What to Wear With a Green Dress – Green Dress Outfits Ideas!

What to Wear With a Green Dress
Despite not being one of the most democratic colors, green is very flattering on all types of people and, in accession, it is ideal to wear for both conventional events and even casual daily outings. Although it is a colored coloring material, there are many shades that combine well with it. In this oneHOWTO article we ‘re going to explain what to wear with a green dress. Keep reading to learn how to style your green full-dress !

Shoes for a formal occasion

In addition to being trendy, fleeceable allows you to play with a nice range of colors to create the most suitable looks for every occasion. however, depending on the type of dress it is ( straight cut, asymmetrical, shirt, miniskirt, etc. ) it will be better to combine with one type of horseshoe or another. Let ‘s start with how to wear a green dress with high heels :

Heeled sandals

Whatever your dress may be, if you want to wear it for a special event ( baptisms, communions, weddings, parties, etc. ) it is best to resort to high-heeled sandals to complete your expect. This character of brake shoe is elegant and identical versatile, and will undoubtedly bring out your most feminine side. Black, silver or copper sandals are the best for this occasion .

Platform shoes

Wedges and platforms are a identical beneficial option, because in addition to creating an elegant and fresh combination, they are a more comfortable and practical option than the previous matchless. We recommend betting on simple platforms that are not the center of attention of the stallion outfit, since the interesting component is the dress. Although you can wear platforms with any green dress, we recommend avoiding them if the dress is very short as it looks best with long dresses .

Peep toes nude

If you consider yourself circumspect, the best way to wear a park dress is with nude tones. In this way, you will achieve that the main focus is your trim and that your legs appear more elongate, adding a few more centimeters to your figure. These shoes are perfect for short dresses, for cocktail outfits or even for office looks. They do not fail !

Black, gold or silver t-strap shoes

green and amber or silver ? Both are great combinations ! These two options are ideal if you want to go to a celebration or a party with an attractive and sophisticated look that makes the tinge of your dress stand out more. however, we can not forget that black is still the best color when it comes to combining greens, since it achieves a sophisticated, mature and elegant look better than any other color combination .
What to Wear With a Green Dress - Shoes for a formal occasion

Shoes for a casual outfit

now let ‘s take a spirit at what to wear with a green dress for a causal outfit :


Boots and ankle boots are undoubtedly a bang-up manner to combine your green dresses for a casual outfit. If the dress is a similar to a shirt, for exemplar, do n’t hesitate to go for some cowboy boots. If it is a tight and shorter snip, brown or black boots, or even gamey boots, will be a very casual and singular look. We ‘ll show you some outfits below to inspire you !

Flat sandal

flat sandals are a basic that can not be missing in your summer wardrobe. In addition to being comfortable, they are an excellent choice to wear with your favorite green dress when the temperatures begin to rise. If the dress is a blouse or shirt dress, flats or sandals can be your best ally, since you will not need more than a copulate of accessories to complete the spirit .

Sports shoes

Combining a dress with sneakers is the latest vogue. so, why not do it with a green dress ? In this encase, we encourage you to try it out with white or black sneakers as they are a condom color combination and will help you create an informal and comfortable look for any occasion. We besides encourage you to check out our article about how to match bags with shoes.

What to Wear With a Green Dress - Shoes for a casual outfit

Color combination for a green dress

If you want to be a little more creative when choosing what to wear with your green dress, you may want to pay more attention to the color combination of green. When wearing a fleeceable dress or a green outfit, you can wear shoes of the follow colors :

  • Black, white, gray
  • Silver or gold
  • Oranges or yellow hues
  • Brown, cream or nude
  • Bold purple
  • Bright pink or yellow

If you want to be a fiddling more bluff, decidedly experiment with other bright colors, such as pink, imperial or chicken. Take a count at the outfits below for inspiration ! And, if you love wearing boldface colors, you may besides be concerned in this other article about what to wear with yellow shoes.
What to Wear With a Green Dress - Color combination for a green dress

Accessories for a green dress

When choosing accessories to wear with a green dress you ‘ll have plenty of choices. however, since park is such a strike and unusual color, we have to be careful when choosing footwear and accessories, because we do not want anything to go against the tinge of the dress. here are our tips for choosing how to accessorize a k snip :

When in doubt, opt for black accessories

Black and green are great allies, so choosing accessories in this color will give you an elegant and sophisticate search. It is not the most original combination, however, if you prefer not to risk it, it is best to bet on a black bulge, shoes and belt, especially to create a casual look .

Gold and silver jewellery for more finesse

If, on the contrary, you want an elegant equip for a formal event, go for ash grey or amber accessories. With that being said, you should not overload the equip with a fortune of amber or argent. Keep it simple and elegant. You can besides opt for a bag of a exchangeable tone then all your accessories align .

Go for nude accessories for a sweet look

Nude tones are a classical when choosing what to wear with a green dress, specially when choosing high heels. however, to make the equip sweet, we advise you to add some more colorful accessories in other nude shades. Go for a nude headband, a light brown pocket or rose gold earrings .

Bold colors with green

If you love a boldface outfit, choose for another bright color when choosing what accessories to wear. Bright pinko, yellow or purple will go big with green. Have a look below to see how these women styled their green attire kit .
What to Wear With a Green Dress - Accessories for a green dress

Nail color for a green dress

Wearing well-painted nails is not entirely a matter of elegance and sophism, but it is a must when creating an elegant equip. This little detail will truly elevate your attend, whether it is fooling or courtly. Wondering what is the best nail color for your green dress. here are our suggestions :

Shiny nail polish

Adding glitter to your nails can be a great choice to combine with your bottle green dress, particularly for large events, whether day or nox, for casual or elegant looks. To achieve this, try a diaphanous nail polish as the first coat and add shine to the second. It is a simple and natural option that will be perfect. Remember that metallics ( silver and amber ) combine perfectly with this color .

Green nails

Another identical good ( and classical ) option is to combine your nails directly with the coloring material of your attire. In this casing, green nails will help you maintain the harmony of your outfit. Simply make surely the color is the lapp as your dress. If you ‘re new to painting your nails, we recommend you read our article about slowly nail down art for beginners .

French manicure

This classical never fails, however, if you prefer a slightly riskier choice, you can constantly try a renewed french manicure by adding sparkles or some decoration to make it stand out more. This style can never fail !

What to Wear With a Green Dress - Nail color for a green dress
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