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hypertext transfer protocol : //tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/LoinCloth For some heroes, this is all the armor they need.

Belkar Bitterleaf, The Order of the Stick, #736
“ besides, everyone here could use a small less loin and a batch more fabric. ” ad : In effect, a breechcloth is lower body underwear made of fabric or hides. Sometimes it ‘s just a flap over the crotch and raise, and sometimes it ‘s woven like actual briefs. often some cultures, specially stereotypically crude ones, have this as the only form of clothing. But one of the most big appearances in fabrication is the fantasy Barbarian Heroes, even though they come from the north, where it ‘s truly cold. certain they wear these made of fur, and possibly they dress good when actually in their northern homelands, but otherwise this is a imprint of Impossibly Cool Clothes. Is frequently used as a male example of Stripperific outfits. May occasionally be justified, if the savage from the Grim Up North actually complains about the sweltering heating system of the southerly lands he ‘s exploring, and refuses to wear more for this reason. ad : quite frequently overlaps with a ( Walking ) Shirtless Scene. Sometimes the wearer Does not Like Shoes. besides can be worn by women, either with or without a match bikini top. A Super-Trope to Fundoshi. A Sister Trope to Fur Bikini ( the Distaff Counterpart ). Compare Pelts of the Barbarian .


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  • Both the guy and girl in this Coty Wild Musk commercial are wearing loincloths.

Anime & Manga ad : Arts

  • Sculptor Paul Manship has fun with a loincloth in Indian Hunter and his Dog. As the hunter runs after his quarry the front flap of his loincloth preserves his modesty, but the rear flap billows up and exposes his backside.

Board Games

  • The cover of the board game HeroQuest (pictured above) shows the barbarian in one.

Comic Books

  • B’wana Beast in DC somewhat subverts this: he wears a loincloth over a pair of animal skin shorts. He may be the only example of a hero wearing their Underwear of Power on the outside. .. of their Underwear of Power. His succesor, Freedom Beast, tried to live down the more ridiculous aspects of his predecessor, including this one.
  • Ka-Zar in the Marvel Universe.
  • Sillage: As a Wild Child, Navis spends the first issue topless and wearing nothing but a loincloth, wristbands, and ankle bands. When she is picked up by the aliens, she wears regular clothes.
  • The usual garb for Tragg and the other men of his tribe in Tragg and the Sky Gods. Being a Handsome Heroic Caveman, Tragg looks much better in his.
  • Wonder Woman Vol 1: Queen Clea has Steve Trevor dressed in a fur trimmed loincloth, and nothing else, for his public execution. She hands him a sword and intends to watch him fight her giant monsters to death in the arena over dinner, but to her disappointment he kills all of her monsters and survives. Her subsequent order for him to be shot by the archers perched all around the arena goes awry when he uses the corpse last of the beasts he’d killed as a shield against the arrows.

Fan Works Films — Animation

  • Heavy Metal: Den in his segment fashions one out of a flag upon arriving naked on a new world. Counts as Hypocritical Humor, since in the original comics that’s exactly what he did.
    Den: There was no way I was gon na walk around this put with my jerk hanging out !
  • Moana: Deuteragonist Maui wears nothing more than a leaf loincloth and animal-tooth necklace because his whole body is covered in Animated Tattoos which need to be exposed as they add depth and commentary to the ongoing story.

Films — Live-Action literature Live-Action television receiver

  • Star of the Beastmaster television series Daniel Goddard often complained about the coverage afforded by his loincloth, advocating for it to be shorter.
  • The Feathered Serpent, a British young adult show from the 1970s set in Aztec Mexico, sometimes has fit young men just wearing loincloths. The handsome Prince Heumac has a couple of loincloth scenes. In one of them he’s accompanied by his servant Tozo (who’s more conservatively dressed), while in the other he’s engaged in ritual combat with another guy in a loincloth.
  • The most common costume in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. At least when they’re not wrestling naked.
  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Rom and his fiancée look at wedding dresses, and one is nothing but a loincloth. His Ferengi nature feels that this is a good compromise, but it’s rejected.

Music Videos

  • Ted Nugent wore one as part of his “wild man” persona.
  • Vocaloid: Gackupo and Kaito wear it in the song “Dancing Samurai”, as well as some other videos.


  • The barbarian Warrior in Dungeons & Dragons (1987) enters the dragon’s lair with nothing but a loincloth and a shield.
  • The protagonist in Gorgar has one.
  • The main character from Atari’s Hercules pinball, as seen on both the backglass and playfield.
  • Ditto for the winged hero of Bally’s Paragon

Pro Wrestling

  • Lumbee Warrior wears a loin cloth over his tights.

Tabletop Games

  • In Dungeons & Dragons’ 5th edition, Barbarians can add their constitution bonus to their AC if they don’t wear armor, resulting in living tanks walking around in nothing but a loincloth.
  • Space 1889: What the bestial High Martians wear.
  • Warhammer Fantasy: Savage orcs, who are viewed as primitive even by other orcs, have yet to master the use of metal, and so their only armor is a loincloth, bones, and warpaint.

Video Games Web Comics western Animation

very life

  • Eugen Sandow◊, a German body-building pioneer and professional strongman. Sandow was also a major source of inspiration for Tarzan.
  • Standard male attire for many North American Indian societies. Crazy Horse wore nothing but this, in keeping with his vision.
  • Standard male attire in many tribal societies worldwide, especially in warm climates.
  • Gandhi wore a loincloth to symbolize solidarity with the Indian working class.

    Who went in the bar for a shandy.
    With his great loincloth
    He wiped off the froth
    And the barman said, “Blimey, that’s handy!”
    Spike Milligan
    There was an erstwhile fellow named GandhiWho went in the bar for a shandy.With his great loinclothHe wiped off the frothAnd the bartender said, “ Blimey, that ‘s handy ! ”
  • It should be noted that a traditional loincloth is not a pair of flaps connected by a string, as sometimes presented in illustrations, but a single piece◊ of cloth or leather that goes under the legs and is held up by a waistband, leaving two flaps hanging. There are also other variations, like the Japanese Fundoshi and the Roman subligaculum◊.
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