Brooke – Exnem Bigger Breasts RR Companion

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My moment RR Vault Companion the gorgeous Brooke of Hispanic lineage .


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RR Companions Vault
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Bernie Sniper Girl
Brooke – Lone Wanderer
Brooke Save Game Player Character
Project Beauty HD
RR Companions Vault
  • Version 6.5

    • Fixed Eye Colour and made hair a better match to original save game

NEW UPLOAD – For those who want to use Ariana, Bernie and Brooke in their game, or just two of them it can cause problems having 3 seperate mods. so I have uploaded a mod with them all combined.

hypertext transfer protocol : // ? id=16616

For those who entirely want to use Brooke this is the mod for you, but I would recommend the compound mod immediately, there some tweaks to Brooke ‘s dialogue among early improvements.

NEW : all right if you have come to this mod but do n’t have RR Companions Vault Mod and do n’t want to install that. You can now have Brooke in your game as a mate alone spider.

hypertext transfer protocol : // ? id=11641

Ok, now to this mod.

Ok, my second RR Vault companion to go with Bernie. As with Bernie you will need RR Vault installed

hypertext transfer protocol : // ? id=3644

Everything else she has is from the vanilla interpretation of the plot so no DLC ‘s required.

She can be found wandering the lobby of Tenpenny Tower so does n’t matter if you have destroyed Megaton. sometimes you can find her upstairs on the balcony.

update :
Version 2.5
Added the hair’s-breadth meshes and textures for the hair, please let me know if this has cured the no hair trouble

Version 3.0

Brooke now has her own body meshes and textures thus regardless of which body replacer you have chosen Brooke will look the same. ( If you hate boastful boobs you can always edit her to use the same femaleupperbody.nif file as your replacer does.

Version 4.0

I have added a Teleporter for Brooke, when you hire her now you will be given the teleporter. It will be found in your “ dress ” menu in your pipboy. angstrom soon as you activate it Brooke will appear. useful if you abruptly find she has wandered off to do her own thing ; – )
I have besides added a singular address dialogue for Brooke when you ask her to join you. Different whether your player is male or female.

Version 4.1

Fixed the teleport hat so it does n’t show on your player when activated.

To install as common place all files in your games Data booklet

Ok on to the thank you ‘s immediately that Brooke has her own body meshes and textures I ‘d better tell you who ‘s they are. The original body replacer was done by Exnem

hypertext transfer protocol : // ? id=8524

That is the original replacer you need that beginning before installing dxrider ‘s brilliant Bigger Breasts Mod

hypertext transfer protocol : // ? id=8875

But remember even if you have another replacer installed it wo n’t affect Brooke ‘s expect.

besides thanks to Soya who ‘s original design ( SoyaHair2 ) is Brooke ‘s hairdo

The inspiration for the Teleporter was the fantastic Jessi Mod from Loxy.

hypertext transfer protocol : // ? id=2732

I ca n’t be without her in my plot even now I have Brooke and Bernie following me. Jessi has to be in my game, lounging around Vault 1

UPDATE – version 5.0

As with Bernie I have corrected a dialogue hemipterous insect, she immediately reacts properly if the musician is a male character. nothing else changed, if you are playing as a female you do n’t very need this.

UPDATE – version 6.0

A conflict fix to due with her AI packages, FO3edit immediately reports zero conflicts.

UPDATE – interpretation 6.5

Just a immediate eye fix to get her eye tinge back to how they were supposed to look. besides made her hair colour a better pit to the original Save Game Brooke .

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