Five ways to wear: A textured blazer

We ‘ve extolled the merits of textured blazers before, but to remind you, here ‘s the kernel : these are the best of all the blazers, because they do n’t look like half a suit. “ We ‘ve all seen guys wearing courtship jackets with jeans, which is never a dear look, ” says Thread consort stylist Alexander McCalla. “ That ocular is one of the things that makes blazers more intimidating than they should be. ”
If you go for a textured blazer, however, it ‘ll work ampere well over a jersey as it will with a ball shirt and connect. And in styling this, we went for grey because it goes with every early color, including dark grey. Navy blazers, on the other hand, can look a morsel odd with blue trousers, including anil jeans .
Below, Alexander explains when ( and why ) a range of textured-blazer-centric outfits work well .

1. When you’re keen to wear colour

Outfit: Grey textured blazer with a green jumper, polo shirt or jersey

Why this works: “ Before you even think it, we ‘re not advocating wearing all of the k clothes hera at once ! The point is that gray goes with every other color, and textured blazers are peculiarly comfortable to match with colored jumpers or t-shirts. here ‘s why : whereas befit jackets are flat and solid-colored, which makes them contrast starkly with bleached clothes, textured blazers ‘ mottled tinge and dimensionality keep the line from jarring. ”
Photographed : Oliver Spencer grey blazer ( £349 ), Whistles perspirer ( £75 ), Polo Ralph Lauren perspiration ( £99 ), Whistles khaki polo ( £45 ), YMC flare tee ( £70 ), Rag & Bone khaki tee ( £65 ), Gant green connect ( £50 )

2. When you’re sick of your suit

Outfit: Grey textured blazer, white shirt, knitted tie, black chino, black leather brogues
Why this works: “ Whether you ‘re going to a marriage, a job interview or barely the office, this combination is a dainty break in from your usual lawsuit. It takes more think than just throwing on your suit, and that shows. It besides ticks all the boxes your befit does—jacket, ache trousers, courtly shirt, tie and lace-up shoes—but it ‘s a pass more relaxed because each while is more fooling, even the nonshiny tie. Going for black shoes over embrown makes this much sharp. ”
Photographed : Oliver Spencer grey blazer ( £349 ), Mr Start white shirt ( £110 ), Gant green tie ( £50 ), Jigsaw grey trousers ( £109 )

3. When the dress code’s smart casual

Outfit: Grey textured blazer, white Oxford shirt, dark blue chino, leather boots
Why this works: “ As a rule, textured fabrics are more relax than glistening materials. therefore if you ‘re going for a stylus between fresh and casual, the textured blazer is constantly your best bet. This kit would look good at a relax meet, a nice party ( such as a christening or battle party ) or a dinner date. And it would besides work well if you swapped the chino for jeans. ”

Photographed : Oliver Spencer grey blazer ( £349 ), Norse Projects dark blue chinos ( £100 ), Gitman white Oxford shirt ( £145 )

4. When the dress code’s smart casual—but you want to break the mould

Outfit: Grey textured blazer, navy vest, white shirt, gray knitted connect, united states navy chinos
Why this works: “ Add a vest ! It has the electric potential to make your smart-casual clothes sharper and more stylish. Just make certain your vest ‘s textured, besides ( unfortunately you ca n’t just use your become ‘s vest ) and in a different color from your blazer. ”
Photographed : Oliver Spencer grey blazer ( £349 ), Oliver Spencer navy vest ( £179 ), Mr Start white shirt ( £110 ), Gant greens tie ( £50 ), Norse Projects navy chinos ( £100 )

5. When you might need to look sharper at the last minute

Outfit: Grey textured blazer, chambray shirt, dark blue chino, brogan boots
Why this works: ” A blazer like this one is the best kind to have hanging in your agency in lawsuit a node converge or a courteous dinner go steady pops up. even if you ‘re dressed quite casually—in jeans or chinos and a chambray shirt—you can smarten up fair by throwing the blazer on top. Make certain you ‘re wearing leather shoes, anything from boots like the ones here to sleek, minimal trainers. ”

Photographed : Oliver Spencer grey blazer ( £349 ), Oliver Spencer chambray shirt ( £99 ), Norse Projects navy chinos ( £100 )

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