What’s the difference between US and European bra sizing?

We get it – it can be hard adequate to figure out your chastise brassiere size without throwing international differences into the shuffle. When you find out that a 36DDD/F brassiere in US size is a 36E in the UK, but an 80E in Europe, it ’ randomness easy to get confused ! 😳
here at Lavinia, we aim to make it vitamin a slowly as possible for you to shop for lingerie which is why we convert all of our intimates to US sizing when we place them on the web site. This way you can feel confident ordering your usual size, careless of whether the brassiere was made in the US, the UK or Europe .
We know, however, that it can be confusing when you receive your new regulate only to find that the size differs on the label, so here ’ s a light scout on what you need to know about american vs european brassiere sizes .

European bra sizing vs the US sizing explained 

You may already know this, but what ‘s unique about our lingerie denounce is that we travel thousands of miles to bring you some of the finest european lingerie there is ! We handpick beautiful intimates from dozens of suppliers and stock new collections soon after we meet brands personally after the fashion and trade shows .
Choosing different bras and sizes
now, let ‘s discus international brassiere sizing ! First, the effective news : Your band size number will be the same in both the UK and the US. When it comes to european size, though, it ’ s a different fib. For case, the UK/US band sizes go from 28 to 52 whereas in most european countries it ‘s 60-120. In France, however, they like to do things differently, so the corresponding band sizes are 75-105 rather .
As for cup size, everything is in synchronize up to the letter D — and after that, confusion reigns. A DDD/F in the US corresponds to an E cup in the UK and Europe, which then throws everything else out of alignment. To add to the confusion, the UK doubles up, with FF, GG, and HH, while the US and Europe progress in single letters up the alphabet. The letter I, interim, is used as a cup size in the US, but not in the UK or Europe .
It ‘s easy to see how all this american english volt european brassiere sizing could send your head into a spin. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate panic, though, because we ’ ve done all the hard work for you and converted everything to the US size on every product page !
size chart in cm and inches for 'Darling' bra by Lavinia
What ‘s more, you can find the exact measurements by inches ( or centimeters ) when you ‘ve found the collections you line. When visiting any of our product pages, simply click on Size Chart barely following to the size picker to reveal the individual size scout for that mark or item .
Check out our article on how to buy lingerie on-line at Lavinia if you ‘d like to know more about how to make the most of shop on our web site.

Discover more options with sister sizing

sister sizing guide by Lavinia Have you heard of sister sizing ? It ’ s a cagey means to work out which size to try if your brassiere doesn ’ t quite burst — if you ’ re trying out a modern brand, for case — and you need to move up or downsize while keeping the like cup volume .
indeed, how does it work ? The key is to remember that the cup size ( the letter ) is always related to the band size ( the count ) and that they work in concert. indeed let ’ s say you are wearing a 32C and it feels a short nasty in the band. If you were to plainly size up to a 34C, the band might fit but the cups would be besides big .
To find the cup size equivalent, you need to size down in the cup every time you size up in the set, and frailty versa. So the sister sizes for a 32C are 34B and 30D .
Got it ? To find your sister sizes, look for your brassiere size in the chart above. Your sister sizes will be the ones immediately before and after it, working horizontally. For more size avail with bras adenine well as panties, and early lingerie, visit our adjustment room page .


The differences in sizing among bra types and brands

Before we let you go, we wanted to make a note that if you want to achieve the perfect meet, you should consider two other things in summation to your brassiere size and these are the brand you choose and the type of the brassiere. Why are these crucial, you may ask ? 💭
well, just like shops on the independent street, every brand will do their sizing a short differently, that ‘s why we recommend double-checking the measurements every clock you buy a solicitation from a new brand. More importantly, possibly, is to consider the dash of the brassiere you ‘re purchasing, particularly if the type of fit is wildly different. For exercise, you may need to size up or down when shopping for a spike bralette compared to a deeply plunge brassiere. 😉

That’s it for our sizing guide! ✨

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