What Do You Wear To a Rodeo? The True Cowboy and Cowgirl Get-up

I was modern to all things Western when I was invited to attend my foremost rodeo. Of path I have seen all the movies with ultra-cool cowgirls and cowboys who seemed therefore perfectly put together, but when it came prison term to assemble my own rodeo kit, I was left inquisitive, what do you wear to a rodeo?  

I decided to get to work assembling the perfect outfit to make my rodeo experience unforgettable. I wanted to fit in with the crowd, and look full doing it .

What Do Cowgirls Wear To a Rodeo

In order to dress like a cowgirl, there are some crucial substantive clothing items that will ensure that all women will look their best. here are the necessity items that women should wear to a rodeo. 

Cowgirl Hat

A cowgirl hat is one of the most iconic dress symbols when considering what to wear to a rodeo. Cowgirl hats can be straw, felt or leather depending on individual taste or the weather.

When shopping for just the correct cowgirl hat, consider style and the form of the hat. Some come with that already-worn-in flexible feel. elastic hats may be less probably to lose their supreme headquarters allied powers europe if they are tossed around in your wardrobe or car. Some cowgirl hats can be bare in design, or they can besides be quite flowery, like this beautiful strew cowgirl hat .

Button-down or snap Western shirt

No rodeo kit is complete without a button-down or snap-front western shirt. These shirts can come in a assortment of patterns and colors to coordinate with whatever you choose. Whether you love plaid, upstanding, or something more barbarian, a western shirt is a rodeo must ! Look for cosmetic buttons or snaps that can in truth add some subtle flare pass to your outfit. embroidery is besides normally found on a westerly shirt on the yoke, or sleeves and can add an elegant touch.


Let ’ s get right down to it. No rodeo equip can even begin to be assembled without a pair of women ’ s rodeo boots. Women ’ s rodeo boots should be mid-calf in acme. Heel height can vary, and the toe can be pointed or square. In your search for the right pair of rodeo boots, you ’ ll find that most come in a variety show of colors. This can be a fun stress to consider when coordinating your shirt and accessories. Look for actual leather that will break-in with wear to ensure a more comfortable paroxysm .


There ’ second nothing like a couple of capital jeans, and these are a must when deciding what to wear to a rodeo. Women ’ s rodeo jeans should be kick cut and cubby. They can besides have beautiful embellishment or designs on the pockets.

Denim skirt or western-style sundress

When the weather is hot, some cowgirls opt for a denim hedge or sundress. Sundresses can look very cute with the correct cowgirl boots and you will be a draw cool than being in a button-down. western style sundresses can vary from being lacey to a diverseness of prints, and you can easily accessorize them with a vest or jean jacket.

Belt and belt buckle

A leather belt is a must to compliment your jeans. Complete the spirit with a illusion silver medal belt warp to add a bit of bling to your equip. Belt buckles can come in such a wide kind of styles, they are a great way to let your personality in truth shine !

Accent jewelry

Make a statement with at least one piece of stress jewelry. This could be anything from a leather bracelet to a chunky greenish blue or silver necklace. Your dialect jewelry is something that can be uniquely your vogue and can tie in with the colors in your shirt or boots. With indeed many beautiful options out there, it doesn ’ t have to cost a fortune, either .

What Do Cowboys Wear To a Rodeo

To fit veracious in when deciding what to wear to a rodeo, men besides have some substantive dress items that will have them looking their rodeo-best .


man ’ south jeans should be boot-cut and cozy looking. If you truly don ’ t like boot-cut jeans, you could opt for straight-cut jeans. sometimes men ’ randomness jeans will have western-style sewing across the pockets. When selecting jeans, the best option for a rodeo is always a colored blue slipstream. slender fit or classical fit jeans are the way to go ; nothing excessively baggy for the rodeo. Men ’ second jeans are always worn over the lead of the boots and should sit on the natural waist, not below it .

Western Shirt

A western shirt can be solid, tartan, or patterned. It should always have a collar, long sleeves, and buttons or snaps. It should be worn neatly tucked-in.

work force ’ mho western shirts can be lightweight or heavier fabric so you can select the best option for the temper. The shirt should always appear well-ironed and crisp, no matter the season .

Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is typically the collector’s item of the rodeo outfit. typically a feel or leather hat is worn in the cold months and a pale yellow hat is worn in warm upwind.

A wide brim hat is most common, however you may prefer a hat with a shapeable brim, such as this one. A wire running through the brim allows you to shape it the way you like it and it will hold the shape .

Trucker Hat

If a cowboy hat isn ’ thyroxine separate of your wardrobe, a teamster hat can besides suffice as share of your rodeo wardrobe. This can be a capital way to show off a different, so far still-rodeo-acceptable side of your cowboy style. A teamster hat may be a bit cool to wear during hot weather, and it can make a statement with a logo or picture.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots can come in a kind of styles and types of leather. Types of leather can include alligator, snakeskin, or even ostrich. Men ’ mho boots by and large have a feather toe but besides could have a round toe. When selecting the right pair of cowboy boots, don ’ thymine skimp on quality. estimable quality leather and soles will provide hours of comfort when you ’ re on your feet. many cowboy boots include intricate sewing along the shaft of the boot.

Leather Belt

Since a westerly shirt is always wear tucked in to the jeans, a good-quality leather belt is a must. Belts may be ingrained or embossed with patterns or designs to fit your taste. When shopping for a knock, keep in mind that some may come with a buckle and some will come without one. Depending on your budget, ordering a buckle individually will allow you to customize your rodeo look .

Belt Buckle

The right knock heave is necessity to complete the rodeo-look. Most are silver, but some can be two-tone, bronze, or gold. Size can be a retainer when choose precisely the correct buckle. personal preference surely plays a function, as you want the warp to be boastfully enough to stand out, but not so big that it ’ s uncomfortable to wear .

Kerchief or bandana

A bandanna or kerchief is sometimes a nice emphasis for men when determining what to wear to a rodeo. It can be worn around the neck or in a pocket. A bandanna can provide extra affectionateness on chili nights, or it can be used to wipe aside fret on a hot, dusty day. Colors and patterns are unlimited and add a nice touch to complete the rodeo expect .

What Not To Wear To a Rodeo

While the rodeo crowd is a pretty laid-back group, there are certain dress items that you should not wear to a rodeo.

  • Rolled up, or baggy jeans – This is not the time to pull out your favorite Saturday comfy jeans. Snug or tight-fitting jeans are the way to go. 
  • Colorful denim – At the rodeo, blue denim is the only denim.  Save black jeans or other multi-colored jeans for other occasions. 
  • Polo shirts – Polo shirts look neat and tidy, but they are not part of traditional rodeo attire. Save your polo shirts for the golf course and reach for your favorite long-sleeved button-down shirt instead. 
  • Cargo pants – Baggy, multi-pocketed cargo pants are not rodeo-chic. 
  • Sandals or flip flops– This one is not only a fashion no-no, but could be a safety hazard as well. Open-toed shoes don’t have any place around livestock. Rodeos are typically too dusty and dirty for exposed feet anyway. 
  • High heels– High heels may look great with jeans, but they have no place at a rodeo. 
  • Knee-high boots– Cowboy boots are mid-calf in height. Knee-high boots are not typical rodeo attire. 


No topic what outfit you assemble when deciding what to wear to a rodeo, you are sure to have a big time ! When attending a rodeo you will find full playfulness and good people. Dressing the separate is equitable depart of the playfulness. Rodeos are great entertainment for the whole family ! Other Articles You May Enjoy

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