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When asking questions about what yttrium ’ all wanted to know about dating, “ what to wear on a first date ” was a highly requested subject ! Breaking down my formula on the outfit and why for the inaugural date !
following post in our No BS Dating series is a more blithe topic ! Michelle and I thought it would be great to give yttrium ’ all outfit ideas for your dates that you are now going to rock with our insights on the go steady culture. It ’ mho important to feel confident when going on a date but we realize that you may not know where to start when kit planning .

FIRST DATE | I ’ m sharing my personal First Date equip formula AND actual foremost date equip photos below that you may recognize from stories !
CASUAL COFFEE DATE | Michelle, from Mash Elle, put together the perfect casual chocolate date expression !

DRESS UP DATE | Marie, from Marie ’ second Bazaar, put together the BEST dressed up date front !
BODYSUIT Forever 21 | SKIRT Target $ 12 | HEELS Steve Madden
bodysuit + surround

I normally opt for a skirt and heels ! I barely feel super convinced in this jazz band. I make indisputable the color jazz band and textures of the outfit are approachable though. No leather skirts on the first date, normally light and basic colors work best. In the winter, I will wear over the knee boots rather of heels due to weather .
bodysuit + jeans or denim shorts
If you are going to go on an activity you can replace the heels with mules or slide-on sneakers for a trim down but still cunning look. I went on a date to TopGolf therefore I wore denim shorts, a bodysuit, and slide sneakers ! Opting for denim shorts or jeans makes certain you are comfortable during your activeness and aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate preoccupied whether or not your skirt is besides short to be swinging a golf club .
BOTH of these looks include a bodysuit because I feel confident AF in one and I don ’ t have to worry about my shirt being tucked in a sealed way. Wear a top that you feel confident in, whether it ’ s a bodysuit or not !
The outfit of my first FIRST DATE ever as well as post-divorce.
My identical first FIRST date I was freaked on knowing what to wear ! My sister had to help me be convinced in my choice and know it was the best jazz band for being casual but confident. I opted for a bodysuit, jeans, duster, and heels ! It was a bump out equip !

Do’s and Don’ts on a first date |

  • don’t ask if you should wear heels, if you love heels…wear them.
  • do chew gum before you meet up.
  • don’t NOT eat all day out of nerves.
  • do wear lipgloss
  • don’t wear over the top lipstick
  • do wear your hair like you normally don’t be too risque` (show legs, belly, or chest but not more than 1)
  • do come prepared, necessities in your handbag (lipgloss, roll-on perfume, gum, deodorant wipe, tide to go pen, Advil, bandaid, cash, and a hair tie)
  • don’t wear your large tote.


PS When I say it ’ s an “ adventure day ” on my stories…it ’ s meaning it ’ s a date day ! hehehehe

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