Bra Fitting Guide: How To Find Your True Bra Size And Choose The Best Bras For Your Body Without Going To A Bra Fitter

This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy thru these links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. What ? … Spend time with a professional brassiere fitter — with a measurement tape in hand — in a meet room trying to find your genuine brassiere size ? No direction ! A bra fitting session is just not something that I’d be comfortable with. I have adequate trouble dealing with things like side drop the ball, brassiere straps falling down, and back fatten in the privacy of my own home !

She ’ randomness doing more than just measuring you. She ’ mho besides looking at your torso shape, your summit shape, and how far apart your breasts are. She ’ mho besides seeing what post you ’ re presently wearing and the size you think you are. Source

fortunately, bra fitting experts have a lot of good tips to help you find your true bra size — and you don ’ thyroxine tied have to step foot in a dress room !

here ’ s how to put those tips to work and find the best bra for you…

How I Found My True Bra Size

I ’ thousand 47, and it wasn ’ triiodothyronine until this year that I ultimately found my genuine brassiere size. sure, I thought I had found it before. But I was wrong. The problem was I just didn ’ t know all of the key points about brassiere size and brassiere shopping. so I decided to spend the past few months researching and combining all of the best tips that I’ve heard, seen, and read. And I ’ m thrilled to say that I have ultimately found my true brassiere size ! Like you frequently hear from the ‘ brassiere experts ’ out there… it’s a much different size than I thought it would be. I thought I was a 36C. I ’ m actually a 38D. I ’ thousand not a five hundred ! ! ! No one in my family is a vitamin d ! ! ! For the majority of my adult life I ’ ve scantily been a C. well, not anymore ! Did you know this?…

All the companies about 10 years ago changed all the sizes without telling us. They vanity sized it, they wanted you to think your back was smaller and your breasts were bigger. In other words, what once was a 36-D is now called a 32-G. reference

Ok, so I’ve compiled all the best tips for you and you can read them all below:

  • How to measure your bra size
  • Bra cup sizes explained
  • Bra band sizes explained
  • How side support bras work
  • How to prevent bra straps falling down

Following is a drumhead of the most important things you need to know in order to find the best bra fit for you !

Find Your Bra Size Yourself Using These Expert Bra Fitting Tips

There are so many breast shapes, breast sizes, and breast separation differences that no one bra and no one bra sizing technique could possibly address every single woman. That ’ mho why I ’ m indeed grateful for these brassiere fitting tips. From a act of different brassiere experts, I ’ ve learned that…

#1 – Your bra straps will not fall down if you’re wearing the right size bra.

This was the #1 reason that I wanted to find my true bra size. I actually gave up on wearing brassiere for a pair of years because I despised my brassiere straps falling down so often ! rather, I ’ d wear tank tops with built-in bras under most of my shirts. And when I absolutely had to wear a brassiere, I ’ five hundred wear a Genie Bra. ( They fit big and are superintendent comfortable — but they ’ re not the most fashionable. ) finally, I decided I wanted something more feminine, so I bit the fastball and searched high and depleted to find a good-fitting brassiere. I learned that if your brassiere straps fall down, it means your brassiere dance band is riding up. Try going go down a band size and up a cup size. It worked for me!

#2 – You don’t want a ‘side boob’ — with bulges popping out on your sides underneath your arms.

I learned this from watching the ladies on QVC describe how Breezies bras meet. I don ’ t have any Breezies bras, but I trust the female caller owner when she ’ second describing how she designs her brassiere for real women — like you and me. And I even trust the female show hosts who add their 2-cents about brassiere fit. The one thing that kept coming up in the Breezies brassiere show was the fear side drop the ball — that bulge that appears under your armpit when your drop the ball spill out the sides of your brassiere. A bra that’s too tight or too thin is what creates that unsightly bulge. rather of spilling out under your arms, you want your breasts to be moved up ( lifted ) and forward ( viewable from the front, not the sides ). For me, a thicker bra band with higher sides completely eliminated the side boob .

Does your human body spill out under your armpits ? Blame the condition of your cup. A deeply cup keeps the summit tissue on the movement of your body where it belongs, alternatively of pushing it to the side. Bringing your breasts front and center besides creates a more youthful silhouette. reservoir

#3 – The larger your bra size (anything over a C), the wider the bra straps, side panels, and bottom band should be.

Don’t fear a larger bra size — and all of that substantial — like I did. All of those extras are there to help shape you in ways you never thought possible ( or never even thought you needed ). You will love the results ! With the right bra, it’s harder to tell where the bra material ends and your skin begins — which is a good thing. It ’ s about like having a short moment of body shaping built into a good-fitting brassiere .

#4 – It’s not about choosing the smallest size bra for your body.

It’s actually about choosing the largest cup size that you comfortably fit in. And with larger cup sizes issue forth wide-eyed bands and wider brassiere straps. initially, I didn ’ metric ton realize that a good-fitting brassiere required so much material and would take up therefore a lot real estate on my consistency. I had a hard time accepting the fact that this larger-than-I-imagined undergarment was actually creditworthy for making me look slimmer and trimmer and more in proportion to my body size .

Studies have shown that 76 % of women overestimate their isthmus size, and 84 % undervalue their cup size. If they had more handiness and opportunity to try the correct size, vitamin a well as education in how brassiere size works, possibly they ’ d find themselves much better supported, looking and feeling better in the right size brassiere ! source

#5 – There’s a certain way that you should put on a bra.

Use the exclusive and swoop method acting. You should put your arms in the straps first, then lean forward and let your breasts fill the entire cups before securing the brassiere brooch on your back. This direction, everything is in its position — and your breasts look perky and firm, rather than saggy or lopsided. I learned this from watching the Double Divas on television receiver. Those 2 ladies are viciously good with all women. I ’ ve gotten a batch of very neat brassiere fitting tips from them !

Scooping and swooping de-squishes your summit tissue so that it isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate being smushed into your armpits or compressed in the cup. It besides makes your breast sit properly in the cups, so that they are being lifted rather than equitable covered. reservoir

#6 – Your bra should fit you tight.

The double Divas say, “ Get it close. Get it correct ” — because your brassiere shouldn ’ t fit loosely at all. If it ’ s besides close ( or excessively small ), you ’ ll see bulges from all angles. But when your bra fits you a little tight and is the right size, it will smooth out those bulges. That ’ south why a brassiere has 3 hooks — because your brassiere stretches with each wear and with each wash. sol you’re supposed to start on the loosest (closest) of the 3 bra clasps in the middle of your back when you buy a new bra. then, every few months, as the brassiere stretches out a morsel, move in and use the middle brooch for awhile. finally, use the besotted ( farthest ) clasp until the brassiere no longer fits you well. Who knew ? !

#7 – The wire in an underwire bra should hit at your rib cage under your arm.

so if you press on the wire there, and it’s not hitting your ribs, then it’s too small. The double over Divas say that the electrify should hit your ribcage all the way around your breast. It shouldn’t poke your fleshy tissue. here are the best problem/solution underwire bra tips I could find.

#8 – The band of your bra should be halfway between your elbow and your shoulder.

‘ The Bra Lady ’ says if it’s higher than that, then your bra is too small. And if it ’ south lower than that, then your bra is too big. The biggest takeaway here is : every time you go up a band size, you should go down a cup size.

The perfect situation for your breasts is halfway between your shoulders and your elbows. And your brassiere should be flush front to back. Most women wear their brassiere bands excessively high on their torso and throw their measurements off. Most women keep going up in the back [ increasing their band size ] alternatively of getting a cryptic cup. We want to keep the back thin and little so we can lift the tear. The brassiere dance band is like a bridge — if it ’ mho properly planted at the basis, it can lift. source

#9 – Your breasts should fit perfectly within the cup — not spill out over the top.

If the girls are popping out of the top of your bra, it’s too small ( or it ’ sulfur cut excessively depleted for the size of your breasts ). The worst matter — particularly for full-on-top women, but even for small and medium busted women — is to look like you have a gusty marshmallow sitting above each breast when you ’ re wearing a brassiere. If you do, then go 1 cup size larger .

#10 – Back fat can be eliminated by choosing the right bra.

You don’t have to be a larger woman to have back fat. I had it until I found the right brassiere. Back fat is more obvious when you ’ re wearing the wrong size brassiere. Try going down a band size and up a cup size. You want your brassiere band to fit close and low around the less fleshy part of your rib cage at the base of your female chest lineage .

If you have the dreaded back fatty, you credibly think your brassiere is excessively tight, but you ’ re faulty — your brassiere is excessively large. Wearing the brassiere lower on your back with a smaller dance band size will completely eliminate the back fat. source

How Many Bras Do I Need?

Every woman should own a few unlike brassiere styles and brassiere colors.

The double Divas say that every woman should own at least 7 bras. That way, you can keep them in a rotation and wear the right one with the right kit. I now own 8 bras. And ultimately ( thanks to the tips that I ’ ve spelled out for you above ), they all fit great ! Another helpful tip off I learned is that your bras will last longer if you don’t wash them after every wearing. You actually don ’ t need to wash them until after you ’ ve perspired in them. particularly in the winter months, I sometimes go a long time in between washings. here are the best tips for how to wash bras .

There ’ s no need to wash in between each habit. You can wear a brassiere up to 7 or 8 times before cleaning it. generator

2 Important Tips To Use When Trying On Bras

here are 2 of my own good tips to find a brassiere that fits you perfectly :

First… when trying on bras, wear the tightest, thinnest shirt you own — one that shows every curve and every lump in your body.

For me, it ’ s a solid light skintight jersey that has a batch of give to it. I wouldn ’ thyroxine wear this shirt in public, but I ’ ve held onto it ( from my cheeseparing days ) barely for the determination of trying on bras. If you always wear the same skin-tight shirt when trying on bras, then you’ll be able to compare — apples to apples — and see which bras fit right and which ones don’t. Trust me, you ’ ll see every collocate, dislodge, and bulge this way !

Second… when you find the bra that fits you best, try the next largest band size and the next smallest cup size.

Chances are, that brassiere will fit well excessively ! That ’ south because a brassiere ’ s cup size changes with its band size. It ’ sulfur called the sister size. therefore, as a bonus, you now have 2 different bra sizes to look for when your favorite bra goes on sale! ( Or best of all… when you happen to see one on the clearance rack. ) Having 2 sizes to choose from always increases your odds of finding one on sale. For the record, I found that Olga bras fit me best. I particularly like the Olga Disappearing Act Ultimate Tshirt Bra. It ’ s the best jersey brassiere ! It actually has an underwire, but the brassiere is indeed well made that it ’ second fabulously hard to find the underwire. You can feel all the direction around the cup itself, and scantily tied notice that there ’ s an underwire in there. I love it !

so there you go — with every bra you try on, just use the above tips to find the absolute best fitting bra for you! It took me several brassiere shopping trips to local department stores before I finally got it properly. I always tried the brassiere on in the storehouse first, but still I returned 80 % of those I brought home after trying them on at dwelling while wearing my bra-fitting jersey and using a hand-held mirror to see from all angles how well the brassiere paroxysm. now that I know my on-key brassiere size, I can honestly tell you I have never been happier to wear a bra! seriously. Who in truth likes wearing bras, right ? I do ! ( finally )

When a bra fits you correctly:

  • You’ll like the way it makes your cleavage look.
  • You’ll like the way the bra straps stay in place… all the time!
  • You’ll like the way your clothes look on.
  • You’ll like the way your body looks …less lumpy than it used to when you were wearing the wrong bra.

Women should get by rights fitted in a lingerie shop every 1 to 2 years, particularly if they ’ re on birth master, are fraught or breastfeed, or have lost or gained a significant sum of burden. That much brassiere shopping sounds like torture, but it ’ second deserving it to find the correct one. source

More Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Bra

As I mentioned earlier, I ’ ve been researching brassiere sizes and brassiere match guides for months. In addition to the links I ’ ve shared above, here are a few others that provide the most honest and realistic solutions for bra fitting problems: Like this post? Save it to read again later… or share with others on Pinterest! I like to help people find apt ways to do things that will save time & money — then I write about “ outside the box ” Beauty Tips and Beauty Hacks that most people would n’t think of. With beauty products ( like hair care, skin care, and makeup ) and personal manage items ( like teeth issues, body smell, undergarments, and other topics that very few people enjoy talking about ) … I contribution my own honest firsthand experiences that I think others would appreciate hearing about and find helpful. specially for topics that are normally identical “ individual ” and most people do n’t like to talk about publicly ! When I ‘m not trying newly beauty products and organizing all my “ stuff ”, you ‘ll find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide ( 32 fun & helpful websites ).

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