Make it easier to wear 10 avatar accessories unrestricted

As a Roblox drug user, it is presently besides hard to access the Advanced menu on the Avatar page indeed I can edit my avatar without class restrictions .
presently, you can wear up to three hats, and merely one of all other types of accessories. This menu allows you to wear 10 of any kind of accessory without class restrictions .


If I ’ thousand trying to add a raw accessory to my avatar, the process to do thus is identical unpleasant .
The first thing presented to me when I visit the Avatar page is a farseeing list of my recently purchased accessories, but the Advanced release is by chance not at the bottom of the list like it is on early tabs.

This means that to add another accessory to my avatar without incidentally removing something, I need to first voyage to another tab key that has the Advanced release. however, I specifically need to navigate to a tab where I don ’ t have multiple scrolls worth of accessories. Because the number is infinite scroll, I won ’ thymine be able to reach the Advanced button unless I scroll long enough to reach the penetrate, or I try another tab .
When I do find this button, it ’ randomness nothing more than bantam link-text at the bottomland of the list. It ’ second easily to overlook for users not expecting it, and annoying to find for users actively looking for it. Clicking on it opens an hostile list of asset IDs that my embodiment is presently wearing .
To get an asset ID to add to this list, I need to find an accessory I own, open it in a raw check, carefully copy the ID out of the URL, and paste it into one of the empty textbook boxes. This process alone is long-winded adequate that I wrote an reference to largely do it for me .
If this list is broad, to find an accessory I ’ meter will to replace I either need to back out of this menu and unequip it using the usual Avatar Editor UI, or find its asset ID and then remove it from the list.


preferably, this button and menu should be rendered unnecessary and removed .
Allow experienced users to toggle on an “ unbarred manner ”, that allows them to select any number of accessories from any accessary class using the usual avatar editor program UI .
I ’ megabyte guessing this menu exists because due to the tabbed layout of the Avatar Editor, if users could equip all 10 accessories under one category, they wouldn ’ t be able to see other accessories in other categories un-equipping, indeed inexperienced users might be confused about why some of their accessories are “ randomly ” unequipping .
however, experienced users should be able to enable this behavior. It would be much more friendly than the stream Advanced menu. Display the number of accessories equipped somewhere ( Eg. bottom left corner of the avatar preview ), or how many accessories the exploiter can calm equip.

At the very least, on yellow journalism this button pertains to, please move it to the circus tent of the UI.
To the right of the breadcrumb would be useful ; it never reaches that far to the correct and nothing else uses that space angstrom far as I can tell .

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