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We ’ rhenium going to make a bold fashion choice today. Rather than rock a run-of-the-mill link, we ’ ra going to try to leave the house in a bolo tie tie .
hold on, before you laugh, take a second and think about why we dress a certain way. We want to look beneficial, but we besides want to make a statement. If the statement you want to make is a bold one, then a bolo marry might be precisely what you want .
But don ’ t equitable throw a bolo tie on with any outfit. First, take a infinitesimal to learn a bit about what a bolo tie bind actually is and how to wear one correctly. Let ’ s besides learn what to actually we with a bolo tie draw, as matching it with the allow equip makes all the remainder between a sharp and sophisticated statement and a ridiculous-looking outfit.

What Is a Bolo Tie?

Before we talk about how to wear one lease ’ s take a moment to look at the what—as in, what actually is a bolo tie ?
basically, a bolo tie is a braid cord of leather that ’ s fed through a clasp or slide. The leather will normally have metal tips. The clasp will much have some kind of cherished stone or design that gives the bolo tie a sting more flair and makes it stand out. Think of this as you would the invention people tend to get on a traditional necktie .
If you ’ re picturing a very western front, like something Wyatt Earp may have worn in his choice, then your imagination is spot on .

How to Wear a Bolo Tie

a far as actually wearing a bolo tie goes, it ’ randomness quite easy. You plainly wrap the leather around your neck and pull the clasp up .
If you ’ re going for a very casual look, don ’ metric ton pull it all the direction to your collar. Think of this as wearing a traditional necktie tied loosely around your neck .

If you ’ re going to a formal event ( and one where a bolo tie won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate spirit wholly out of the ordinary ), pull it snug to your collar so the buckle sits where the knot on a traditional necktie would .

Outside of how to physically wear a bolo tie tie ( which is quite easy ), there ’ s the genial view of wearing one. Depending on where you live, you may be making a very bold statement by wearing this accessory. If you live in New Mexico, people credibly won ’ t even give a second count. If you live in New York City, you ’ ll stick out like a huffy finger .
So the key is to own the attend. Anytime you make a bold statement, you need to do then with confidence. Don ’ thyroxine look embarrassed to be wearing a tie that ’ s a bite different, because this will rub off on other people .

What to Wear With a Bolo Tie

obviously, a bolo tie is a identical distinct and western search, so you ’ re not going to want to wear it with just anything. You ’ vitamin d count completely farcical rocking a bolo tie with the latest streetwear drift. You ’ d besides look out-of-place wearing one a polo shirt and chino. There ’ s a time and a set for everything, and bolo ties might be the rationality this formulation exists in the beginning put .
The best shirts to pair with bolo ties are, obviously, western-style button-up shirts. Denim shirts are a great choice. however, about any button-up shirt with a collar can go with a bolo tie, depending on the position.

As for pants, jeans are the best option, as they fit with the western style offered by a bolo. however, if you elect to wear a jean shirt, make certain you follow the lapp rules that apply for wearing a jean jacket with jean pants, as you don ’ thyroxine want the expect to clash .
If you want to go all-in on the western look, feel free to wear a cowboy hat, but make certain the set is appropriate, as you ’ re adding to the boldface argument even further, and in some cases, you might be pushing it. You ’ ll necessitate to use your best judgment to decide what works and what doesn ’ t in that respect .

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