How To Wear A Cardigan – Read This First

How To Wear A Cardigan

The quintessential cardigan is more than just a closet staple. To some, it ’ s a form of the holidays, a consolation blanket in the midst of winter, or a symbol of hand-knitted love .
I, for one, own besides many, as I view the cardigan as all of the above. Whether you view it as a bathetic garment or a commodity, we can all agree on one thing : its timelessness is unmatched .
From the ‘ 90s-inspired crop tops from Euphoria to the cozy white cable knits that Taylor Swift adores, this wardrobe basic is found in various core aesthetics. With that in heed, you ’ re probably wondering how to wear a cardigan.

I ’ thousand here to supply some muchneeded outfit inspo. Coming up, I ’ ll be sure to cover a majority of fashion trends within this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ article. I ’ ll besides touch upon a few style topics, such as :

  • How to wear a cardigan men 
  • How to wear a cardigan without looking old 
  • How to wear a long cardigan 
  • How to wear a cropped cardigan 
  • How to wear a cardigan women 

What Is A Cardigan?

How To Wear A Cardigan A cardigan is typically a knitted sweater with a button-down front .
Worn like a jacket, this garment traditionally comes with long sleeves and a slack match. It ’ s worth noting that the stream fashion scene has re-interpreted the standard cardigan in unlike ways .
Take, for example, the Le Cardigan from Jacquemus. It distillery features the classical shape of the dress slice, but it comes with a dunk neckline and a bantam front strap for add security .
In terms of the fabric itself, cardigans are normally made out of wool, cashmere, acrylic, and cotton. The silhouette depends heavily on texture, as trendsetters can choose between bulky or thinly-woven knits .

History Of Cardigans

How To Wear A Cardigan Despite its association with bum $20 knits you can find at fast manner retailers, the origin narrative of the cardigan is a fib of sophistication, ostentation, and early british menswear .
The narrative starts with a boyfriend named Lieutenant General Brudenell—or, as he was most excellently known, the Seventh Earl of Cardigan .
Arrogant in demeanor and expressive style, Brudenell reportedly spent thousands of pounds on fashionable uniforms. One of his iconic garments was a bespoke vest, which was soon mass-produced in factories given its affiliation with british patriotism .
The cardigan continued to rise in popularity thanks to Coco Chanel. responsible for creating luxury perfumes and coining the condition ‘ LBD, ’ she was one of the inaugural designers to reinvent this wardrobe basic .
At the meter, Chanel began designing menswear-inspired pieces, as her interpretation of cardigans came dripped with ribbons, buttons, and other sparkling embellishments .
Over the years, countless people came to adopt the cardigan as a timeless closet staple .
Worn by the likes of Jayne Mansfield, Cameron Diaz, and humorously, Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire, cardigans continue to be highly regarded for their casual and sophisticated nature .

When To Wear A Cardigan

How To Wear A Cardigan Cardigans are typically wear during the cool seasons. Considered a must-have in the drop and winter, this dress is usually paired with other warm clothes such as turtlenecks and trousers .
They ’ re considered a part of casualwear, given that most designs feature a relax silhouette. That said, ball cardigans do exist, as they ’ re normally worn in the office .
broadly paired with a collared-tee and a tie, they ’ ra regarded as a more casual alternative to blazers .

How To Wear A Cardigan

How To Wear A Cardigan
Cardigans can be worn with several different outfits. If you routinely find inspiration on social media, you ’ ll be glad to know that TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram are full of celebrated ideas .
Of course, the thousand-some survival of trendy ensembles is quite overwhelming to sift through, which is why I thought to tackle some styling queries such as :

  • How to wear a cardigan sweater 
  • How to wear a cardigan with a dress 
  • How to wear a kimono cardigan 
  • How to wear a duster cardigan

Without foster bustle, this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ vogue usher will showcase some chic outfits that are worth a try .

11 Outfit Ideas With A Cardigan

How To Wear A Cardigan manage for a slight movie reference ? If you vibe with the vintage fashion shown in Howl ’ s Moving Castle, this outfit is sure to light the Calcifier in you. The tap and blasphemous checkered cardigan is a direct copy of what Howl wore in the film .
Complemented with a bootleg skater dress and a match of pink Converse shoes, it ’ south considered a more modern take on the iconic ensemble .

Flick references digression, this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ rival exudes a charm ‘ grandma ’ vibration that hand-knit garments often do .
How To Wear A Cardigan Cold winter nights call for a cozy seance of crocheting while drinking hot chocolate. If you ’ re up for a project, this cunning cropped cardigan is the perfect way to pass the time. Dyed in turquoise, greens, orange, and yellow, it features a series of horizontal stripes .
Of course, this outfit international relations and security network ’ t the most winter-friendly, given the white tank top and blue jeans, but the cardigan itself is decidedly something to look forward to in the winter .
As an extra accessory, in this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ guide, I recommend crocheting a bucket hat for some extra style points .
How To Wear A Cardigan Given that Coco Chanel was one of the first to popularize this garment, it would be a miss opportunity to exclude an case within this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ article .

This formal button-up cardigan features a blank tweed exterior, ribbon trimmings, and pearl fasteners for a allude of sophism .
Paired with a flattering midi skirt, this elegant OOTD is ready for good afternoon tea or authoritative meetings. unfortunately, I couldn ’ thyroxine find the accurate design on the brand ’ s web site, but you should know that a standard Chanel cardigan retails for a goodly $2,000+ .
How To Wear A Cardigan Cardigans aren ’ triiodothyronine simply a wardrobe basic—they ’ rhenium besides a state of mind. After all, nothing screams ‘ hot cocoa on a cold winter ’ s day ’ than a cosy cable-knit perspirer. Case in steer, this homelike OOTD is ideal for getting toasty .
Composed of a beige duster, a halterneck top, tweed pants, and a embrown crossbody bag, it ’ sulfur considered the perfect balance wheel between chic and comfortable .
however, the trousers are a piece besides ball for everyday wear, which is why this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ guide suggests swapping them out for tailored joggers rather .
How To Wear A Cardigan
If you ’ re not fond of chunky cable knits, you ’ ll be beaming to know that kimonoinspired cardigans exist. Breathable in blueprint, this cover-up provides wearers with more movement and flexibility on hot and humid days .
This is partially thanks to its material composition, as the numeral is credibly made out of cotton or linen. For those looking to beat the summer hotness, this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ guide suggests a match laid composed of a bralette and drawstring pants .
How To Wear A Cardigan Speaking of designer knits, how does a $2,000+ Dior cardigan sound ? This chic outfit features a purple cable-knit cardigan, a gold-trimmed button-up shirt, blue jeans, and a fashionable white bag to match. In invest of buttons, a collar pin is used the plug the perspirer.

It ’ second decidedly a boldface OOTD to consider, given its discolor palette, which is why this ‘ how to wear a cardigan template recommends saving this look for special occasions. For shoes, you can never go wrong with a traditional copulate of oxfords .
How To Wear A Cardigan If you ’ re not affectionate of the bulky silhouette that many cardigans have, this runway search transforms the traditional granny knot pucker into something more formal .

Tailored in fit, this button-up cardigan is further complemented with a matching coat, a salt and pepper sweater, grey trousers, and an animal-skin bag for a equal of course .
This ensemble has a more relaxed shape, which is great for those who hate stiffly blazers and collared shirts. Plus, if you ’ re not keen on wearing office shoes, you can always opt for sneakers alternatively .
How To Wear A Cardigan After close inspection, I ’ ve last deduced that the grid-line shirt international relations and security network ’ t actually a freestanding lead but a part of the cardigan itself. This unique zip-up offers an optical illusion, as it features a greenish blue off-cut with an entirely different practice on the bottom .
Since this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ rival is quite bold, wearing a simple pair of jeans can help mellow out the loudness of this look. besides, feel exempt to wear any match garments, such as a cream turtleneck or some vintage glasses .
How To Wear A Cardigan This is the type of look that manner students wear when they ’ re ‘ not trying. ’ Outfitted with a grey cardigan, corduroy pants, Air Jordans, and a match green baseball cap, this OOTD is considered the perfect mix of ‘ skater boy ’ and light academia .

In my opinion, the expresso-stained satchel completes the whole ensemble, as it helps marry the crown and trousers together. The white embellishment on the cardigan is a courteous touch as well .
How To Wear A Cardigan Considered one of the simplest fits in this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ vogue lead, this OOTD makes the greenish blue cable-knit the statement piece of the stallion attend .
The black cargo pants and tee are a must, as they help mellow out the bright tones of the button-up cardigan. In terms of extra accessories, a ex post facto bucket hat, a crossbody bag, and a pair of blank sneakers can do wonders by freshening up this outfit .
How To Wear A Cardigan Trippy in aesthetic, wear ’ t be surprised if you end up with a headache after viewing this unique cardigan. The psychedelic nature of the checked print is slightly reminiscent of ocular illusions and late ‘ 60s rock bands .
The white tee paired with blue jeans helps tone down the unfamiliarity of this OOTD—considering that they ’ re free of capricious colors and shapes. Care for some extra accessories ? If so, this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ review suggests Doc Martens and a simple crossbody bulge .

What Type Of Cardigans Can You Get?

How To Wear A Cardigan
Over the years, this coveted dress has been transformed and restyled to meet the demands of diverse core aesthetics and dress brands .
If you can ’ t be bothered to sift through every purpose, this ‘ how to wear a cardigan ’ template will discuss some trendy looks worth considering .

  • The granny knit: Crochet, English knitting, or good ol’ continental stitching are popular examples of this unique style. Basically, it should exude a kitschy charm due to its handmade nature. 
  • The Y2K crop: Popularized by the likes of Jacquemus and Euphoria, this flirty cardigan is designed to look more revealing. 
  • The oversized button-up: Ideal for the cold season, this type of cardigan can help you get all warm and toasty during winter and fall. 
  • The long duster: If you love the look of trench coats but prefer a more breathable version, a long duster cardigan can do just the trick.  

How To Choose The Best Cardigans

How To Wear A Cardigan It ’ second relatively easy to find a brassy cardigan on-line. Despite its affordability and appliance, I don ’ triiodothyronine recommend opting for the fast fashion approach. These bargain cable knits are frequently thin, ailing constructed, and promptly go out of vogue .
If you intend on keeping your cardigan for years to come, it ’ south time to become a creditworthy shopper. This involves considering four keystone things before hitting the confirmation out : material quality, design, practicality, and price .
High-quality cardigans are typically made out of wool, cotton, acrylic, and kashmir. It ’ s potential to find a dress that offers a dual blend to ensure tractability and ease. Known for their lastingness, motion, and breathability, you shouldn ’ t have to worry about piling and holes anytime soon .

choice besides relates to the construction of the cardigan itself, as buttons, clean hemlines, and finished seams are besides a signal of a well-made garment .
In terms of practicality, you can rest assured that most cardigans are quite functional in design .
That said, it ’ second silent a valid point to consider if you can ’ t choose between an extremely long dustcloth or a superintendent cropped cable-knit. The design besides plays a big character, as it ’ sulfur best to choose a style that aligns with your current wardrobe .
Price-wise, I advise trendsetters to work within a $20 to $100 budget. There are hundreds of well-made, low-cost cardigans on the market, so you don ’ t have to worry about opting for designer brands anytime soon .

How To Style Cardigans

How To Wear A Cardigan Thanks to its eternity, there ’ s truly no incorrectly way to style a cardigan—but I ’ ll scram into that in a belated segment. Due to its simple silhouette, it goes with dozens of core aesthetics .

You might even be surprised by the total of outfits this particular garment blends with. For those in motivation of extra specifics, I ’ ll contribution some styling tips for trendsetters to use .

  • Jeans: Considered the go-to pants for many trendsetters, denim is viewed as the safest option when it comes to outfit coordination. 
  • Sweaters: This includes crewnecks, turtlenecks, and other popular knitwear. If you’re still in the midst of winter, layering up can help you keep warm. 
  • The oversized knit: Emblematic of the Ariana Grande silhouette, this styling tip can help you look more demure and small. 
  • Boots and sneakers: These two shoes are commonly worn with cardigans. Feel free to experiment with different designs and brands. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Cardigans

How To Wear A Cardigan If Coco Chanel was silent alert, I ’ megabyte 100 % sure that she would be the one to call the shots regarding cardigan do ’ south and don ’ metric ton. But for now, I ’ ll be sure to discuss some fashion faux pascal related to this iconic dress .

  • Flip flops: Summer thongs and slides clash with the cozy nature of cardigans. As previously mentioned, boots and sneakers are the way forward. 
  • Bulky tops: Excessive gathering, puffy sleeves, and ruffles can interfere with the silhouette of the cardigan. I recommend opting for fitted tops as a better alternative. 
  • Formalwear: This mainly includes tuxes and extravagant evening dresses. Trust me, you’re better off wearing a blazer. 
  • The itchy grandma knit: There are a few handmade knits that are devoid of kitschy charm. This is especially true for abrasive wool button-ups.  

How To Take Care Of Cardigans

How To Wear A Cardigan Like any beloved cupboard staple, cardigans besides require some routine TLC. Before you chuck your button-up in your weekly wash, it ’ s best to double-check the laundry tag. Some garments require dry cleanse or manual of arms cleanse to help preserve their timbre .
If it ’ randomness machine-friendly, I recommend using cold water with gentle detergent to prevent semblance bleed. Hot urine coupled with abrasive solutions like bleach may result in attenuation .
Since most cardigans are made out of loose-woven material, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suggest tossing them in the dry. rather, it ’ sulfur best to line-dry your button-up to help maintain its silhouette .
Ironing is typically not needed for cardigans, but there is such a thing as rolled knits. In that casing, I suggest opting for the ‘ heavy ledger on exceed of wet framework method acting ’ as a feasible solution .

Best Places To Buy Cardigans

How To Wear A Cardigan In the market for an outsize dust storm ? If not, how about a breathable summer kimono ? Whatever design you ’ re into, here are some shops I recommend checking out :

  • Khaite 
  • Everlane 
  • Gentle 
  • Naked Cashmere 

Final Thoughts

How To Wear A Cardigan If styled right field, cardigans can act as the ‘ pièce de résistance ’ of your outfit. They can do wonders by exuding a common sense of heat, coziness, and friendliness .
Of course, this may not apply to some choose designs—especially those popular during the early 2000s. however, these cable-knit button-ups are undoubtedly timeless, no matter what aesthetic you subscribe to .
After reading this scout and viewing the outfits I ’ ve featured, here ’ second to hoping that you know how to wear a cardigan .
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