Dr. Fauci demonstrates how to wear 2 masks correctly on TODAY

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation ‘s leading infectious disease doctor, broke down the exact benefits of double masking following a late reputation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that suggested two masks are better than one. “ The recommendation is not that you have to wear ( two masks ), ” Fauci, head aesculapian adviser to President Joe Biden, told TODAY ‘s Savannah Guthrie on Thursday. “ What the CDC is saying ( is ) at minimal wear a dissemble. ”

According to Fauci, a surgical mask with a fabric mask over it provides a better fit and can minimize escape of aerosols. Areas of the mask specially prone to leakage are below the eyes, under the yack and in front of your ears, Fauci pointed out .Dr. Fauci clarifies CDC double mask guidance Dr. Anthony Fauci demonstrates one of the areas where masks are prone to leakage. today “ That ‘s all ( the CDC is ) saying, ” he added. “ One mask at least, but if you want to actually be surely, get a tight fit with a second dissemble. ” Fauci, who said he ‘s wear two masks from time to time to achieve a better fit, besides recommended that if you ‘re only wearing one dissemble, a “ double-ply type of mask ” is preferred.

research released Wednesday from the CDC found that wearing a surgical mask underneath a fabric mask “ well improved source control and shrink wearer exposure ” to the viral particles that cause COVID-19. It marked the beginning fourth dimension the CDC has released steering on the most effective ways to wear masks, NBC News reported. To come to its conclusion in privilege of two masks, researchers used “ simulated breathing ” experiments and found that a surgical mask by itself blocked 42 % of the “ most authoritative ” particles for transmitting the coronavirus ; a fabric mask by itself blocked 44 %. But using a surgical disguise with a fabric mask over it blocked 83 % of the particles, according to the CDC, and when two people are both wearing two masks, exposure to viral particles is cut by more than 95 %.

Two masks can besides boost security against the COVID-19 variants spreading throughout the U.S., which may be more contagious than other strains, TODAY previously reported. “ Wearing two masks helps improve the filtration ability of the mask in both directions, so it helps protect you better and it helps protect others, ” Linsey Marr, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech, previously told TODAY. “ You want to wear your best possible dissemble, which includes multiple layers, ideally some kind of filter corporeal and a in truth good match, ” she added .

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