Beginners Guide To Headbands For Men.

How To Wear A Headband.

What Headband Should I Use?

We offer two collections for slightly different purposes. Our casual Hair Tools Collection provides discerning simpleton Everyday Hair Solutions for casual wear, sports, yoga and working life. These headbands are made from an acetate rayon blend, which is of higher quality than fictile headbands found on the high street .
Our Premium Hair Tool Collection provides headbands for a kind of haircloth types. The Narrow Headband is desirable for everyday wear, but with a luxury wrench. Crafted from cellulose acetate rayon, it is biodegradable and is of the highest quality. This is not your average headband. Our premium Wide Headband not only serves the function of pushing your hair’s-breadth off your face, but is made from a heat activated material that will mould to your head. This feature has besides been known to reduce tension headaches. Seamlessly deluxe, upgrade your hair tools to maintain optimum hair health .

When Did Men Start Wearing Headbands?

Headbands have become common topographic point for men to wear since the early 90 ’ randomness. football players such as David Beckham, Jack Grealish and Cristiano Ronaldo have shown how utilitarian they are, allowing you to have long hair but besides be able to keep it out the way of your face. Headbands suit both shorter and longer mens hair’s-breadth. They can keep a fringe from a short back and sides hair cut, crew edit or comb over fade off your face. They can besides be an everyday solution for hair at shoulder distance or longer .

Why Buy Sustainable Headbands For Men

practical easy solutions sometimes come at the expense of the planet. At Men ’ s Hair Tools, we believe in high choice hair solutions with a long life. Cellulose acetate rayon is made from wood pulp, and biodegrades in optimum land as promptly as 9 months as opposed to man made plastics which can take up to 450 years. We provide tools not barely for your hair, but besides a lavishness eco life style.

How Do Guys Wear Headbands?

You can wear headbands in numerous ways. Combine them with other hair tools such as hair ties when you ’ re at the gymnasium. See our examples of how to style headbands below. couple with a man bun, ponytail or keep it simple with your hair down .

1. Pair a discreet headband with a ponytail to keep your hair slick and prevent flyaway hairs.


2. For extra long hair, pair a headband with a plait, the ultimate hairstyle for exercise.

3. Smartening up your look for that big business meeting? Pair your headband with a low man bun for a professional look. 

How do men wear headbands
Premium cellulose acetate headbands are desirable for all haircloth types, capitulum shapes and sizes .

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