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One of the most common questions optometrists receive regarding swimming with contacts is simple… “Can I wear contacts in the water?” While the answer is technically “ yes. ” You can physically get into a swim pool, a lake, or the ocean while you are wearing contact lenses, we recommended that you remove them before putting your head under water .

Why Avoid Swimming with Contacts?

There are a copulate of possible negative consequences of swimming with contacts. First, there ’ s a veridical risk of losing your contact ( s ) the moment your head goes in the water. besides, amateur liquid pools typically serve as a type of resort area for young children. And, new children enjoy splashing, kicking in the water system, and using water guns. This leaves you vulnerable to getting water in your eyes, which may result in the loss of your lens ( einsteinium ). irregular, all bodies of urine – even those treated with typical pool-cleaning chemicals – contain bacteria. therefore, wearing touch lenses in such water perpetuates the probability that your eyes suffer from a bacterial contagion. An infection requires aesculapian intervention and treatment .

What If I Want to go Swimming with Contacts Anyway?

If you feel powerfully about wearing contacts while swimming, the least-risky type is disposable or daily-wear lenses. This type of lens may reduce the risk of developing an infection or center problems as a solution of getting water in your eye. In other words, if you want to take this route, make sure to talk with your optometrist about the pros and cons of daily-wear lenses. Follow all recommendations and instructions for keeping your lenses adenine clean as possible.

Another choice for wearing contacts while swimming is protecting your eyes with high-quality goggles. cheap goggles or those that systematically leak are not recommended. Non-prescription raincoat goggles are comfortable to find. Goggles are besides cheap when compared to the price of treating an center contagion or losing a pair of unfold wear or forte liaison lenses.

Do Prescription Goggles Work?

If you love swimming, and you do it much, prescription goggles are beneficial. By wearing prescription drug goggles while swimming, you eliminate the risks associated with wearing contacts and getting your head wet. besides, prescription goggles eliminate the possibility of losing your contact ( sulfur ) in the water. For serious and recreational swimmers, prescription goggles are handy and helpful. available in several brands and styles, prescription goggles help you see clearly when swimming laps or plainly enjoying yourself near body of water .

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