Everyone Loves a Circle Scarf for Travel – Find Out Why

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It seems that all women love to wear scarves when they travel. They ’ ra fashionable, packable, and oh-so versatile. Find out why a r-2 scarf is one of the most popular styles !

Why Circle Scarves Are Awesome for Travelers

Written by : Eileen Cotter

With a stinkeye, I ’ ll frequently look over at my seatmate with the fancy plane pillow and cashmere blanket touch straight envy. But then I remember I ’ m off for two weeks to London and in no way want to drag all that gear through Heathrow ! But I ’ ve found a charming item that can help comfort during travels and double as a manner argument. It can take up no quad in your transport on and probably is in your closet right now .
The solution, my loves, is a set scarf ( besides called an eternity scarf ) .

Fringe Infinity Scarf

These bang-up things are like regular scarves but form a free circle rather. They can come light in fabrics such as cotton, or thick like wool .
The best part is the scarf can be worn anywhere at anytime. You won ’ triiodothyronine look farcical wearing it around your neck while walking through security, and you don ’ t have to make space for it late in your carry-on either. Anything you can carry easily on your person for multiple uses is perfect for quad save and looking great excessively !
For it to be virtual, pick one that has wide panels, few knitted holes, colors that fit your casual style and a good distance .

animal Print Infinity Scarf

Ways to rock a circle scarf

  • Snuggle your face into a tightly wrapped infinity scarf to avoid germs on planes and smog in cities
  • Bunch it up to create an instant pillow or face mask to block out light
  • Loosely drape it as a shawl for evenings out
  • Wrap it around your waist to add a colorful pop to a plain skirt or pants
  • Cover your hair and head to combat drizzly weather and breezes
  • Pair with an elastic hair tie for a fun head wrap to add fashion or dressing modestly in conservative countries

Waypoint Infinity Scarf

More Benefits of Using Circle Scarves

  • A circle scarf can double up as a hat and even act as gloves so you can quickly warm up your hands
  • It’s easy to use a bold or printed scarf to breathe life into a neutral wardrobe
  • Think you don’t need a scarf in hot climates? I was so thankful I had one when in Aruba, as the wind whipped through during our beach dinners and a nice scarf/shawl was exactly what I needed

Calvin Klein Leopard Infinity Scarf

What to pack?

The easiest route is to wear the scarf at all times, but feel dislodge to loop it around your carry-on handle or purse. Don ’ t worry about wrinkles either – the crinkled expect is bare to pull off and won ’ thymine spirit dowdy .
You can grab a excess scarf for a longer stumble besides. Having one warm and one cold weather circle scarf for the travel is ideal .

My cousin may have nicked my favorite scarf for traveling (I’m looking at you, Erin!) but that just gives me the excuse to seek out a new staple to my traveling wardrobe.  Have any suggestions?
Do you love traveling with a circle scarf? Share and comment below!

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Author Bio : never one to say no to an venture, Eileen Cotter has built a career as a full-time mercenary travel writer, media adviser and blogger. She presently roams between Boston, MA and London, UK, while maintaining her alternate family travel locate PureWander.com and CrookedFlight.com for adventurous female travelers. Her favored position to go is southern Spain and she has a actually hard time turning down a complimentary toast .

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