How to Wear a Pocket Square | Pocket Square Dos and Don’ts

When your integral front is crafted to make the right impression, it ’ s the small accessories that make the deviation. Every objet d’art of a gentleman ’ sulfur front must be twist and neat. not only should your dress, belt, and shoes complement each other, but a meet pocket square will elevate your equip to the following degree. You have the option of barely ignoring the small pocket on the upper leave of your become jacket, but with a few tips from the experts, this dateless accessary will add the finish up touch to your look .

What are Pocket Square Rules ?


  • pocket squares should complement

    your shirt and tie .

  • Choose a junior-grade coloring material from your shirt or connect as the tinge for your pocket straight .
  • Consider the occasion when deciding on a fold. conservative folds are best for dinner dress occasions but flashy folds can be a fun option for more casual outfits .


  • never add a pocket feather to your greatcoat, coat, or shirt. It should lone be added to your suit or jacket .
  • Don ’ t match your pocket square to your tie or bow tie precisely ! It may be your beginning instinct to precisely match your accessories, but by nowadays ’ s fashion standards this is a definite no .
  • Avoid brassy patterns that steal the spotlight ; solid colors and simpleton patterns knead good .

A lot of men who are new to wearing pocket squares may wonder if there are certain occasions where a pocket square should be avoided. But the honest answer is there are no rules restricting when you can or can not wear a pocket feather. Anytime you put on a suit jacket you can add this accessory to elevate your front, just make certain you consider the affair when deciding how to wear it. You should avoid brassy colors or patterns when attending drab events such as a funeral or more courtly events like a wedding. But feel detached to get creative with your patterns or folds for more casual events ! If you ’ re still diffident what to wear, a white pouch squarely is a safe option because it will go with any suit or color combination .
here at Trafalgar, we recommend silk pouch squares. The smooth, shimmering material has the most epicurean expression. They are besides ultra-thin so they won ’ triiodothyronine induce a start in your jacket pocket and are easy to store. Check out our best selling solid coloring material pouch squares or one of our fun prints.

How to Fold a Pocket Square

There are many different ways to wear a pocket squarely, so we know it can be a small overpowering to choose which style to try. We ’ ve picked three basic folds below that anyone can master by following these simple instructions .

Presidential fold instructions The beginning fold is the presidential flock, besides known as the square pen up. Step 1:  Start by laying your pocket square flat in a square orientation course and bring the left slope to the right side, making a rectangle. Step 2:  Bring the bottom edge two-thirds to the top. Remember- wear ’ metric ton fold it all the way !

Triangle fold instructions The second fold is the triangulum flock : Step 1:  Place face down in a diamond orientation course and bring the bed point to the top orient, making a triangle. Step 2:  Fold right point toward left halfway and fold the left item to the right corner
Two-point fold

last, we ’ ll look at the two-point flock : Step 1: Similar to the triangle fold, place face down in a rhombus orientation. Bring the bottom orient slenderly to the side of the top, making two points. Step 2: Fold left sharpen toward right bespeak center then fold the proper target to the forget side .

Now that you understand the basics about this timeless accessory, find your perfect match and shop our  pocket square collection!

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