Good News: Blanket Scarf Season Is (Almost) Here

Is it merely me, or are the seasons no retentive changing according to the calendar ? We ‘ve so far to say adieu to summer, and however my kernel beats for fall. possibly this is because pumpkin spice lattes are already back at Dunkin ‘, or the fact that Bath & Body Works launched its Halloween collection in July. Either room, this October baby is more than ready for perspirer temper and everything that comes with it, from the seasonal sips to all the fall accessories, like beanies and booties and, of course, all the cozy blanket scarves .

Believe it or not, we have Lenny Kravitz to thank for making blanket scarves cool. In the early 2010s, the singer-songerwriter stepped out wearing a massive ( and I mean massive ) brown knit scarf swaddled around his neck and spill over his shoulders. Kravitz masterfully paired the scarf joint with a brown jacket, baggy jeans tucked into a pair of beige boots, and completed the ensemble with his key signature black lensed sunnies and a purple beanie .

How To Wear A Blanket Scarf
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unbeknown to the rockstar, his example would be one of the Internet ‘s beginning on how to wear a blanket scarf. Flash forward to 2021, and the accessory has become a basic component of the fall wardrobe. And while most blanket scarves are n’t deoxyadenosine monophosphate large as Kravitz ‘s life-size dress, the message remains the same : blanket scarves are angstrom stylish as they are functional ; they are both a beginning of heat and an epic statement while .

To find out how to wear a blanket scarf by modern day standards, InStyle reached out to a few stylists to weigh in on the drift below .

Blanket Scarf
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pair With a Maxi Dress for the Perfect Summer-to-Fall Transition Outfit

For Joanna Angeles, a casual maxi dress with a blanket scarf doubling as a shawl is the perfective equip for cool summer nights before the official start to fall .

” This will keep you free from carrying around a bulky jacket, and it wo n’t leave you hanging when you need to keep quick during the changing upwind, ” the head stylist at Tobi tells us. “ Complete the look with a headband, crew socks, and chunky loafers for comfortable chic dress. ”

Make Your Sweatsuit evening More cosy

Whether you ‘re staying home or not, matching sets continue to swerve. If you ‘re looking to elevate an already dressed down look, Angeles tells InStyle broadly draping a blanket scarf joint around your neck is the way to go. And, if you want to take the equip back up a notch without losing the high consolation floor, she adds, “ wear your haircloth in a streamlined bun and atomic pile on the gold jewelry. ”

layer It Over a turtleneck

Fashion hairdresser, Mickey Freeman says that blanket scarf made of starchy fabrics, such as wool, can be loosely envelop circularly around the breast to create an elegant clothe .

” [ These types of across-the-board scarves ] would lie beautifully over a thin turtleneck sweater, ” Freeman explains, adding that tights and plush leather equestrian boots would spectacularly finish off the look .

It Does n’t Have To Be Your merely accessory

Blanket scarves are a statement all their own, but Freeman stresses in his e-mail to InStyle that blanket scarves are an accessory that can besides be accessorized by stacking bracelets or wearing chunky cuffs on the wrists. This way, you can “ achieve overall libra within the look. ”

How To Wear A Blanket Scarf
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focus On Proportions

When it comes to styling blanket scarves, celebrity stylist Tiffany Briseno says she tends to focus on proportions as this particular accessary creates a boldface shape .

” I would keep your attend more structure underneath to balance out the burden of the scarf by wrapping it once around the neck and letting it fall behind one shoulder for an elegant expression, ” Briseno says. “ For a fooling feel, fold the scarf in half and loop topology through once around your neck to keep the framework contained in one plaza. Really it comes down to fair playing about to see what works for you. ”

Make It Preppy

Seeing as how trends of the ’90s and early aughts are coming for 2021, preppy looks are bound to make a cameo. To put a little homework in your step, Angeles suggests pairing a blanket scarf with either a V-neck pullover perspirer or perspirer vest, leather surround, plain tights, and knee eminent boots. “ If you want to make the outfit ultra-preppy, ” she says, “ add a beret and tie the scarf in a french ravel. ”

Take It From Day to Night

To go from work appropriate to cocktail hour, stick with a base equip consist of monochromatic black pieces and a colorful blazer, then make the scarf the star of the kit by tying the ends together behind the neck, Angeles says .

” Finish off the look by adding a miniskirt crossbody purse and total darkness ankle booties that have either a pointed or square toe. ”

Take advantage of contrast

…both texturally and tonally. For case, Freeman recommends scarves with fringe or tasseled edges be worn “ atop a precisely-tailored impinge coat, leather or suede miniskirt, and lug sole fight boots. ” At the lapp time, a lighter neutral color blanket scarf will contrast those dark tones we tend to gravitate towards during the fall season .

” Light neutral blanket scarves in epicurean fabrics, like angora and cashmere, can dress up any equip in benighted hues, be it monochromatic, dichromatic, or printed dark tones, minus the campaign, ” Freeman tells InStyle .

This is Ask the Experts, where our favorite fashion know-it-alls share their wisdom. precisely because you can trust your style instincts does n’t mean you should have to .

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