Wearing a durag with your dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are one of the best protective styles ( if you are considering a long-run solution ). The fact that hair experiences minimal manipulation is the absolute highlight of this style. however, dreads can be damaged specially when you sleep. This is because when you sleep, the flip and turn may pull, tag and even break off if you sleep on it ill .
For nowadays, let ’ s discourse easy solutions to keep your dreads protected at all times .
Can you wear a durag for dreads?

Yes. Most decidedly. Durags are good suited for dreads between the short to medium length. This is significant because it ( durag ) helps lay the dreads however you want it without having any queerly shape locs. It is the better option between a hood and a durag .

Why should you wear a durag for dreads?
The independent cause has to be protection. This is protection from elements and constantly manipulating your dreads. The more you touch your dreads, the dry they become leading to problems like breakage, thinning and regressing of the hairline .
It besides helps lay the roots better as they grow out keeping the hair less crisp and clean .
How to wear a durag with your dreads?

How to wear/tie/put on a durag for dreads.
Tying a durag for dreads is not complicated. Lay the durag adenine flat as potential on your dreads with the middle binding being dead center of your head. Use the two english flaps to overlap the ‘ tail ’ of the durag, criss-cross at the back and draw a basic ravel. Adjust the front make certain it is ampere low as potential .
Throw either side to the presence of the head make sure that they are as flatcar and equally straight as potential. Take both flaps on opposite direction conjoining them at the back and tie it down securely. Adjust the tail and the presence and you are commodity to go. Just make sure it is not besides close or excessively loose .
What durags are best suited for dreads?
For dreadlocks, the best durags to use are the velvet ones. This is because they have the bag to hold your dreadlocks down. They besides have better compression than silk durags making them best suited for dreadlocks .


Although durags are not conventional for everyone to wear them outdoor, they are a big solution if you work in dusty areas as they will protect your dreads against soil, debris and lint that gets lodged in. however, if the mind is to keep hair moisturised for longer, a satin hood is your solution. A silk durag may besides be advisable and if are more adventurous, have the durag in velvet but lined in silk .
ultimately, remember to change up the way you vogue your dreads. Change where you partition from prison term to meter to avoid problems like grip alopecia. Be careful not to make the knots excessively tight specially at the front or the nape of your neck as it will suffocate the hair around that sphere, thinning it out and causing damage to your hairline .
Can you wear a durag with your dreads?

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