oxford button-downs. For a semiformal event, you might wear a pair of silver cufflinks, whereas, for your casual workday, you can go for other colors or materials .

Belts have been and will always be a major accessory for every valet. They not lone hold the pants in place, but their bearing gives the outfit a sharper look. This is particularly important when wearing your shirt tucked – and having no belt on, specially on a pair of pants with belt loops, it just feels incomplete. While they do not have to match the shirt, they do have to match the shoes .

Styling a blue shirt with brown shoes is easy

As mentioned before, the only matter that shoes have to match is the belt. Otherwise, everything else should just go well together. The advantage of shirts is that they can set the tone for the outfit, as it is often the first thing that people see when they meet you .

Style Types of shirt Types of shoes
Formal Formal shirt Dress shoes
Office Dress, linen, chambray, denim, Oxford button-down Dress shoes, brogues, loafers; boots for colder weather (Chelsea boots, brogue boots)
Casual Dress, linen, chambray, denim, Oxford button-down sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, espadrilles; boots for colder weather (Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, lace-up boots)
Sporty Denim, flannel Sneakers, lace-up boots

When it comes to very formal outfits one must wear white shirts, but for less formal and more business-like environments, shirts in diverse shades of blue sky can go with about any color of suit or pants. For both cases, the shoes must be dressy. however, for the more relaxed business meetings, particularly in affectionate weather, you may wear loafers .
Hot summer days call for linen shirts rather of your common trim shirt. Pair a pastel blue linen shirt with flannel jean pants and brown loafers. If you are going for casual-chic on a summer weekend, replace your long pants with shorts .
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes If you love gloomy jean and are not afraid of going for the Canadian dinner jacket, make sure that both your shirt and jeans are made of high-quality denim. Wear your all-denim outfit with brown university brogues or sneakers, depending on the weather. For quick days, you can swap your denim shirt with a chambray shirt

Into bold combinations for a casual-chic vibration ? Wear a cobalt blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves, paired with check pants and embrown monk shoes. Or how about a bluing floral shirt ? While they may seem challenging to wear, they go well in summer, when paired with a fall grey become and brown loafers .
How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes

How many blue shirts do I need to match with my brown shoes?

Blue shirts represent a big chunk of a man’s wardrobe, as it is something that has to be worn and changed day by day. Whereas jackets can be worn for days in a rowing, shirts have to be rotated and enough of them to not use wear them down besides fast individually. That is why it is very helpful if a man has at least 10 shirts. If you have an office caper where a shirt is required, this should be the minimal sum of dress shirts. On top of that, one may add then some of the summer shirts ( made of linen ), colder weather shirts ( Oxford button-down ) and the more casual shirts ( denim, chambray, flannel ) for the weekends.

How To Wear a Blue Shirt and Brown Shoes While this is not mandate for every valet, it may serve as a rule of flick when creating your wardrobe. Having a few dress shirts, linen shirts, and Oxford button-downs, followed by one jean, one chambray, and one flannel is a great way to get started .
With such a varied shirt collection you can be sure that no matter the occasion, you will have a shirt to match. Be it a subcontract interview or a clientele marriage proposal flip, be it a funeral or a marriage, a hot summer day or a cold Saturday morning, you will be dressed appropriately and look fresh. Above everything else, no matter what you wear, make sure to do it with confidence, a square back and a smile on your face .

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