What to Wear on a Hiking Date

What to Wear on a Hiking Date

Whether you have a actual passion for the great outdoors, or you ’ re trying it out for the foremost clock time in a while, hikes are a perfect way to enjoy some clean air and the ship’s company of your date .
But before you can climb a mountain, you ’ ll have to conquer your wardrobe. Your first instinct might be to reach for your yoga pants and sneakers, but we ’ ve got some other, more versatile options for you to consider .
A hike date can be a bunch of playfulness, but it ’ second hush an outdoor activeness, so a fiddling dirt and sweat is bound to happen. That ’ second why picking the right hike outfit is key—so you can enjoy mother nature without worrying about your invest.

Is hiking a good first date? 
Hiking is a great option for a first date—it ’ s economic and perfect for folks who like getting outdoor and being active. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your date without distractions and can be a stepping stone to other outdoor activities like camping ! Start with a short, public hike to see if your date is a dear hike buddy and conversationalist before committing to longer trails .

What to Wear on a Hiking Date: Hiking Essentials 

man wearing green water-repellent cargo pants in ice caves

  1. well hiking boots or shoes

We can not stress this one adequate ! Having a well couple of hiking shoes or boots is key to enjoying your hike date .
Your casual sneakers, while great for the gymnasium, are not going to cut it on an odd forest trail. Choose supportive hike shoes or boots with a adept arch and ankle support. Look for shoes with deep tread so you can get a adept grip on rock, gravel, scandal, mud, and anything else you may trek across. Proper footwear will besides keep your feet dry, as nothing kills the chat up like cold, soaking wet feet .

  1. Pants, not shorts

Dirt, rocks, mud … it ’ s all ending up on your legs if they ’ re exposed. Wearing hiking pants protects your clamber from the elements during your rise. Twigs and eatage can besides irritate or even scratch your legs—an unnecessary discomfort that will distract you from enjoying the company you ’ re with .
Keep read for our best recommendations for comfortable and breathable pants for your hike .

  1. Bug spray ( your raw perfume/cologne )

This one is key for the summer months and hikes in woody areas. Insect repellent may not smell adenine good as your favored perfume or cologne, but it keeps the bugs at bay. Perfume and cologne actually attract mosquitoes and other insects, sol reach certain to save it for the following indoor date !

  1. Accessories

Some extras to bring : SPF, a water bottle, and a hat. These are all key to avoiding dehydration and providing extra protective covering against ultraviolet rays in the summer .
If you ’ rhenium taking on a winter rise, a beanie will be essential to keeping your oral sex warmly, particularly your ears ( which are more prone to frostbite ) .

The Best Hiking Clothes 

go are the days of aesthetically appalling outdoor apparel. These days, hiking clothes are trendy, even practical—and framework engineering has improved tenfold .
At DUER, our prototypes are worn by testers who bike, hike, and explore to ensure garments are ready for DUERs like you. Our goal is to encourage everyone to buy invest that looks better, does more, and lasts longer .

Two campers wearing DUERs hanging out on a cliff That ’ sulfur why we ’ ve rounded up our top options for what to wear on a variety of hiking dates, including the right DUER pants to pair with them. DUER ’ south lineage of hiking pants aggregate athletic invest staples like COOLMAX® for temperature control and Lycra for might stretch, so you can stay comfy in all kinds of outdoor activity .

Choosing the right fabric

When going hike, the framework of the dress matters deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as the invest itself. With that in mind, hera are the fabrics you should ( and shouldn ’ thymine ) reach for .

framework Yes/No ?
cotton NO : 100 % cotton fabrics, while big for daily wear, are the wrong choice for exert since they trap moisture and smell and can lead to chafing. traditional jeans are a no-no for hiking ! however, a cotton blend ( with lycra, polyester, nylon, etc ) can be acceptable .
polyester yes : polyester is a staple of athletic break and while being lightweight retains heating system. It ’ s durable, breathable and moisture-wicking, making it great for a hike !
Lycra/Spandex possibly : spandex is big for workouts that require a large range of movement like yoga or weight-lift, however aren ’ thymine ideal for longer bouts of use like hiking. That ’ sulfur because most spandex garments are bark besotted, and Spandex itself is not equally breathable as alternatives. You can silent wear leggings on a rise, but make surely they ’ re a blend with a low spandex subject .
Tencel yes : Tencel is 50 % more absorbent material than cotton and not closely adenine susceptible to odour or bacteria growth. Tencel is besides made from sustainably sourced wood fibre – a framework you can feel good in and feel effective about. It ’ s a great choice for a hike, particularly when blended with some heavier, warmer fabrics .
Merino Wool yes : Wool is a big choice for hike, particularly if you ’ re going into higher altitudes or hiking in cool temperatures. A estimable quality Merino wool dress feels softer and lighter than cotton. It has great moisture wicking capabilities and can easily be worn for other activities like running .

Top Hiking Date Recommendations

The Winter Hiking Date

Hiker wearing DUERs overlooking a view winter is such an underestimate time to hike ; trails are quiet, the sky is brilliantly and it ’ s a perfective direction to spend choice time with your date. The coldness weather is a turnoff for most, but if you ’ rhenium brave enough to face it for sexual love, we commend you.

Start with a Merino wool base layer, as it ’ south thin than regular wool and moisture wicking. Layers are your friend as you start to warm up, sol lightweight tops are better than wearing one slurred sweater. In showery Vancouver, waterproof jackets are substantive, but wherever you live, you ’ ll need a shell to protect you from rain and snow .
As for pants, we recommend the Men ’ s All-Weather Denim Slim to keep you warm and dry during your rise. These pants are windproof and water repellent, so you won ’ metric ton have to worry about cadaver and cold muscles. You may even want to throw on some long underwear underneath depending on the temperature. You can besides opt for the Women ’ s Fireside Denim Mid Rise Slim Straight which is woven with a sheepskin lining to keep you cozy on your hike stumble. Both pants are unisex – equitable choose the burst that feels right to you .
last, if you ’ rhenium hike in snow-clad areas, make certain your hiking boots ( not shoes ) come up to the ankle and match it with long Merino wool socks to protect your feet from the cold. Consider a hat, gloves and scarf depending on how cold it will be and in sheath it snows during your hiking date .
Hiker stretching their pants

The Rainy Hike Date

Hiker wearing DUERs walking through the woods Don ’ t let a fiddling rain stop you from having an incredible hike have with your date. At the lapp time, you ’ ll both need to make sure you ’ re prepare for the weather .
In showery months, you should look ahead at the weather and decide whether your hiking date calls for a waterproof jacket. besides, wear long pants to protect your legs—especially if hiking in areas with lots of brush .
Center your outfit around a warmly, but breathable rain jacket, paired with a moisture-wicking retentive sleeve top .
Pair your rain gear with our Stay Dry Denim Relaxed jeans—they ’ rhenium dirt and water resistant, so you can trek as you please .
The Stay Dry Denim Mid Rise Slim Straight is a more versatile pair for women. They ’ ll dry cursorily after your hike so you won ’ triiodothyronine have to deal with that annoying damp feel .
Outside of hiking outfits, you can pair these pants with other invest suitable for going out or the position for a business casual spirit. The black pair has a colored, even wash you can wear with a blouse and blazer or knit sweater .
Make sure your shoes or boots are waterproof with a bass tread. These will help if you find yourself trekking on mismatched trails. No one wants to slip and slide through the mire on a date ! You might want to add a hat to preserve your haircloth, keep your ears warm and protect your eyes from the rain .

The “We’re Grabbing a Beer After” Summer Hiking Date

In hot weather, you might be able to get away with less intensive hike clothes .
T-shirts and shorts ( like the Live Lite Adventure Short in mens and womens cuts ) that prevent chafing with a good pair of runners can do the trick ; however, it ’ s more likely that you ’ ll need a long-sleeved jersey and hanker, lightweight pants to protect your clamber from the sun and crap, scrapes or hemipterous insect bites .
Hiker wearing DUER's The Only Tee and DUER Shorts, crouching
While the hot weather might sway you in a unlike commission, it can get surprisingly cool in the forests and mountains ( flower hike locales ) so angstrom long as you layer up, you should be set for your hike date .
In addition, you want to be specially mindful of the sun during the summer months, so load up on SPF to stay sunburn-free .
Start with a lightweight hanker sleeve or jersey ( if you can avoid brush ). If hiking up to cooler altitudes, wear a flannel or casual button down over the shirt to stay warm. You can keep the top classy for the brewery by adding a bomber or dark wash jean jacket. If you ’ five hundred prefer a tank top, wear it under your farseeing sleeve and barter it for a jacket or cardigan to refine your look for the evening .
pair it with the Live Free Adventure Pants which are stylish and versatile for many contexts outside of hiking. You can easily take these from the batch to the brewery as they ’ ra lightweight and stretchy—perfect for novice hikers .
Best of all, these pants will transition seamlessly into a beer/dinner scenario if the hike date goes good !
If you do decide to go for shorts, check out the Live Lite Journey Short, available in six colors ! While traditionally a men ’ s cut, the longer inseam is perfective for all bodies to prevent chafing and stay comfortable .
man sitting on a concrete barrier wearing amber shorts and navy polo
Make sure to wear a uncompromising pair of running or hiking shoes depending on the intensity of your raise. trace : a hike with a assortment of terrain and altitude calls for hiking boots, whereas you can trek a novice chase with your runners. In addition, you want to be particularly mindful of the sun during the summer months, so load up on SPF to stay sunburn-free .

You’ve picked out your hiking clothes, now what? 
Man and woman wearing DUER outfits walking along a boardwalk It ’ randomness fourth dimension to head out on your date ! You might be feeling nervous as a fresh hiker or plain old first date jitters, but with this guidebook and some positive self-talk, you can go forth and appropriate ( and look thoroughly while doing it ! ) .

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