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What Is a Faja?

Faja is a spanish word, so how do you say ” faja ” in English ? It ’ s a slippery question, since there international relations and security network ’ thymine a capital translation, but it ’ south alike to a girdle or compression garment. Some of the biggest ( and good ! ) manufacturers of mail surgery fajas are in Colombia and other spanish speak countries. It is besides a region of latin culture to accentuate your curves and control fajas are normally used by spanish american women daily ( not merely during lipo and BBL recoveries ) to help with slimming and molding their bodies. For all of these reasons, “ Faja ” is becoming a word normally recognized in the English talk cosmetic surgery populace .
There are many different types of Faja. You can get a shank flight simulator, which may or may not have bones ( the stiff sticks in the corset ), broad bodysuit trimmer and target booster fajas. They come in differing levels of compaction ( Stage 1, Stage 2, Daily Use ). Some have a entire pantie while others have an open genitalia, a slide fastener, or a flip-flop. You can get shapewear that incorporates a brassiere or has an open bust, some are strapless while others have adjustable straps or flush sleeves .

What is a faja made of?

Most phase 1 fajas are made of a fabric known as “ powernet. ” Powernet is a blend framework containing Nylon and Spandex. Most good fajas besides have a liner, at least in the torso area, which helps with quilt ( the nylon can be potent and itchy ). stage 2 and casual manipulation shapewear frequently have blends with higher spandex and lower nylon to make them more comfortable. This does have the lend consequence of less compaction however. This is the main reason that it ’ second significant to wear the stage 1 that your doctor recommends for the broad 4-6 weeks before changing over to a stage 2 garment .
There are other types of faja as well. One popular type is a latex paint shank flight simulator. These use latex paint or condom to encourage water system loss through sweat. It is important to increase your water intake if you are using this type of faja.

What Does a Faja Do?

A Faja is a cubby fitting garment that has several uses. The most common and well known use for fajas is as a mail operating room garment. In that shell, the Faja acts as a compression dress, helping to control bruising and swell, while at the same clock time helping to shape and mold your body .

Does wearing a faja help lose belly fat?

Simply wearing shapewear alone will not have a durable effect on your amount of belly fat. The aim of shapewear for daily use is to help hold in your pot, making it appear flatter so that your clothes fit better .

Can wearing a faja reshape your body?

If you have had a late cosmetic or plastic operating room, wearing a faja can have some effect on the shape of your body. The biggest component in your new shape will be the skill of your surgeon, but complaisance with all post operation instructions ( including the use of compression garments ) will decidedly have an effect on your results .

What are Some Pros of Wearing a Faja?

obviously, if you have recently had a liposuction routine or BBL, wearing a Faja will be a separate of your stake op recovery. There are other reasons to wear a faja though ! Daily use of tummy dominance shapewear will make your center section appear slender and help your clothes to fit better and give you more confidence .
Because of the tightness in the stomach area, you will besides feel wax after eating smaller amounts. In this room, Fajas can help with weight passing .
New moms are besides affectionate of military post partum shapewear. Your new soundbox that comes with the modern pamper can be disappointing for beginning meter moms. Wearing a postnatal girdle can help with skin retraction after the big stretch of carrying your child.

Are There any Risks with Wearing a Faja?

You must always make certain that the faja you wear is the right size for you. Wearing a compaction dress that is excessively little has several risks. Corsets have become popular again as a way to accentuate your hourglass determine through shank coach, producing a hope “ addition “ in the size of your buttocks. Corsets that are besides besotted can displace your organs, pushing your liver and stomach up and putting blackmail on the diaphragm. This can lessen your lung capacity slightly, so wearing a faja during effort that requires that lung capacitance may be dangerous .
One other concern with wearing tight shapewear is that it can have effects on your rake pressure. The lend press on your middle section can in a way “ help ” your heart to pump blood to your upper organs ( ie your brain ). When you remove the compression, your blood atmospheric pressure will drop slightly. For patients who have a broken baseline blood coerce, this can cause a drop in the blood flow to the mind and you may pass out. This is not uncommon in patients the day after a lipo routine when we first remove the compression. We recommend that anytime you are removing a compression garment, you should avoid doing anything dangerous for a few minutes while your blood pressure regulates itself. This includes getting in the shower. If you pass out in the shower, that could be biography threatening. Take your faja off and wait for 5-10 minutes before you hop in the exhibitor .
If you have a BBL procedure, you will need to discuss your compression choices with your surgeon. While you will decidedly need to wear a compression faja after your surgery, there must not be pressure on the newly transplanted adipose tissue. Using a cigarette lift ( levanta colon ) faja can be excessively cubby on the new fat and cause you to lose some of the transplant fat cells. In order to get the most out of your BBL, you should wear a compaction garment with open buttocks and avoid the butt weightlifter shapewear until you are at least 8 weeks out from your routine ( though we would recommend waiting 6 months ) .

What is the Best Way to Wear a Faja?

Any compression dress or waist flight simulator corset should be snug fit, but not therefore besotted as to cause pain or difficulty taking a fully breath. A post surgery girdle for liposuction or pot tuck should be tire 24 hours a day ( except when showering ) for the foremost 4-6 weeks or as directed by your surgeon .
colombian faja sizes tend to run small. Don ’ t be surprised to find that you are wearing an forty when you would never have worn a plus size even before your operation. Use caution when purchasing shapewear on-line, because tied using the measurements provided may get you a dress that is besides small to wear well.

Your garment should completely cover all of the areas that were treated with liposuction. While a waist cincher may be oklahoma for lipo of the flanks entirely, it ’ s not normally the best choice for flanks with second. Full body shapers are available that cover everything from your wrists to shoulders and all the way down to the ankles. For most of our lipo 360 patients, we recommend a mid second joint dress. This is because many of the shank cinchers or corsets have the edge justly where your incisions may be, which can cause extra discomfort .
You should besides wash the dress casual. You can wash it in the wash machine, but be certain to hang it to dry. The heat from the dryer can have 2 effects on your compression garment. First, it can cause the garment to shrink. Second, repeated use of the dry will lead to breakdown of the elastic fibers in the garment, causing a loss of compression documentation .

Where Can I Get a Faja?

We do have an on-line denounce where you can purchase several different styles of faja. Our best sellers are the Full Body Shapewear Bodysuit for Women by Fajas Colombianas MyD and the Arm Compression Sleeves by Contemporary Designs. You can checkout our full choice of compaction garments here. early democratic brands of fajas colombianas reductoras include Fajate, Salome and Sonryse. Because all compression garment purchases are final, we do recommend that you come into the office to be sized and make sure that you ’ re getting the best faja for your specific needs .

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