How Wear a Headscarf in 4 Stylish Ways

Learning how to tie and wear a headscarf has never been simple ! Headscarf and headwrap hairstyles are fast becoming one of this year ’ mho biggest hair trends. however, even if you love the look of this accessory, you might not actually know how to tie a headscarf in a stylish manner. But concern not as we ’ ra here to help .
Watch our video recording tutorial ( above ) and don ’ thymine forget to scroll down for another 5 very fashionable ways to tie your new ultimate hair accessory .

Twisted Top Knot

How to wear a headscarf: Model with pattern headscarf wrapped in a twisted top knot bun.
Looking for a immediate and easy headwrap hairdo that works on all hair lengths and types ? Look no far as this wrench top knot is your answer.

Get the look:
pace 1 : Tip your head ahead and wrap your scarf joint around your heading
step 2 : spin the length of the scarf
footfall 3 : wind into a bun at the acme of your head
step 4 : Tuck the ends of the material to secure .

Twisted Crown

How to wear a headscarf: Woman with light blue headscarf wrapped around in a twisted crown braid style wearing a khaki knitted roll neck.
Get creative with your headwrap by wearing it in this twist ‘ crown braid ’ vogue .
Get the look:
step 1 : Wrap your scarf around your head
footprint 2 : Tie the scarf into a knot at the nape of your neck
step 3 : braid the duration of the scarf
step 4 : Wrap the scarf around your head
footfall 5 : Tuck the end of your scarf joint to secure

Side Bun Headwrap

How to wear a headscarf: Woman with purple headscarf twisted into a low side bun.
If like us you love a good side bun, this headwrap version will be a new fave !
Get the look:
pace 1 : Wrap your scarf around your mind and tie into a ravel
step 2 : wind the length of the headscarf
step 3 : Wrap the scarf into a side bun
step 4 : Tuck the scarf to secure

Regal Wrap

How to wear a headwrap: Woman with pattern headwrap styled in regal style.
This elaborately wrapped hairdo might look catchy to achieve but with these steps, you can master this imperial look .
Get the look:
step 1 : tie long hair into a high bun
footfall 2 : Wrap your scarf around the back of your head
footprint 3 : Cross the lengths of the scarf over each early
step 4 : wrap and tie the scarf joint into a knot at the back
step 5 : Tuck the ends in at the presence to secure
Style tip: If you ’ re presently rocking a crop cut but need extra acme to achieve this wrapped hairdo, you can pin a hair’s-breadth doughnut to your hair’s-breadth ( we won ’ thyroxine tell if you don ’ t ).

Looking for alternative ways to tie a headscarf ? See more fashion-forward looks and how to get them, below .

Wrapped Ponytail

side profile shot of a brunette model with her hair in a low ponytail wrapped in a colourful red silk scarf
Ponytails may be a dim-witted dash but with indeed many ways to customise a basic shot glass, they needn ’ thyroxine be bore .
Get the look:
gradation 1. Create a low ponytail and impregnable
step 2. Wrap a silk scarf joint around the lengths of your ponytail leaving a little hair’s-breadth free at the bottom
step 3. Secure your silk headscarf in place with a bobby peg .
Editor’s tip: Forever dealing with frizz ? Keep your pony streamlined by applying an oil or serum ahead. The TONI & GUY Shine Gloss Serum works to slick down any flighty strands, keeping your style bang-up, while besides adding a glistening look to the haircloth .

Half-up Bun

freckled brunette model with her long dark wavy hair in a half up half down bun with a green and orange headscarf tied around the bun wearing a denim jacket
The one-half up bun – or ‘ hun ’ as we like to call it – is one of our front-runner summer styles and believe it or not, it ’ second just got evening better .
Get the look:
footstep 1. Create a half-up, half-down bun and secure
step 2. Wrap a silk scarf around the floor of your bun, leaving the length to fall, and tie .
Next read : Learn how to create a kraut with help oneself from vlogger front-runner Freddy My Love .

Messy Bun

close up head shot of a freckled brunette model with her hair in a messy bun updo with a printed blue and gold scarf wrapped around it tied in a bow
Messy buns hide a multitude of sins but just because they ’ re functional doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate base they can ’ metric ton front pretty at the same time. Give your old faithful a summer makeover by wrapping your scarf around your bun and tying into a bow at the lead of your head .
Get the look:
step 1. Start by creating a messy eminent bun and fasten
footprint 2. Fold a headscarf and wrap it around your oral sex, tieing into a bow at the movement
step 3. It ’ s messier the better for this look thus pull a few tendrils or wisp of hair around your face .

Editor’s tip: This style is an excellent one for those days when you need to wash your haircloth but good don ’ t have the clock .
All you need to do is refresh your roots with an oil-absorbing dry shampoo like the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo to soak up any grease, then you ’ re good for at least another day .

Hippie Headband

freckled brunette model with long curly hair with a paisley patterned scarf tied around her head, wearing a denim shirt and standing on a stairwell
All about the bohemian festival feels ? If you like to keep it minimal when it comes to your mane, this hippie hairdo is made for you .
Get the look:
tone 1. Fold your headscarf into your choose thickness
footstep 2. Wrap your headscarf across your frontal bone, tieing at the back .

Classy Ponytail Headscarf

Woman with headscarf ponytail
If you ’ re running errands and want to conceal greasy roots, try this classical attend .
Get the look:

step 1. Create a moo ponytail
step 2. Wrap a silk scarf around your heading and that ’ s it !
‘ 4 Very fashionable Headscarf ’ report styled by Elena Diaz .

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