Abby’s Ballerina Tie Top + Abby’s Ballerina Skirt Bundle

top :
Abby ‘s Ballerina Tie Top – which has just released in Issue 18 of One Thimble – is a gorgeous addition to any kit ! dress it up for a playfulness outing by pairing it with a skirt ( for example the perfectly complimenting Abby ‘s Ballerina Skirt ), or dress it for casual tire to school, the park and everything in between .
With two ties that flatteringly accentuate the waist, this suit convention is a quick sew for confident Beginners and comes with several sleeve lengths, your choice collar or hood neck in size 12 months – 14 years .
Enjoy the versatility of this top that will take you through ever season with style.

– 1 PDF File containing Abby ‘s Ballerina Skirt Instructions + Abby ‘s Ballerina Skirt Pattern Pieces, professionally computer drafted
– photograph and Illustrations in the Instructions
– Girls ‘ sizes 12 months – 14 years
– long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, culture medium sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless
– Fitted top with two ties around shank
– collar or Cowl choice
The Ladies’ Ballerina Tie Top ( ladies sizes 0 – 22W ) can be found here .
Thank you to Poetic Light Photography for the beautiful photograph ( white top, spread pink dame )
Main double credit :
Miss Edee Designs, photography by Poetic Light Photography
hedge :
Imagine a skirt that can be worn for closely any occasion – that will take you from free-and-easy to elegant and dressy. Abby ‘s Ballerina Skirt provides options that allow you to create a garment that subtly underlines your ensemble or in itself is a indicate plug ! Quickly – and easily !
The instructions evens include an integral page to help you make the most of your framework hoard, because this skirt can be made using virtually any fabrics you have on hand ! We have made it from tulle, perspirer knit, satin, cotton lycra, quilting cotton – even sequined fabric !
This practice will quickly become a go-to blueprint for you ! With it ‘s quick forum and beautiful results you will fill your wardrobe with short skirts, medium skirts and retentive skirts of endless layered possibilities ! You can even pair your leggings with an dialect skirt, or adorn a leotard with a shortstop hedge .
For add drama the pattern comes with two back outdo styles : a regular scoop, and a thick scoop that will drape down lower and even flutter in the wreathe .
Abby ‘s Ballerina Skirt is twirl approved, with a beautiful full form without being excessively revealing.

For ease of assembly, the hedge besides comes in two widths – regular width and supernumerary full width .
besides take a look at the Ladies ‘ Ballerina Skirt for the perfective Mommy + Me look !
Included :
– 1 PDF File containing Abby ‘s Ballerina Skirt Instructions + Abby ‘s Ballerina Skirt Pattern Pieces, professionally calculator drafted
– photograph and Illustrations in the Instructions
– pattern in size 12 months – 14
– 2 skirt widths : regular width, excess fully width
– 2 soap styles : regular, bass scoop
– 4 skirt lengths for neat forward or layered looks : Accent Skirt, Short Skirt, Medium Skirt, Long Skirt
– knit girdle ( use cotton lycra )

Patterns by The Wolf and the Tree may not be re-sold or distributed
beyond the initial purchase .

Garments made using TWT patterns may be sold on-line or in

person, except via bombastic scale commercial production .

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