Four ways to wear: A blazer

If there ‘s one thing our stylists recommend again and again, it ‘s the textured blazer. There are two reasons why : 1. The texture keeps the crown from looking like half a suit, and 2. The textured fabric besides makes the blazer somewhere between casual and smart, which means you can wear one with about any trousers and a assortment of shirts—and to a wide range of occasions .
need proof ? here, Thread stylist Alice Watt shows you how to wear one blazer to four unlike occasions .

1. For a last-minute client meeting

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, jeans and brogues or brogan boots
Why it works:  “ If you normally dress quite casually—but are occasionally called into last-minute meetings—the textured blazer is your best friend. Keep it at your desk and throw it on before you go into a merging ; it makes a shirt and jeans immediately ache casual. ”

Photographed : Gant flannel shirt ( £80 ), Nudie jeans ( £99 )

2. For when you can’t tell if an event is formal or not

Outfit: Blazer, jersey, dinner dress trousers and Derby shoes
Why it works: “ Dress codes are so fluent these days, it can be actually hard to figure out what to wear to certain events. An battle party, for case, sounds like something you ‘d wear a jacket to … but possibly not if it ‘s at a public house. When you ‘re stumped on whether an occasion is ball or casual, this is the perfect combination because the courtly trousers and blazer are smart, but the jersey keeps them from looking excessively besotted. ”
Photographed : research Garments white jersey ( £15 ), Peter Werth navy dinner dress trousers ( £69 ), Grenson oxblood Derby shoes ( £200 )

3. For a “grown-up” party or a nice dinner out

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, chinos and brogues
Why it works: “ First, here ‘s what I mean by ‘grown-up ‘ party : your parents ‘ anniversary do, a dinner for your sister ‘s battle, a garden party with a dress code ( denotative or implied ). You could besides wear this to dinner at a fondness restaurant … and I ‘m not talking Nandos. This outfit is at the smart end of smart-casual dress, so you wo n’t risk being dress down. ”
Photographed : Gant chinos ( £100 ), Gant white shirt ( £80 )

4. For a wedding or special occasion

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, conventional trousers and Derbies

Why it works: “ A blazer with ball trousers is more concern than the common suit—but fair as formal. This combination is peculiarly appealing when you ‘re on the mid-20s marriage circuit and are tired of wearing the lapp courtship to every bridal. ”
Photographed : Gant white shirt ( £85 ), Peter Werth navy ball trousers ( £69 )

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