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Do Collar Bars Have a Function?

collar bars, or collar pins, are an old school men ‘s accessory that do the hard yards in bringing an assertive shade to your tailoring. Unlike some early men ‘s accessories we know of, collar bars serve a practical function in that they elevate your affiliation from your breast ; making them invaluable for their aesthetic presence and practical contribution .

Collar Bar with Shirt

This look was most popular during the twentieth hundred when some of our most idolize Hollywood icons were known for their collar barricade affection ; most notably Mr. Frank Sinatra and Mr. Fred Astaire. today, apprehension bars are still making the rounds in the men ‘s fashion landscape but there ‘s no dispute their popularity has decreased notably since their concept. They ‘re a bang-up option if you want to adapt a vintage expect .

What Do Collar Pins Do? 

collar bars bridge the gap between the two sides of your shirt collar. They are used to give an raise look to your tie as they lift it up from your breast. This lift expect creates a shrill arch between your thorax and the top of your tie and it ‘s known to create an undeniably potent front .

Square Collar Bar Barrel Collar Bar

not only favoured for their sharp bearing, collar bars offer a highly symbolic take on suit arrangements. Seen as being strong, confident and superior to flat chested looks ; collar bars make a great statement for boardroom scenarios. basically, they give a gallant expect to your overdress and create a more nuanced expressive style .

Fred Astaire Collar Bar

How to Wear Collar Bars

Putting on a collar barricade is relatively simple. arsenic soon as you understand how a collar bar works, it ‘s not hard to guess how it ‘s put on .

For a collar bar, you ‘ll require a shirt that has two small buttonholes on either side of your shirt collar. unfortunately, finding these shirts is getting increasingly difficult to find and you may need to look into custom sew .

A collar bar comes with two prison guard ends that basically act as stoppers. All you have to do is :

1. Unscrew one end of the collar bar and slip in it through your collar. Reattach the alloy hood by screwing it back on.

2. Taking your collar bar underneath your tie knot, unscrew the second end and insert it through your other collar .

3. Reattach the alloy cap by screwing it back on .

Voila, it ‘s that simple .

Jay Gatsby Collar Bar

The Difference Between Collar Bars and Collar Pins

Collar bars and collar pins are often thrown around interchangeably but the truth is there’s a difference between the two and it’s important to know what it is. Understanding the nuances between collar bars and collars pins could be the difference between buying a new dress shirt or using the one you already have. 
collar bars and collar pins are frequently thrown around interchangeably but the accuracy is there ‘s a difference between the two and it ‘s important to know what it is. Understanding the nuances between collar bars and collars pins could be the difference between buying a fresh dress shirt or using the one you already have .

Collar Bars

collar bars involve a alloy prevention that has two ends that screw on and off. This is the more traditional option of the two but it requires you to have little buttonholes in either english of your shirt choker. unfortunately these shirts can be unmanageable to find .

Square Collar Bar

Collar Pins

collar pins basically look like a traditional guard trap except they ‘re specifically designed for shirt collars. The advantage of these is that you do n’t need a shirt with holes in the collar. The downside is that you may risk damaging the fabric if it ‘s expensive or flimsy.

Collar Pin

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