Top 15 Famous DJs that wear masks

Dj’s with masks are dominating the Electronic Dance Music industry at the moment. Many of them are wearing masks for marketing purposes, some of them for privacy, vanity, or just for fun !

From Deadmau5 and Daft Punk to DJs with hush unknown identity, here ’ s a list of top 15 celebrated Djs that perform with masks on .


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Joel Thomas Zimmerman, known professionally as Deadmau5, is a canadian progressive house music producer and performer from Toronto, Ontario. Zimmerman produces a assortment of styles within the house genre and sometimes early forms of electronic music. Except from playing at music festivals and making fresh tracks, he ’ second besides known for making jokes and starting Twitter beef .
Deadmau5 says that years ago, he found a dead sneak inside his computer while changing his television card. When people started referring to him as the “ dead mouse ridicule, ” he embraced the nickname, using a numeral to shorten the name because “ deadmouse ” was besides long for the internet old world chat rooms where he hung out .

Daft Punk

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Daft Punk are an electronic music couple consisting of french musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. The two achieved significant popularity in the late 1990s as part of the french theater movement and were met with proceed success in the years following, combining elements of house music with funk, techno, disco, rock, and synthpop .
They are besides known for their ocular stylization and disguises associated with their music ; specifically, the duet have worn flowery helmets and gloves to assume automaton personas in most of their public appearances since 2001. They rarely grant interviews or appear on television .


marshmello 5
For those who didn ` t know, Marshmello is an anonymous new disk-jockey and producer putting out capital music in the trap and future bass scene. As he wrote in his social network bio “ I equitable want to make good music… that doesn ’ t ask you knowing who I am ”, this artist has been pushing a “ equitable enjoy my music, don ’ triiodothyronine concern about me ” mantra since he beginning appeared .
There ’ s a rumor that Marshmello is actually Chris Comstock aka Dotcom, but nothing ’ s officially confirmed however .
Marshmello can be found playing his brand of trap and future bass at some of the biggest festivals like Ultra Music Festival, Beyond Wonderland and many more .


This cryptic Dj and manufacturer is from Berlin, Germany. His enigmatic, golden strains of deep house have ignited dance floors across the global earning him the coveted producer of the class award at the DJ awards held at Pacha club in Ibiza at the end of the last summer .
Behind that gold pointed-nose facemask to hide his identity, Claptone is one of the most buzz about artists at the here and now, with huge hits like “ No eyes ”, “ Dear Life ”, “ The music got me ”, his Gregory Porter – “ Liquid liveliness ” remix and many more .
He has toured the ball with performances at Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Creamfields, TomorrowWorld, CRSSD and many other big festivals .


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Cazzette is a swedish electronic music duet, founded in 2011 by musicians Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer. After meeting their coach Ash Pournouri, the three combined two of the favored strains of dance music, dubstep and house, for a strait they called “ dubhouse. ”
Bootlegs of Swedish House Mafia and Kanye West tracks introduced their dubhouse to loyal EDM fans, and through Pournouri, they were able to bring this sound to the masses when they made their official debut in 2011 with a remix of Avicii ‘ s individual “ Sweet Dreams. ”
They were signed by Avicii ‘ s and Pournouri ’ s management company, At Night Management, that lapp year and hired to do an official remix of swedish House Mafia ’ s “ Save the World. ” Released at the same fourth dimension, their bootleg remix of Adele ‘ s “ Set Fire to the Rain ” was about angstrom significant, climbing to numeral one on Hype Machine ‘ s chart of trending downloads .
They have played at XS and Surrender in Las Vegas, Ushuaia in Ibiza, and Radio City Music Hall in New York City followed, along with chief stage slots at festivals like Creamfields, Ultra, and Tomorrowland. ( source )


About Malaa, we however don ` t know who he is. It ’ s hard to believe this mysterious masked DJ had his first testify ever in July 2015, and merely 9 months from then he was chosen to be a character of the esteemed Ultra Miami 2016 exist flow batting order .
His ascension into the spotlight is unparalleled, and you can only wonder where the approaching years will take him. other accolades from the past year for Malaa include ; a spot in the 2016 HolyShip cruise, guest mix on the Diplo and Friends BBC express, and a current tour with the french hitmakers DJ Snake, Tchami, and Mercer. ( reference )

2 Faced Funks

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The 2 Faced Funks, whose identity remains a unavowed, started wearing pink masks during their DJ sets as antic .
On their official Facebook profile they say :

”We had been dj’ing as a duo for quite a while, when we decided to throw a special birthday party for one of us. We bought some cheap, pink masks and advertised with the fact that we managed to book 2 world-famous DJ’s. That night sold out completely, with 1500 people dancing to our set. That was the moment we decided to take the 2 Faced Funks project to the next level. And it works! We’ve had several masks in the meantime, but really wanted to cut loose from the alien-image some people had of us. So we emailed Rogier Samuels (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) and he worked on a more friendly-looking, gentlemen type of mask.”

DJs From Mars

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disk jockey from Mars are an italian electronic dance music duet known for wearing cardboard boxes on their gigs. In one consultation they explained the mean of their masks

“ It was from one of our foremost video recording called “ Who Gives a F * * potassium about Deejays ” … a boxhead man was the chief character of the television concept…when we started doing our inaugural gig we tried this wyrd estimate, and it worked immediately ! ! !
Everyone wanted to take pictures with us, everyone wanted to stay in the front of the two boxhead creep, it was very unlike from common DJ sets when everyone dances like no one ’ sulfur spinning….so we kept it going on. ”

Dr Lektroluv

Dr Lektroluv
Dr Lektroluv is an electronic music DJ and producer from Gent, Belgium. He ’ second besides known as “ The homo With The Green Mask ”. When he started as a DJ he was wearing a white doctor of the church ` south uniform .
Interesting about Dr Lektroluv, is that on his shows he doesn ’ metric ton use headphones and rather of this he uses an old telephone to listen to the music he is about to mix .

The Bloody Beetroots

Bloody Beetroots
The Bloody Beetroots is an italian electro house and dance-punk constitution established in late 2006 by Bob Rifo, known professionally as Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo .
The Bloody Beetroots ’ name is both used as a pseudonym for the solo projects of Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo ( production, guitar, keyboards, DJ ), angstrom well as his formation with Tommy Tea ( sampling )
The couple are well known for the black masks they wear during performances .


DJ Bl3nd
Los Angeles ’ based DJ Bl3nd is known for wearing his creepy looking mask. At the begin of his career he used to wear a more chucky ( like from the movie ) look a like masquerade .
With a staggering 360 million YouTube views, 1 million YouTube subscribers, and more than 4 million Facebook followers, DJ BL3ND has won legions of superfans ( known as BL3NDERS ) across the ball with his ebullient viral videos and electrifying live sets .
He ’ s the record-breaker on Billboard ’ second Uncharted Chart, holding the top blot for 62 weeks and remaining in the charts for a sum of 103 weeks ; and he was named SoundCloud ‘ Artist of the Year. ’


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Squarepusher is the principal pseudonym adopted by Tom Jenkinson a UK-based record artist .
His compositions draw on a number of influences including drum and bass, acid house, jazz and electroacoustic music. His recordings are typified by a combination of electronic sound sources, live implemental play and digital signal work .


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The mysterious UZ surfaced in 2012 with his amazing Trap Shit series. immediately gaining care and praise from tastemakers and top record labels, he dropped records on OWSLA, Mad Decent, Jeffrees, BNR, Mau5trap, and SMOG, all within months of his first releases .
Though the details of his personal identity are strange, his productions and style have a life of their own. His sounds are minimal, even potent, with a endanger saturation, maturity, and restraint .

Mike Candys

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Michael Kull, better known as Mike Candys is a swiss EDM Dj and producer. Breaking the mold with a twist production streak behind him, Zurich raised Mike Candys savors in the form of dance, family and electro house flavours .
Winning over enthusiasts from boyfriend electronic music leaders to those who occupy the clubs weekly, Michael the list behind the talent encases the absolute in musical perfection showcasing fair why he ’ s a double platinum and five gold artist across Europe .
Interesting about Mike, is that he built his mask himself with “ a saber saw and a lot of glue ” as he couldn ’ t find any on the internet .


Danny Masseling, better known by his stage name Angerfist, is a dutch hard-core producer and DJ. He received the prestigious 46th spotlight in DJ Mag ’ s Top 100 DJ edition of 2016. Being the first hard-core artist ever to hit the chart .
aside from his independent alias, he besides produces for other genres and subgenres under versatile aliases and is separate of the come groups : The Supreme Team ( with Outblast, Tha Playah & Evil Activities ), Masters Elite ( with Catscan and Outblast ) and Roland & Sherman ( with Outblast ) .
During live acts with his MC, they about constantly perform wearing particularly designed methamphetamine ice hockey masks and black or flannel hoodies.

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