What Is Period Underwear and Does It Work?

The absorbent and reclaimable intersection may be a game changer for your menstrual cycle You may have seen ads on social media or possibly you ’ ve learn your friends talking about them, but you ’ re hush confused on what precisely time period underwear suffice and how they work .Advertising Policy
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A new kind of period product, time period underwear is designed for those who menstruate. Like pads, cups and tampons, the goal of period underwear is to keep you leak-proof and dry. Absorbing blood from your menstrual cycle, period underwear comes in unlike absorbency and are reclaimable ( you can clean most brands in your washer ).

Ob/Gyn Karmon James, MD, shares how period underwear work, what to look for and why they might be a good choice for you .

How do period underwear work?

While there are many brands to choose from, most of them use some type of absorbent material substantial like microfiber polyester that traps your rake flow. Period underwear typically have a moisture barrier to keep you feeling dry and a layer to help prevent leaking. Some brands even apply an odor-controlling treatment .
“ Period underwear typically holds somewhere between one and two tampons worth of flow, ” Dr. James says .

Are they sanitary?

Yes, vitamin a long as they ’ re washed by rights. While you can handwash them, time period underwear can besides go in the washer, using the aristocratic or finespun bicycle .
Make sure you wash your period underwear on their own and invalidate placing them in a load with other clothes and items. Avoid using any framework sheets or fabric softener, besides .
“ Use a balmy, unscented, dye-free detergent, ” says Dr. James. “ Do an supernumerary rinse motorbike because you want to make sure that there ’ s no laundry detergent left on them. That could be irritating to your bark otherwise. ”
When it comes to drying your wash period underwear, air-drying is best .
Most pairs can typically last between two and five years, says Dr. James. But it depends on the quality of the product and how frequently you wash them .

How to use period underwear

Period underwear suit and function merely like normal underwear. Just put on a pair when you ’ rhenium menstruate. You can wear them alone or if you ’ re using a tampon, they can be used as an extra human body of protection .
If you ’ ve used tampons for much of your liveliness, you may need to get used to the find of your menstrual flow .
How long you can wear period underwear depends on your run. If you ’ re having a abstemious flow sidereal day, you can probably wear them longer, but if your flow is at its heaviest, you may need to change your menstruation underwear more frequently.

It ’ sulfur recommended that you don ’ thymine wear the same match for more than 12 hours to avoid smell and escape. You may need five to seven pairs of period underwear to wear throughout your cycle .
While intended for your menstrual menstruate, period underwear can besides be used for urinary dissoluteness, discharge and postnatal bleed .
“ If you ’ re wanting them strictly for urinary escape, then you should focus on a product that ’ sulfur designed for that, ” notes Dr. James .

What to look for

If you ’ re curious about whether period underwear is right for you, Dr. James suggests testing out a match on your lightest run sidereal day .
“ Try them on a weekend or when you can be at home, ” says Dr. James. “ If they don ’ thyroxine fit by rights or you have a leak, you ’ ll spirit more comfortable handling those issues at home. ”
then if you decide you ’ re all in on wearing period underwear, test out a few unlike brands before investing in a whole new set of underwear. Do your research before any purchase. What absorbency do you need ? How are the brand ’ s on-line reviews ? “ See if there ’ s one that fits you better or is more absorbent material, ” advises Dr. James .
In summation to deciding if period underwear exercise for your body and your menstrual flow, there are other factors one should consider .
If you ’ re concerned about the environment, menstruation underwear can help cut down on waste. It ’ randomness estimated that the average menstruate person uses up to 15,000 pads or tampons in their life .
If you experience annoyance from using traditional menstrual pads, switching to period underwear may help .
There ’ south besides a case to be made that using period underwear can save you money, says Dr. James.

“ You need to look at the cost of underwear, the cost of pads and trope out if it ’ s a benefit for you, ” she says .
But overall, you need to make sure you feel convinced and secure using time period underwear .
“ If the underwear is doing what it should be doing, you should feel comfortable, ” says Dr. James. “ They should keep you dry and protected. ”

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