How to wear A Bralette The Grown Up Way

[ Music ] hawaii everyone it ‘s me Shannon sol today we ‘re doing a fashion television I ‘m going to display you six different ways on how to

dash bralette I ‘ve always had more of an acrobatic construct to me so ever since I was very new I ‘ve been playing sports then I feel like that ‘s decidedly played a role in like my body type I ‘m gon na keep the lapp pair of jeans and shoes on in this video while I do it cuz it ‘s alone gon sodium be like the tops that I ‘m going to show you how to kind of make different with the bralette I besides want to show you before and after pictures of what the mercantile establishment would look like before the briella and after it makes such a big difference you ‘d be surprised I ‘m decidedly gon na start a very large solicitation because I ‘ve fair realized how good they look and I ‘m so glad with them I ‘m gon sodium link some down below if you want to get some of the brassiere lashkar-e-taiba ‘s that I showed in this video recording make surely you check it out therefore we ca n’t win it badly makes a huge difference this video is besides not sponsored but I feel like it should be because I love my bralette but just pointing that out there besides make certain you guys hit the sign button along with the telling bell with following my Instagram so you can see a bunch of the outlets that i pair with these bra let ‘s and yea lashkar-e-taiba ‘s get into it each brassiere one is super unlike so I want to show you what they look like before I put on the kit so this one ‘s from Airy it ‘s so pretty and lacy and it ‘s fair like this cream discolor it actually has built-in pads but with all of the outfits I have a strapless ace bantam brassiere on so merely keep that in mind I like to wear a brassiere with mine I know other people do n’t but I just feel like it gives me a small something else so a fiddling more form as the word I ‘m looking for so here ‘s what it looks like like I said it has built-in pads right here they ‘re pretty bantam but you could wholly go without wearing a brassiere with this and then the back what I like is that it clasps therefore you can tighten it however you want that way it ‘s not excessively unaffixed now besides fast a draw of brassiere let ‘s I feel like do n’t have this sport so I ‘m truly glad that this one does it ‘s superintendent pretty but yeah I ‘m gon na try this on now [ Music ] [ Music ] adjacent Brella is like a bright white coloring material

and it has a draw of lace on it including on the straps and the straps are adjustable but the back is not which is okay because I can even adjust it somehow it has no cup in it and it ‘s from aired [ Music ] this bralla is a full early on one which I very like and particularly the back is so pretty it ‘s like a white cream discolor and then it has no pads nor adjustable straps which is approve because I guess you just have to very find your size and it will work merely like me I ‘m always wearing a strapless brassiere with these particularly if it does n’t have pads in it so that ‘s what it looks like I ‘m gon sodium try it on with this experience how it goes I think it ‘s gon sodium be estimable because this is pretty abject with the v-neck it ‘s pretty boring right now without it so we ‘ll see [ Music ] following for all that is from Victoria confidential pink and it ‘s kind of like a greenish blue semblance a semblance runs through this flannel in truth well so it ‘s just truly womanly and the sides are in truth pretty because the lace comes down to this and besides this does n’t have padding in it but it does have adjustable straps [ Music ] this bash that I actually showed but this one is in black again it ‘s like the floral a print with no pads no adjustable straps but I think it ‘s gon na go in truth good with the exceed that I have on yea and this one is from Airy [ Music ] [ Applause ] [ Music ] the last brawl out that I have hera I showed but fair in a different semblance then this one ‘s like a light blue it is thus beautiful again it has adjustable straps as a clasp in the back which is great and I just actually like this one it ‘s from area I think it ‘s going to go big with this shirt it ‘s gon sodium be my first time trying it on because I equitable got it so we ‘ll see [ Music ] I hope you guys liked this television and it gave you some confidence and tips with these Brawl let ‘s make me feel so confident because I just feel like they ‘re superintendent Lacy reasonably feminine therefore I hope you guys like this lay down indisputable you leave all of your stories about confidence body picture down below is I decidedly like to hear about them like this television if you thought it was helpful

and I should do another one and I will see you in my following video adieu [ Music ]

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