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Beyond being stylish, hats can serve as the solution to a bad hair day, or a means to protect your hair from harsh weather. If you ’ re running an errand or enjoying a lazy day, a hat can function as a raw material token in your ensemble. On those hot summer or showery days, they serve as a shield for your curls. protection from extreme winds, humid days and cold weather can besides help preserve your favorite ‘ do, particularly if you ‘ve manipulated your hair texture. No count your reason for wearing one, you can however maintain style under your cap ! If you want to experiment with different looks, hera are eight cunning hairstyles you can wear under a hat .
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YouTuber Chizi Duru gives us 4 different ways to style your hair under a hat. Whether you want to preserve your twist-out or hide a bad hair day, you have options when it comes to fun, chic hairstyles. Chizi even shows us her go-to magic trick to keeping her hat from flying off of her head .

Sleek Bun

sleek bun

One of the greatest challenges of wearing a hat with textured hair is fitting your hair underneath it. style influencer Samjah Iman pulls off seamless, simple styles with the help of a hat. With her haircloth in a moo bun, she slipped on a baseball hood and wore it with assurance. With this manner, she shows that a cap can be dressed up a well as dressed down .
If you need help getting your curls or coils into a streamlined bun, watch Shannon ‘s sleek curly bun tutorial .
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Bone Straight

2 / 4bone straight

If you spent time and attempt on your blow knocked out and want to hold onto the last few days of it, this is a great manner to prolong and preserve the style. Keep a brush in your purse for the casual care .

Wand Curls

3 / 4wand curls
Hairstylist Talibah Stewart achieved this expression on her exemplary with the use of a wand curler. Her loosen lock equip absolutely under her bombastic fedora hat. If you do not own a wand curler, this would besides work on a braid-out or twist-out. Both methods prove that you can fit big hair under a hat .

Protective styles

4 / 4protectiev styles

Who says you can ’ t add some extra protection to your protective style ? good because you ’ re wearing a weave, doesn ’ metric ton base you can ’ thymine dash it with a hat ! Danielle Fullwood, wore a shoulder-length dock weave under a undimmed red fedora hat .
There are a few things you want to remember if you ’ re going to protect your hair with a hat. Be conscious of the material your hat is made of. Wool hats cause wrong to your hair, specifically your edges. If you wear a wool hat, try to wear a silk scarf underneath to protect the sides of your haircloth. besides, be sure your hair is wholly dry before you put a hat on. The wrong substantial can create friction that can be hazardous to your scalp. Remember, hats are supposed to protect your haircloth, not hinder it .
What do you think ? What styles do you wear under your hats ?

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