Brown Suit Combinations and Outfits Guide

Brown Suit Combinations and Outfits Guide

man wearing brown suit and red tie

The Go-To Brown Suit Combinations

To some, a brown suit is lumped into the lapp category as fedora ’ s, air pocket watches and suspenders — antique. We ’ d like to voice our dissent. Unlike these relics of bygone fashion eras, brown suits most decidedly deserve a descry in your regular rotation ; therefore long as you ’ re styling them correctly. certain, if you ’ rhenium wearing one that is adenine wide as a 1975 Cadillac Coupe deVille, you might look a little antique. however, that ’ s the case for any suit you choose to wear ; you ’ re not going to look adept unless you nail the suit, and style it like you didn ’ metric ton precisely wake up from a sixty-year coma .
so if you ’ ve ever been hesitant, we ’ ra here to assure you that it ’ s a good move .
disbelieving ? Read on .

Advantages of a Brown Suit

If you already have a united states navy and a gray suit in your wardrobe, you know how practical those colors can be. however, going binding and forth between navy and gray gets previous, fast. Adding a devil-may-care suit like a embrown glen plaid or a rust flannel can be barely the thing you need to elevate your suit game while giving you a host of raw outfit combinations that are incredibly easy to put together.

How to Build Your Brown Suit Outfits

Matching the Colors

three suits side by side comparing combinations
This courtship has the advantage of a relatively neutral hue, which means matching your shirt and is simply done with flannel, most blues, and most pinks being perfective complements. If you ’ d like to kick things up a notch, a blasphemous heather twill or a blue dark blue will add a short more edge to your dash without getting brassy .
If a tie is on the menu, you can work in traditional options like a forest greens silk knit or dark blue silk pucker, or, if you would like to add a sting more zest to your combinations, a united states navy with light gloomy stripes tie pairs well with a pale amobarbital sodium shirt or even a brown tie against a navy gingham broadcloth .
suit on the left and 3 pocket squares beside it
Whether you go with an open collar or a solid affiliation, this become can handle a more colorful air pocket square. You might consider a bright grandfather tartan, a rose garden or one of our city-inspired options to add a little extra quality. good be sure you know the justly way to fold it .
If you need to find pants that pair well with your brown jacket for a solo trip sans the suit ’ s lower half, you have a few comfortable options. first, if you ’ re looking to dress it down, brown blazers look ace with a dark denim. If jeans aren ’ t your thing, you can pair well with classics like khaki cotton, navy saxony or gray saxony dress pants that you likely already have in your armory. Win .

Matching The Season

two brown suit combinations side by side
Let ’ s take it a footfall further and introduce seasonality to your layer game. For an elegant so far youthful look during the cool months, layer in a gray or united states navy cashmere, crew or v-neck sweater. Or, if you ’ re feeling up to the challenge, a navy turtleneck under your embrown jacket is the ultimate expression of casual sophistication ( oh yes, you can wear a turtleneck ).

When warm weather rolls around, you can just swap out the perspirer and dress shirt layers for a solid jersey. Pop in a white linen air pocket square and you ’ ve got options galore year circle .

Matching the Shoes

When it comes to shoes, you have a kind of options. If the occasion allows you to be the king of casual, you can sport an office approved gym shoe or a slip-on chelsea boot, both consummate ways to achieve a fresh, relaxed expect, or, you can slip on a comfortable idler to complete your outfit. If you ’ ra showing off your new expression at the function, or if the situation calls for a bit of formality, you can opt for a more appropriate leather oxford or doubly monk .
three brown shoes side by side to wear
Magnanni Sneakers, Allen Edmonds Oxfords and Dockers Chelsea Boots .

Matching the Shoe Color

now, knowing what type of shoe to wear is one matter ( and, an important thing ), however, what is arguably more significant when it comes to matching your shoes is the color you choose to incorporate.
The simple rule is, for a medium brown, your shoes should be a contrasting shade of embrown. You don ’ thyroxine want the shoes to match the suit excessively close. If the suit is a particularly deeply shade of brown, consider something like a dark cognac or oxblood to create line. And of path, a black oxford university is always another good choice, particularly with a white shirt and black bind.

Master Class

man wearing a brown suit put together
so, nowadays you know how to match colors, pick your shoes accordingly and build your outfit combinations for each season. The alone thing left to do is introduce a embrown lawsuit to your wardrobe, and souse in the compliments — you ’ ve earned them .
Have any other sartorial questions you need answering ? Drop a gossip below, and we ’ ll get back to you ( while wearing a brown suit, probably ) .

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