Tie It Up and Dry It Up: Check Out This Hair Turban Tutorial

Tying your hair in a pillbox is a great way to make it dry faster. Check out this haircloth turban tutorial for a mistreat by gradation guide for tying a good pillbox.

On modal, american english women spend 6 days a year doing their hair. Plus, they spend round 1.5 hours a workweek on blowdrying .
Are you one of these women ? then surely you have better things to do with your time.

One direction to make better habit of your clock is to use a hair turban. This allows you to not only dry your hair’s-breadth faster but to besides multitask better .
Are you matter to in using a hair pillbox but have no clue how to use one ? then no worries ! Keep reading, as we ‘ll give you a helpful hair pillbox tutorial so you can tie up your hair in assurance .

About Hair Turbans

You may be thinking : why should I use hair turbans when I already have a shower towel to use ?
well, for one, do you find your neck in trouble whenever you wrap your hair up after your shower ? The large, heavy towel can put unnecessary form on your neck and shoulders .
besides, because it does n’t have any rubber band parts to it, your shower towel may finally slip down over your frontal bone and eyes. This can make it extremely annoying when you ‘re doing your skin care act or putting makeup on. Having to continuously fix and redo your towel can be a real pain .
last, hair turbans are made particularly for drying your hair promptly. regular shower towels may have good wicking abilities, but they ‘re not fantastic for wet hair. Hair turbans are normally made with microfibers so it can cut your drying time significantly .
Because of all these bang-up features, hair turbans are big for both adults and children alike ! Plus, with all the stimulate colors and designs, it can be a fun way for your family to dry your hair together .
Turban Tutorial

How to Use a Hair Turban

now that you know a little bite about why you should choose hair turbans over your regular lavish towels, we can move onto how to use these things !

Secure the Hair Turban

take your hair pillbox and plaza it over the back of your headway. There ‘s a correct orientation course for it to wrap your hair by rights ; you ‘ll have to locate the elastic loop and place it correct where your neck is. You may have to reposition the haircloth pillbox to do this .
This step might be easier if you bend over and have your hair’s-breadth hang over your neck toward the front. That room, the adjacent steps are easier to do .

Twist the Hair Turban

nowadays that you ‘ve secured the hair pillbox, it ‘s time to twist your hair up into it. If you normally put your haircloth up in a exhibitor towel, then this should be the lapp thing you ‘d normally do.

once you ‘re done twisting all your hair into the hair pillbox, stand up directly and pull the distorted share onto the top of your fountainhead .

Loop the Hair Turban

Use one hand ( preferably your dominant one ) to hold the twist region of the haircloth turban in place. With your other hand, find the rubber band band at the back .
Pull the stern end of the twist character of the hair turban through the rubber band ring, and you ‘re done ! This should securely hold your hair in place while you go about with your other tasks .

How to Take the Hair Turban Off

When you ‘re done with your other tasks and/or you feel your hair is dry enough, you ‘ll want to take your hair’s-breadth pillbox off. It ‘ll be super easy to do thus !
Locate the twist part of the hair pillbox right before it goes into the elastic band. Get a firm bobby pin on it, then pull lightly to release your hair from the turban .
You ‘ll want to leave the haircloth turban somewhere where it has plenty of breeze and distance to lay flat. That means, it can dry out properly .

Make Sure to Wash Your Hair Turban Properly

just like with your shower towels, you ‘re going to want to keep your hair turban clean .
evening though you ‘re putting clean hair into it, the turban is still bound to gather dust and other things floating about in the air. Plus, the moisture left behind can cause odors. For this reason, we recommend washing your hair’s-breadth pillbox after every few uses .
Because your haircloth turban may be made of microfiber, you ‘ll want to wash it individually from the stay of your laundry. This is because any framework softeners used will clog the absorbency of your towel. As a solution, it ‘ll lose its bang-up wicking properties .
so make indisputable you wash your hair turban individually if it ‘s made of microfiber. And do n’t use framework softener either !
besides, you ‘ll need to dry your pillbox on its own. While your clothes might do fine on high heat, your hair pillbox wo n’t. so when you toss it into the dry, make sure you put it on a low inflame set .
You can besides air dry it if you wish. Just make certain you leave it in a well-ventilated sphere. If it ‘s not properly aired out, your haircloth turban may remain damp, which can create unpleasant and undesirable odors.

Use This Hair Turban Tutorial for Better Hair Care

By using this hair pillbox tutorial, not only will you be able to tie a haircloth turban better, but you ‘ll besides take better worry of your hair’s-breadth. When you ‘re not ripping out random pieces of hair or putting unnecessary stress on it, the resultant role is a head fully of beautiful, healthy locks !
Are you looking to purchase a newly hair turban ? then take a look at our Turbie Twists. We have a assortment of colors and prints so you can look stylish while drying your hair !

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