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One of the most park questions we receive from customers is asking different ways to wear a air pocket watch. Whilst features may have been added or designs may have tweaked slightly over the by century, the way to wear a pocket watch has remained the same for hundreds of years. The classic way to wear a pocket watch is at the end of a chain ( called a fob ) in your vest pocket. The fob should pass through the buttonholes in the middle and end in a pocket on the early side, anchored by another aim such as a cigar cutter. however, there are other types of pocket watch chains available to allow you to safely attach your timepiece to your dress .

Different Types of Pocket Watch Chains

t-bar lift Chains

The classical Albert T-Bar is best paired with a vest or jacket. The buttonhole will hold the bar in space ; allowing you to attach the scoop watch to the other end and store in the breast or side pouch .

Belt Bar

You can probably guess where a knock loop attaches to thanks to its identify – it just slides onto the belt or the top of trousers to allow you to securely place your watch within your pocket for a classical look.

Bolt Ring

much the like as the classical swath loop, bolt hoop chains attach to the trouser belt loop to store the watch in your pockets. however, they can besides be attached to the buttonhole in your vest .

How To Wear A Pocket Watch For a Wedding Or Formal Event

A marriage is one of the most common events that has men reaching for a pocket watch. pocket watches – in both gold and silver – bring an moment touch of class to a conventional ensemble, making them a bang-up way to take your wedding spirit to the following charge. Whether you ’ re the groom, a groomsman or merely a dapper guest, a pocket watch for a wedding guarantees to make an impression .

How To Wear a Pocket Watch With a Waistcoat

One of the most classical ways to wear a pocket lookout for a limited juncture such as a marriage is attached to a vest. This front is traditional and ever-stylish, making it a great choice for a formal count. This is besides perfect for when you don ’ thymine want to wear a full three-piece become, for example, if you ’ re attending a summer marry. To wear a marriage pocket vigil with a vest, you need one of the chains detailed above – a t-bar lift range or a bolt resound chain works good. One end of this chain attaches to your air pocket lookout, and the other through your vest lobby. The watch can then be placed into your vest ( or crown ) pocket, leaving the cosmetic chain on show .

How To Wear a Pocket Watch With a Suit

A pocket watch can besides be paired with a become rather than simply just a vest and shirt. This expression is slenderly more formal, capital for creating a mighty impression at knead parties or high-class particular events. If your courtship is not three-piece ( i.e does not include a vest ), there are still a phone number of ways you can attach your pocket watch. A pocket watch chain can be attached through your suit jackets buttonhole, leaving the watch free to be slipped into your jacket pocket. Otherwise, a belt out loop chain will allow you to attach your pocket watch to your trouser knock loop, with the watch safely stored in your trouser pocket.

How To Wear a Pocket Watch Casually

While many people assume pouch watches are only for formal tire, we are seeing more and more stylish gentlemen working them into a more free-and-easy look. A pocket watch is a big summation to a ache casual expression, bringing an blink of an eye touch of class. so, how can you style a scoop watch colloquially ?

How To Wear a Pocket Watch Without a Waistcoat

Despite what many people think, you don ’ thyroxine always need a vest or astute become jacket in order to work a air pocket watch into your spirit. If you ’ re looking to work a pocket watch into a more casual look, we ’ ra felicitous to tell you it ’ south more than possible ! A shirt is the easiest way to work a pocket lookout into your look without a vest. Why not try a sharp blank shirt paired with slightly more relax chinos and loafers ? Your pocket watch can be attached to either your shirt buttonhole or your belt loop, and then stored in your trouser pocket for a relaxed attend that oozes class .

How To Wear a Pocket Watch With Jeans

We know, we know – jeans and a air pocket watch aren ’ t a combination you would broadly expect to work together. however, with the right style, jeans and a pocket watch can actually make a fantastic impression.

We would recommend opting for black, grey or very dark blue jeans if you are wearing a air pocket watch. Light or stonewashed jeans bring an ultra-casual feel, which slenderly contrasts the pocket watch accessory. similarly, we would recommend opting for a chic slender or straight fit jean, preferably than a loosen or baggy option. Team your jeans with a shirt or blazer jacket to tie the look together, and there you have it – the arrant ‘ smart casual ’ combination ! To attach your pocket watch to your jeans, just choose a swath coil pocket watch chain and then place the pocket vigil in your denim pocket. Having trouble oneself with your pocket watch ? Check out our guide on pocket watch repair and common issues here .

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