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Ten Well-known Female Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

last update Nov.30,2021
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There is no doubt that wigs are getting more and more popular and realistic in late years. In this case, it is no surprise celebrities besides wear wigs. For example, Beyonce is known for wearing respective lace movement wigs when she is out in public, not to speak of other Black celebs who wear wigs and hair extensions, like Rihanna and Amber Rose. Keep scrolling to see more stars who wear wigs, though you might not have realized it .

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, a “ Bang Bang ” rapper, showed off her new look on Instagram in November 2021. In the photograph, she dressed her as a Louis Vuitton-clad Barbie, with a retentive, pink wig to match.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid, a model, posted a selfie to Instagram wearing a bright, practically neon bolshevik bob haircut with thick bangs. There is no doubt that this one was entirely a wig. The bold haircut paired with a turtleneck perspirer absolutely shows off her flawless complexion and celebrated pout. She even captioned the photograph, “ Should I ” .

Lisa Rinna

The long-familiar Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star topology Lisa Rinna has made a name for herself in the real Housewives universe over the years. On November, 6th, she show her followers her new total darkness bob wig, which she named Uma. What beautiful it is !
Do you want to get a similar look ? now try a bob wig with bangs to show your spell .

The short-circuit bobsled wig is made of 100 % virgin homo haircloth so that it can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your motivation .

Iggy Azalea

The 30-year-old knocker tied a full, dark constitution and red hair with soft waves in May 2021. many fans pointed out that her new look bears an preternatural resemblance to Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. “ Yesssica rabbi ” one Instagram exploiter wrote, while another exploiter called her the “ real life version of Jessica Rabbit. ” The comment section below besides proved how much they love the latest change to her appearance .

Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods debuted another drastic haircloth variety and was photographed stepping out in the city with ash-blonde, waist-length hair. We guess the new attend is most likely a wig since Woods appeared on her Instagram barely the day before with a short, night british shilling haircut .
Of naturally, it isn ’ t the first time Woods has played with biased haircloth. According to data, she ’ south careworn honey blond hair in the past and has previously dabbled with fortunate highlights. But, we have to say the platinum is decidedly the brightest color we ’ ve seen her wear .

Katy Perry


The singer who is 36 years old, looked sensational since she ditched her current platinum blond tresses in favor of a bootleg wig for american Idol. Her fans in the comments were obsessed with her satiny black haircloth, and “ Love the darkness hair on you ” one enamored follower even gushed .

Why not consider opting for a straight HD lace wig ? The haircloth is then soft, sleek, bouncing, and can give a flow and natural search .

Chrissy Teigen

The model posted a few photograph of her raw gorgeous violet hair to Instagram with the caption, “ The wig life… chose me. ” We can see that her purple hair was parted straight down the middle character and falls mid-way down her chest of drawers with loose waves, which make the hair’s-breadth color count even cuter and vibrant. How flawless it looks ! We think it is just made for Teigen .

Cardi B

After showing her 68.2 million Instagram followers her update tattoo, the rapper took to the ‘ gram once again on June 15 to debut a newly multi-toned pink elf wig installed by her longtime stylist Tokyo Stylez. The bold vogue perfectly complements her brand-new colored tattoo, including one on her back and an elaborate upgrade to the peacock on her thigh .

Kate Beckinsale

While filming Guilty Party, the typically brunet actress shared a sub-rosa mirror selfie from inside her trailer, and rocked bright blond tresses on Instagram on March 12, 2021. People frequently say blondes have more fun. Do you agree with this theme ?
If you want to get blond hair, the honey blond trench curl lace front wig is a great option .

Kim Kardashian


In May 2020, Kim took to Instagram to perform a makeup tutorial showcasing some of the many makeup offerings offered by KKW Cosmetics. In this tutorial, Kim shocked fans by debuting a drastically different count showcasing a newly bleach blond style fans haven ’ triiodothyronine seen rock vogue in years .
then news outlets and fans alike reacted to Kim ’ s bleach blond look. however, after the constitution tutorial television went viral, she revealed she is still a brunet and barely faked everyone out with her tutorial the day. Can you imagine the stimulate blond hair spirit was good a blond wig ?

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