How many times can I wear my lashes?

How many times can I wear my lashes?
How many times can I wear my lashes?

5 reasons why you should wear eyelashes everyday

Do you silent think falsies are merely for special occasions ? Think again ! At Silly George, we believe you should feel fabulous every day, that ’ s why we are here to tell you why false eyelashes should become a staple in your makeup everyday .
Wearing eyelashes every day has become a quickly growing vogue in smasher, and it ‘s not arduous to see why. not only are they a great way to enhance your natural appearance, but they ‘re besides an easy means to give your makeup a boost. Read on to find out how and why you should wear fake eyelashes every day, along with some tips on how to get the most out of your darling stage set !

1 They are easy and quick

If you are silent on the fence about adding lashes to your everyday look because you think it will take ages, we get it. But we promise that it ’ sulfur super immediate and comfortable. Our lashes are then quick and easy to apply that it only takes two seconds. We recommend using an eyeliner like our LinerBond system to make applying your lashes easier than always. You don ’ t need glue, magnetics or anything messy and complicated – good use the preciseness tip off to draw a line that will hold your lashes in set for 12 hours. Couldn ’ thymine be easier !

2 They are great for any occasion

supermarket runs ? Check ! busy day at work followed by a gymnasium session ? No worries ! The right occasion to wear fake lashes is whenever you want. It ’ s your font, your option. The good matter about the Silly George lashes is that you can wear them reasonably much anytime, anywhere and make every day special. They are comfortable, luminosity and come in handy lawsuit with mirror so you can apply ( or take them off ) whenever you need .

3 You can pair them with any look

Bold or natural ? Whatever look you are going for, you can find the perfective whip to match your style. For exercise, Girl Next Door lash is perfect for an ‘ about ’ natural expect whereas the Girl on Fire set will complement a bold look with their fabulous cat-eye vogue. Either you are going all out or looking for something more natural to wear to the office, we got it.

4 They last longer than you think

One of the most common concerns when it comes to eyelashes is either or not they ’ ll reserve throughout the day. And the good newsworthiness is that they will. At Silly George we are gallant to make eyelashes that work for you, no matter what your day ( or night ) look like. Wind repellent, rain-proof, whatever the day brings your eyelashes will always stay in set through it all.

5 You can reuse them, day after day

What if we told you that your lashes can last for up to 30+ wears ? That ’ sulfur right, no more tossing them after one consumption. Falsies are an low-cost and sustainable way of enhancing your everyday makeup attend. If you clean and keep them in tip-top condition they ’ ll give you more wears. And on exceed of that, reusing them makes the application action even easier and quicker since they ’ ll hold the perfect fit so there ’ s no want to trim or bend them to your shape again .
just wash your hands before lightly pull off your eyelashes, clean them with our Lid & Lash Cleanser and pop them in their event – ready for future time !

What are you waiting for?

Start elevating your everyday look with the perfective Silly George lash put. Find the ones for you, here .

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