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The Feng Shui watchband is both a fashion accessory and a intersection that promotes wellbeing. Its owner finds prosperity, poise or evening abundance, thanks to him. It ’ s a whole series of advantages that you enjoy from the moment you decide to wear it. What is this object truly ? What are its effects, and how does it work ? You will find the answers to these questions through this article .

The Feng Shui bracelet: product presentation

The Feng Shui watchband is for people who believe in supernatural forces and the power of attraction. At first glance, it looks like a lambda watchband. If you look closely, you will find an element that characterizes it, in especial the Pixiu drop. The Pixiu bead mimics the appearance of a lion with wings. It is an animal that has its importance in taiwanese legend .
The Feng Shui bracelet is for people who believe in supernatural forces and the baron of attraction According to beliefs, this complex number animal is able to bring wealth, abundance and luck to those who meet it. It is not uncommon to find the Pixiu in many homes and businesses in China. Owners want to enjoy the fruit brought by this fabled animal. The Pixiu Feng Shui no farseeing remains in its place as a front-runner object to be placed in a family. People have had the theme of ​​making it an accessary to wear permanently to better enjoy its virtues. This is how the Feng Shui watchband became more popular.

Black obsidian and Pixiu: the main materials of the Feng Shui bracelet

black obsidian

Black obsidian is a natural volcanic glass stone. Its owner finds lastingness and inner symmetry, while wearing it. Users use it for psychological and spiritual bring around. For example, they want to free themselves from negative thoughts that affect their quality of life. These are try, anxiety, shadows or addiction. Black obsidian purifies their consistency and soul to help them feel good. Black obsidian is in agate line with the root of the chakra. This means that the stone is able to connect us with the earth .

The Pixiu

The Pixiu or Pi Yao is a chinese amulet appreciated for the abundance it brings to a place or a person. not only does it help its owner to get rich, but it besides plays the role of defender of the goods. Investors, businessmen, occupation leaders or owners of catering establishments use it to make a fortune. Associated with black obsidian, the Pixiu increases the exponent of the Feng Shui watchband. in concert, these materials protect you and your home from evil forces and negative vibes. They keep you away from problems and blockages .

The principle of operation of the Feng Shui bracelet

The principle of operation of the Feng Shui bracelet is based on the law of attraction. The stones make sure to stead your goals and energy fields on the same tune. The watchband is then desirable for people with a goal and a strong desire to achieve it .
How to wear the Feng Shui bracelet? The Feng Shui bracelet is closely related to the law of attraction They must take the time to focus on it, every day. This will allow the Feng Shui product to soak up whatever is on their minds. This is how this accessory helps its owner to get what he wants, and to flourish. It is significant to believe in the world power of the Feng Shui bracelet for it to work.

Tips for wearing the Feng Shui bracelet

You activate your Feng Shui bracelet, by wearing it correctly. This means that you are giving him the opportunity to unleash his powers .
here are some tips for you to achieve this :

  • Choose a hand that makes you comfortable: the obsidian stone of the Feng Shui bracelet releases its powers regardless of the hand that wears it, left or right. Please note, this is not the case with Pixiu products.
  • Have good reflexes: it is important to touch your Feng Shui bracelet regularly so that it understands that you are the owner. Also, it is a way to show him your attention.
  • Store the bracelet in the right place: store it in the living room if you are not going to wear it for a while. The head of the winged lion must be directed towards a door or a window so that it attracts abundance to your home.
  • Point the prop outwards: the orientation of the prop affects its effects. The head of the Pixiu must be oriented outwards, that is to say towards the little finger so that it attracts fortune.
  • Protect the product: The Feng Shui bracelet does not appreciate anything related to dirt, sex and swimming. Be sure to remove it when you go to make love or bathe.

To avoid with the Feng Shui bracelet

The benefits of the Feng Shui bracelet may be blocked in the follow situations :

  • The owner eats chili while wearing the bracelet. This decreases the chances of attracting money;
  • The Pixiu’s head is oriented towards the thumb;
  • The bracelet is exposed to chemicals;
  • The Pixiu was touched by another person. Rinse the bracelet in clean water if this happens;
  • The accessory comes into contact with blood. Clean it with water if this happens;
  • Avoid wearing other jewelry on the same Feng Shui hand to avoid bad interaction with other stones.

If potential, invalidate these situations deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as potential .
How to wear the Feng Shui bracelet?The Feng Shui bracelet has powers

The benefits of the Feng Shui bracelet

According to testimonies, the Feng Shui product has the stick to powers :

  • It heals: the Feng Shui crystal bracelet has a healing power thanks to the symbols inscribed on the obsidian stones. Crystals, on the other hand, release vibrations ensuring physical and spiritual well-being.
  • It attracts fortune: the Pixiu has the power to extract wealth and abundance.
  • It improves the relationship with loved ones: the bracelet helps single people find love, and it improves relationships with loved ones.
  • It protects: by wearing the bracelet, it protects its owner from bad luck, negative powers, bankruptcy, and illness.

It contributes to professional success : the watchband helps its owner to find a job, a promotion or a narrow .

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