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timonium, maryland orthodontist After braces have been removed or you ’ re finished with Invisalign, you might think that you are free and clear ! You ’ ve barely deal with months or years of having something in your mouth, thus when it comes out, that ’ mho it, right ? Well, not quite. Patients of Dr. Mohammad Izadi, a Timonium MD orthodontist, are recommended to wear their retainers for a year to prevent orthodontic backsliding after treatment has completed .

How Does A Retainer Work?

A retainer keeps the tooth from shifting back to the position they were in before you started orthodontic treatment. Most patients receive obliterable retainers, but there are permanent servant options that will keep the tooth in invest. The best choice for you depends on your unique situation .
Teeth can shift in the mouth in response to the imperativeness put upon them when bite, chewing, or teeth grinding. While your braces did most of the hard oeuvre repositioning the tooth, the retainer is necessity to prevent the dentition from returning to the lapp side. think of it as a way of holding the tooth in topographic point rather than doing the shape to shape the dentition into the hope place .

How Long Do I Need to Wear My Retainer After Braces or Invisalign?

Dr. Izadi recommends patients wear their retainer for at least 1 year after braces or Invisalign have completed. The accurate duration of time will depend on your needs. If the retainer is used as part of two-phase treatment, the retainer time may vary. In general, however, it is necessity to keep wearing the retainer for 1 year to prevent tooth shifting.

How Do I Care For My Retainer?

Any meter a retainer is used it should constantly be treated finely and cleaned regularly for optimum oral health. They are delicate and expensive to replace. Wearing your retainer is arsenic crucial as cleaning your servant. Keeping your servant clean can help reduce your hazard of developing tooth decay and gingiva disease, both potentially severe oral health concerns .
A common complaint with retainer use is a bad taste or smell. fortunately, keeping your retainer clean is simple. Before putting it bet on in your mouth after brushing your teeth, brush the retainer to keep it gain of plaque, which is the source of the bad spirit. You should besides soak the retainer regularly in a solution like Efferdent or Polident to neutralize odors. To protect your retainer, keep it in its case when not in use, such as while you are eating, to prevent damage or loss .

Timonium, MD Orthodontist

Dr. Mo is passionate about making certain you enjoy your beautiful smile for a life. While you may not want to wear your servant, it will help prevent you from orthodontic get worse and necessitate braces again. Schedule a consultation with us online or call our position at ( 410 ) 919-9806 to learn more about the best orthodontic treatment for you .

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