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Topic 1: OUR SIZE & FIT

You may find thousands of brassiere fittings guides and information on the internet nowadays. And consequently, we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bother to repeat the same information hera .
Most of bras that you find here are designed with shaping functions to achieve your hope paroxysm, contour and shape. thus, our Size & Fit guide is here to show you the goods and to guide you to find your perfectly fitting functional shaping bras .
We tried not to be besides educational and drawn-out, just enough for you to make the right option. But of course you can stop hera if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to read, good use our “ Get Fitted ” on-line service now and we ’ ll do the rest for you.


Fact 1: It is not kidding. 8 out of every 10 women wear the wrong sized bra. Are you one of them?

Many brassiere experts and researches voiced out this fact but do you know if you ’ re one of the many ? Of naturally, there are many symptoms can be named for you to check. however, we believe that you ’ ll simply know it : “ if you don ’ t find comfortable when you put on a brassiere and don ’ t spirit beneficial, it means it does not fit you. ”

Fact 2: Not Just Size, Style and Cutting are also Important!

The fact that “ a lot of women are wearing wrong sized brassiere ”, is merely partially truthful, as many out there are indeed wearing bras with styles and cuttings fair not suitable for their shapes as well. It may not be a trouble at the beginning, except some discomforts and undesired lookout, but in the long run, migrated fats and unwanted bulges may form, original breasts form may change, and these will disappoint you day by sidereal day .

Fact 3: A Good Fitted Bra Shall Make You Look and Feel Amazing!

No matchless will argue that. But what brassiere makes you feel good ? Of course, it must be beautiful on the appearance, comfortable on the find, and most importantly gives you desired supreme headquarters allied powers europe and contour that you flatter. A good fitted brassiere means it suits you well in size, style and cut. When you put it on, you can see a beautiful contour and shape of your breasts immediately and feel confident and secured having it on .


What is it and how is it different from my everyday bras?

Our functional shape bras powerfully emphasise on the protection, supporting and constancy to form a beautiful shape of the breasts. It requires more consideration on the fabrics use, cutting, body shapes and proportions. It is a utilitarian joyride to give you a smooth and flawless count immediately. You will besides see long term improvement on your shape as it helps to hold, aim and discipline migrated fats and bulges at the back and underarm, back to the right military position .

On appearance

functional shape bras fair look “ bigger ” than convention bras that you see every. It simply covers more of your torso and has the follow features in cosmopolitan :
Wider Back Band with at least 3-4, or even more rows of hooks  – Band strength is our independent concern, hence, for our functional determine bras, a min. of 3 rows of hooks will be provided for better stability and deem .

Higher Side Wings with special designed panel at the underarms  – The Side Wings Panels are specially designed to cover and smooth out the migrate breasts tissues. We have different levels of coverage and lastingness from normal, medium to highly cover .

Thicker Shoulder Straps with stronger elastics  – Our shoulder straps are about 1.5 to 2cm in width made of firm elastics materials for better go around of system of weights of breasts on shoulders and stronger forte .

The use of Power Mesh at the band – The use of office net aims to give better detention and tightening effect on back fats and improve the stability of brassiere. We have different concentration of baron mesh to suit different needs, from light to firm master .

On design cutting

functional shaping brassiere considers more on designing to suit your consistency condition as it aims to contour to your desire shape. Each style is designed to fit particular type ( south ) of body shapes only. It means that you may find particular styles that suit you quite well but others do not .

On fitting

As functional formation bras need to cover more of your body, they are harder to fit. But once fitted by rights, they can :
Concentrate, Lift & Support, Hold & Define the Contour of Your Breasts ; and
Smooth & Direct Migrated Fats and Bulges at Problematic Areas including Underarms and Back, second to the right positions for broad breasts .
You may find these bras are tight and with more coverage when you beginning put on. These give you better control and secure fit but you will placid feel comfortable. You will notice a decorate shape immediately even under clothes .


By adjusting the detail of the functional features together with consideration of accommodating different body shapes in design cut, our bras can have with different levels of concentration, lastingness, coverage and support to suit different women .

Types of Functional Shaping Bra

We provide both wired and wireless bras that can achieve the coveted determine functions .

traditional bras sewn in electrify under the cups to provide stability and defend to your flop as wires are strong and rigid. Our cable determine bras can provide the best formation consequence and supporting affair to your female chest .
Tips : Whenever you choose a wire brassiere, merely those with the right curvature and duration of wires that suit your shape of soundbox and breasts to fit you well. otherwise, you will feel discomfort .

traditional wireless bras are comfortable but on the other hand, the lack of inflexible wires in the brassiere gives less shape and hold to the broke, specially to larger raid. broadly, the tear of womanhood in a wireless brassiere would look more directly on chest .
Our radio shaping bras differentiate from other wireless bras in the market through our tailoring techniques to enhance the stability like that a normal electrify brassiere can provide. Without the constraint of curvature and length of rigid alloy wires exerted on the soundbox, our wireless shape bras are more comfortable and slowly to fit, whilst the formative effect and support on the break can merely be vitamin a full as a wire brassiere .

Can you tell the difference between wired & wireless bras?

Can you tell the remainder between our wire and radio receiver shaping bras ? We bet you can ’ triiodothyronine. Whilst our wired shaping bras can provide the best shapes and digest to your bust, our wireless shaping bras can provide higher degree of comfort along with flattering breasts shape. So whether it is wired or radio receiver does not truly matter anymore. Feel the meet to tell you what to choose !

What are the Benefits of wearing it?

Instant beautification of Breasts Shape and Contour
Smooth out bulges and re-define the contour of early surrounding areas including underarms and back giving a beautiful arch .
Adequate lift and support on your breasts with better stability and secure fit .
Directing migrated breasts tissues back to have a fuller breasts shape that results in real shape improvement and beneficial body maintenance in long term .

Any downside?

functional shape bras look bigger as they need to serve the functions. They may not be american samoa aphrodisiac as normal bras but they are still beautiful. We didn ’ t say you shall not wear normal bras. All we suggest is that you will need assortment of bras ( just like you have many pairs of shoes ), and you can imagine that functional formation bras are barely like the dependable supportive sports shoes in the brassiere world, which can give you proper protection and support to a better supreme headquarters allied powers europe and performance. You plainly will not live without a few in your wardrobe .


We highly recommend you to use our “ Get Fitted ” online fitting serve and we will do the respite. however, the following you should besides know .

Step 1: Get Your Measurements Correctly

It is very common that a womanhood calls her breasts size by brassiere size, i, 34B, 36C, etc. however, remember that this is only the brassiere size for you to shop a brassiere, but not your true breast size. Down to the root, get your update measurements is the most crucial step whenever you want to get a brassiere on-line as your size may change from time to time. so postdate the follow steps to make your measurements correctly before you shop .
Get Yourself Ready
Get ready a playpen, wallpaper and a measure videotape .
Take off your clothes but not your brassiere. It is not easily to measure when you are bare-breasted. then before anything, put on a cable brassiere that you think fit .
Simply follow below guidelines to get the 3 figures .
Measure Your Under-bust
Stand up, then relax your arms and shoulders .
Wrap a tape measure around your ribcage at barely the altitude of your underwire side ( Important ). Remember to keep the tape horizontal and merely tight adequate to avoid tape falling down at the back .
Breathe out and read the measurement, in centimetres ( curium ). Jot it down as “ Figure ( 1 ) ” .
Measure Your Bust
Next, move the videotape up and measure at the altitude of your fullest partially of your bust .
Again, keep the tape horizontal with the tape merely close enough to avoid magnetic tape falling down at the back. At the lapp time avoid squeezing your breasts in the front .
Breathe away and read the measurement, in centimetres ( centimeter ). Jot it down as “ Figure ( 2 ) ” .
Measure your Upper-bust under Armpit
Next, move the tape up until it touches the armpit degree. ( remember to stand arsenic straight as you can ! ! )
Again, keep the magnetic tape horizontal fair tight enough to avoid tape falling down at the back. At the same prison term avoid squeezing your flesh besides much in the movement part of your underarm .
Breathe out and read the measurement, in centimetres ( curium ). Jot it down as “ Figure ( 3 ) ” .
now you have the most crucial figures to determine your brassiere size. Just get your figures together and go to “ Find Your Bra Size ” section below .

Step 2: Find Your Bra Size

Remember! There is no single cosmopolitan sizing graph for brassiere. Although there are widely accepted standards adopted by different manufacturers, there are placid variability across different countries and brands. consequently, whenever you decide to buy a brassiere on-line, you should be well mindful of your latest measurements and then match them with the size chart provided by individual bra-makers. The use of other size chart from other sources is a No-No as it is merely not wise .
Our Bras have the take after characteristics : A-B Cups are from normal to thick padded. Therefore our A-B cups can accommodate women with smaller breasts size. Most hundred Cups and all D Cups or above are thinly lined or non-padded and the sizing meets most international size “ standards ” .
Our Bra Size Charts
How to Use?  From the Figures ( 1 ), ( 2 ) & ( 3 ), you can find your basic brassiere size of Satami .
To find your cup: Simply minus the bust measurement ( Figure 2 ) by the under-bust measurement ( Figure 1 ) and go across “ Cup Size Chart “. You ’ ll find the cup. For exemplar, if your under-bust is 75cm and break is 90cm. The different is 15cm and you will find D cup. In shell you fall on the boundary between two cups, it plainly means both cups may fit you depending on which isthmus you ’ re going to choose .
To find you band: You ’ ll need both the under-bust ( Figure 1 ) and under-the-armpit measurements ( Figure 3 ). Take the same exemplar as above, with under-bust is 75cm and under-the-armpit is 85cm, go across the “ Band Size Chart “ this time to locate your ring, if both your underbust and armpit measurements twilight in the like band, then that is your isthmus. however, in many cases, the under-bust and under-the-armpit measurements may point to different bands. For exercise, if your under-bust is 75cm and break is 90cm as earlier but this time the under-armpit is 87cm, then go cross “ Under-bust ” figure ( 1 ) will give you 34/75 band but “ Under-armpit ” figure ( 3 ) will give you 36/80 band. In this shell, we suggest you to choose the band based on the “ Under-armpit ” figure 3 as this isthmus will normally give you better coverage on the underhand bulges .
For some women, you may find that there will be 2 band sizes suitable for you. No worries, it is normal as it means both bands may besides suit you. Remember the brassiere size ( s ) that you get from the above did not take into report your breasts and body supreme headquarters allied powers europe even to find the perfect fit. That ’ mho why we have the “ Get Fitted ” online fitting service for you so that you do not have to worry about understanding all the logics.

Step 3: Adjusting Your Size between Your Sister Bra Sizes

You should know that the sizes that surround your current brassiere size are called your sister brassiere sizes. Whenever you try on a brassiere of your normal size you find in Steps 1 & 2 unfit, you can cursorily try the baby brassiere sizes that will credibly fit you .
Remember the rules of flick about sister brassiere sizes :
Changing the ring size, will change both the band and cup size .
Changing the cup size will just give you a cup size change .
Normally, to keep your cup size the lapp but want to change the set size only ? If you go up a dance band size, then go down a cup size. If you go down a band size, then go up a cup size. This will keep your cup more or less the like cup volume. Because we classify our bras in more specific details, it is not uncommon to have 2-3 sister brassiere sizes recommended to you at a time .
All women shall be well mindful of the hypothesis of ‘ sister brassiere sizes ” and your own baby brassiere sizes from clock to time. Sister brassiere sizes plainly mean brassiere sizes that are normally equip you depending on the styles that you choose. evening for the lapp brand, a lot of women will find themselves fit a brassiere stylus with 2 brassiere sizes or even 3 brassiere sizes. We call these brassiere sizes are baby brassiere sizes .

Step 4: Know Your Body & Choose Proper Styles

immediately you know how to find you size, however, apart from sizing consideration, you shall besides know your body and shapes in club to find your best fit styles. Or you can just use our “ Get Fitted ” on-line military service for well results .
Classify Your Breasts
Breasts come in many shapes and conditions. however, by means of group of like breast shapes into category, we can design the best fit brassiere for them. We normally describe the breasts in 2 parts :
Part 1: Breasts Shape
We group breast shapes into four common types that suit different brassiere styles :

Petite Athlete – Breasts with less volume but with wide bases. This type of breasts usually fit better with smaller cups but with underwires with larger curvature due to a comparatively wide base.
Perky Point – Breasts with conical shape, perky and projected, usually with narrow bases but full on bottom. This type of breasts is very versatile and can fit most of the bra styles and cups.
Round & Full – Breasts that look spherical shape, normally with wide bases and full on top. This type of breasts usually fit better with larger volume cups and underwires with larger curvature. Too pointy cups are not suitable.
Tear Drop & Splayed – Breasts are “Papaya-like” shape, usually with narrow bases but full on top. This type of breasts usually fit better with larger volume and more coverage cups with underwires of normal curvature.

Part 2: Breasts Separation
The outer space between you breast affects how a brassiere will fit you. You should know which of below is best describing your separation .

Closely located / Touching – Breasts that touch each other or are separated within 1 finger in width. They can be easily pushed together to form cleavage when put on a bra. You should choose bras with “Low & Medium Centre Gore” in the product page.
Separated / Wide Set – Breasts that not touching each other and are separated more than 2-3 fingers in width apart. They can hardly pushed together to form cleavage even put on a contour bra. You should choose bras with “Medium & High Centre Gore” in the product page.

now, you should have enough information and are cook to try our “ Get Fitted ” online fitting servicing :

Step 5: Understand Your Problems

Do you have underarm Bulges/Accessory Breasts?
If yes, you should choose only brassiere with “ Medium & High Underarm Coverage ” in the product page .

Do you have back fats?
If thus, you should choose our products with enhance back coverage and with stronger band persuasiveness, which will help to hold and direct your back adipose tissue for a better silhouette and shape .

Do you have unsymmetrical breasts?
It is o if they are only slightly. But if you find detectable, you shall make proper alteration when fitting a brassiere. As a rule of ovolo, you shall always choose cup size to suit the bigger side of the breasts. The smaller side can be fitted with extra add-on or obliterable embroider .


The Swoop and Scoop

One method acting to confirm that the brassiere is the best fit has been normally named “ the Swoop and Scoop ”. After identifying a well-fitting brassiere, bend forward ( the swoop ), allowing the breasts to fall into the brassiere, filling the cup naturally, and then fastening the brassiere to your comfortable hook, normally the middle hook ( randomness ). When stand up, use the opposition handwriting and beginning from the underhand to run along towards the center panel and place each breast lightly into the cup ( the soap ). then run the index finger along the inside top border of the brassiere cup to make sure breast tissue does n’t spill over the edges. then adjust the shoulder straps to comfortable duration .
A swoop and scoop actually makes a difference. With a beneficial scoop when you put on a brassiere, it helps you to place the migrate breasts tissues rear into the cup and will improve your comprehensiveness in the retentive run .

Check if your bra fits

After the pounce and scoop, you shall besides take a few simple steps to check :
Band – Check the band follows a horizontal line across your torso and is not riding up at the back. You should be able to slide two finders easily underneath the rear set. No deep indenture of band into flesh. When you try to pull the back band outwards, it should not be excess by more than 2 inches .
Straps – Adjust straps to a comfortable duration. No deep indentation of straps on shoulder. No periodic slip off of straps. You should only be able to fit no more than 3 fingers between the shoulder straps and your body. If you can pull the shoulder straps further off from your soundbox, make your straps firm. This should change how your cups fit as you may bulge at the acme of your cup .
Cups – The underwires of the cups should sit flat against your ribcage without any gap. No gap or bulging out over the top, bottom or the sides of the cup .
Underarm Panels – No surfeit bulges exposed at the underarms. It means all migrated breasts tissues are placed in the cups .
Final check – Try to raise your arms above shoulders and see if the brassiere goes up. Try to turn your consistency to see if the brassiere dislocates. If not, you ’ ra good to go .

Quick Fit Solutions

Below are some promptly fit solutions to some common brassiere fitting problems :
Band Fits But Not Cup – Change cup size only .
Cup Fits but not band – Change band size but change cup size on the opposite means. For exemplar, up size a dance band shall down size a cup. Remember the “ Sister Bra Sizes ” theory ! !
Neither Cup or Band Fit – Try to change your band size but keep the cup size. It will actually change the cup size by one size already .
Band Rides Up or Sits too High? – check if ring is besides loose. besides, try to fasten on the close bait ( randomness ). If still loose, decrease set size until it sits horizontally around the body .
Straps Fall off or Digging In – Adjust straps. Check band size is not besides big, straps may slip if besides wide on the shoulders and may dig in if taking on besides much documentation. Just note that the weight of your breast should be on both your brassiere ’ second underbust and straps, NOT precisely on your straps. If you notice the form is on your shoulders your brassiere ’ s underbust is not doing its job, either besides informal or inadequate support !
Bust Spilling over or under the cups or Cup Cuts In – Check cup size is not besides small ? At the same clock time check whether the band size is merely right .
Gapping Cups – Decrease cup size until bust sits smoothly within cup. But if you have anisometric breasts exit, you should choose cup size to match with the bigger slope of your breasts, the smaller side can then be fitted with obliterable padding to fill up gaps .
Wires don’t sit flat against chest, ribcage or under-bust  – Choose another style as it does not suit your breasts shape / body form .
Wires dig in the middle of chest only – Choose bras with moo centre gore position .
Wires dig in the side of cups – Increase cup size or choose another expressive style .
Uneven breasts – Wear a brassiere fitted to the larger breast to avoid cup squeezing the larger breast and pad the smaller slope or shorten its flog to avoid gap .


Want beautiful contour and slimmer outlook instantly for a special occasion? Want instant lift, smooth and beautiful curve whilst keep in shape everyday?
Yes, you can now. We have variety show of Shapewear from light, medium to high compression to suit your motivation. Light and medium compression ones can be worn retentive hours everyday whilst give you a gentle lift, smooth and firmed finish. high compression ones can be worn for your special occasions for maximal fancify bend and tightening effect immediately .

Shaping Tops

Our shaping tops can provide light to medium compression and control to your upper torso and can be worn hanker hours everyday. They are designed to give you a smoothened and firmed waist in a comfortably way .

Shaping Bottoms

We have many shapewear designed for your lower torso, such control panties, girdles, hosieries, with different compression levels and controls. They can give you an blink of an eye hoist, firm and back to your hips and tummies. Some of them are designed to besides trim your thighs for a slender expectation .

Body Suits

For full body control from waist, buttocks to even thighs, we have body suits to slim and trim your overall arch in one start .

Emana® Shapewear

Emana® is a revolutionary framework that makes potential the creation of bioactive apparels able to promote interaction between the fabric and the bark, in order to enhance lineage circulation. Studies have shown that EMANA ® can help to increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of cellulite, delivering a placid and younger skin after 60 days of continuous wear. consequently, we incorporated it in our shapewear purpose in commonly-known debatable areas such as stomach, buttocks and thighs for best results .

We made use of Emana® fabric ’ south advantages and used it in our girdles and control panties designs at areas such as shank, buttock and second joint, which are more prone to bad rake circulation and fatten accumulation. farseeing term improvements on decrease of cellulite and visibly younger and firmer skin will be seen .

Get Correct Measurements for Shapewear

Measure your Waist, Hips and Thighs
When you need to choose a pantie, g-string or shapewear, correctly measure your body is important. There are a few general rules of ovolo :
Mid-Waist – measure your shank at navel level ( where your belly push button is. ) Simply wrap the measuring stick magnetic tape horizontal around your waist gently and read the measurement .
Low-Waist – measure another figure at about 10 centimeters below your navel degree. This will just give you the measurement for by rights choosing low-waist products, such as low-waist panties .
Hips – measure your hips merely by wrapping the measurement tape around the fullest region of your buttock horizontal. Remember not to wrap it besides tight !
Upper Thighs – measure your thigh merely by wrapping the measure tape around the biggest part of your second joint .
Match with Sizing Table for Perfect Fit

Each of our shapewear is designed with different functions. Hence, once you have the correct measurement, simply match with the individual size board for that intersection to find the right size and fit. The individual size mesa is shown in the product page .
If you can not match any size with the measurements, it may means that item may not suit your body shape. Or you can Contact us for help .

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