10 Ways To Style A Louis Vuitton Bandeau

felicitous Monday, I have a Louis Vuitton post, not the one you all have been waiting for, but a different one. I still promise my Speedy B 25 inspection is coming soon. now that the weather is truly nice, I love taking photos more often. Today, I am sharing my 10 ways how I manner a Louis Vuitton brassiere. I recently bought my first LV Bandeau, and it is indeed arrant. It is a silk corporeal, and a smaller scarf style. Kay is the model today for the brassiere .

#1 Tie The Bandeau In A Bow On The Bag

#2 Tie The Bandeau In A Bow In Your Hair { Put your hair up in a half back, ponytail it, then tie the bow. }

#3 Headband { Take the middle of the scarf under your neck, hold one end in each hand, bring the ends to the top of your brow, tie them, and tuck the leftover from each side underneath the headband }

#4 Headband Bow { Take the middle of the scarf under your neck, hold one end in each hand, bring the ends to the top of your brow, tie them, use the leftovers from each side to make a bow. }

#5 Ponytail Bow { Taking all of you hair, and tying a low ponytail then wrapping the brassiere, and make a bow. }

#6 High Ponytail Bandeau Hang Down { Put all of your haircloth into a high ponytail then simply knot the brassiere around it, and have the sides hang down. }

#7 Bandeau Intertwined With Braid { Take the brassiere, knot it at the top of the braid for a begin point, and then wrap it throughout the remainder of the braid. Ponytail the bottom of the braid, and the brassiere to hold it in position. Let the overindulgence material hang down. }

#8 Belted Bow { Wrap the brassiere through the belt loops of your pants like a regular knock then just tie the two sides into a bow. }

#9 The Tie { Simply take the brassiere, knot it and then tie it like a marry. }

#10 Strap Bandeau Wrap { Leave a few inches of the brassiere hanging down, and wrap a free loop around the bag handle. Pull the remaining scarf though the loop topology, and then tighten the loop. Wrap the handle until you get to the other side of the bag, and then tie a cute knot at the end. }

If you have a brassiere or in truth any small scarf, give these ideas a try for fun. They will look fabulous in your hair, on your bag or around your pants. Until the following one, and my Speedy B 25 review is coming very soon. Xoxo,


reference : https://kembeo.com
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