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For information on the operation of pocket watches, please visit our Winding & Setting Instructions page.
Note: although the watches in the follow photos are shown half-out-of-pocket, this is merely to illustrate the attachment of the chain to the vigil. Pocket watches should be worn entirely inside the pocket, ideally within a velvet or thin leather pouch for security. [click on any of the below photos for an enlarged view] movement Pocket-worn :

air pocket watches have been around for many centuries and the way in which they have been worn has changed with the times. today, we see the most democratic direction of carrying a watch to be in the presence pocket of jeans or pants. To determine what size pocket watch will best courtship you, we have a basic sizing chart that can give you an idea of what size watch will work with your invest. As a rule though, the primary pockets on most men ‘s jeans & pants will hold up to an 18S pocket watch, while most women ‘s jeans & pants will hold up to an 12S pouch lookout comfortably. If you are looking to carry the watch in the “ mint pocket ” however, we suggest a pocket watch no larger than 6S. In order to protect your watch from extra wear we besides encourage you to keep your lookout in a pouch ( cloth or leather ), within your pocket. This is not a necessity but we ‘ve seen that doing thus will help to reduce scratches and nicks on the case adenine well as preserving the finish if you have a gold-filled model. All watches purchased from PM Time Service come in a velvet pouch. Vest Pocket-worn : Another common way to carry your pocket watch is via the front pocket of your singlet. These pockets tend to be a bit smaller than found on the jeans & pants pockets, and we suggest a watch no larger than 16S. As a rule of thumb, on an average-build male when tire with a invest, we suggest straight or Albert vogue chains 10 ” or shorter for heights under 5 ‘ 8 ”, 10 ” to 14 ” for heights 5 ‘ 8 ” to 6 ‘ 2 ” and 14 ” or longer for heights over 6 ‘ 2 ”. For Double Albert chain styles, we suggest 20 ” or shorter for heights under 5 ‘ 8 ”, 18 ” to 30 ” for heights 5 ‘ 8 ” to 6 ‘ 2 ” and 24 ” or longer for heights over 6 ‘ 2 ”. Leather Pouches : leather pouches are another alternate ( or complementary ) way to carry your pocket watch. Wearing a pocket watch in a leather bulge is gentler on the watch than keeping it in a pocket with keys, coins, or other items. The photograph below shows the pocket determine with its bow out ; in this manner, the watch may besides be worn with a chain attached. Our leather watch pouches feature a rear loop to slide over a knock, and burst pocket watches 16-size or smaller.

In addition to the above styles of carrying a pouch watch, women besides have a few more options on how to present their watches. today we see many women adapting Albert and Double Albert dash chains into necklaces, using fobs, lockets, and other jewelry items on the “ drops ” as pendants. additionally, there are the traditional slither chains and lapel pins that still offer a classic jewelry presentation option. traditional Ladies Pocket Watch Options : The slide chain is one of the most normally seen methods for a charwoman to wear her pocket watch. different configurations of the chain allow for multiple styles and the watch then acts as a chandelier, allowing a quick glance by the wearer to the prison term. One drawback of this method of carrying a watch is that the watch is frequently swing complimentary and the potential to knock the watch against something is higher than when carried in your pocket. however, with wish and attention to your surroundings this becomes well evitable. As a rule of thumb on an average-build charwoman, if you want to wear the chain long and have the pivot reach your waist, we recommend chains 24 ” or shorter for heights under 5 ‘ 4 ”, 22 ” to 26 ” for heights 5 ‘ 4 ” to 5 ‘ 8 ” and 24 ” or longer for heights over 5 ‘ 8 ”. If you are looking to wear the chain double-wrapped, we suggest a chain between 24 ” and 28 ” in overall length for the pivot to rest above your bustline, and a range between 26 ” and 30 ” in overall length for the swivel to rest at your bustline.
Because the lookout is attached to the wearer ‘s invest, lapel pins work good when paired with smaller and lighter watches ( to avoid any drooping of material ). Compared with function as a necklace chandelier, attachment by fall to a charwoman ‘s lapel or blouse is broadly safer for the watch, as it is held closer to the body. Albert & Double Albert Chains as Necklaces : The Albert & Double Albert manner chains feature main chain “ arms ” ( intended for connecting the pocket watch on men ‘s styles ) and extra brusque “ drops ” used for attaching another token, such as a charm, flim-flam, or locket. When these styles of range are worn as a necklace, the cliff can be used to support your scoop watch, or the watch can be attached to the chief arm of the chain and then brought to wrap around your neck ( or hang down the back ). swivel photo extra Notes :

careless of the method used to attach the chain to the wearer ‘s vest, shirt, or pants, the submit of the pocket watch is attached to the chain with a minor pivot clasp that allows the watch to rotate and keeps the chain from twisting. These swivels are findings that are traditionally used with pocket watches on most vintage pocket watch chains. As opposed to many of the more modern styles, these do not have any modest latches to pull back but preferably contribution of the ellipse “ time ” section depresses into the find, allowing you to slip in your pocket determine bow or fob lanyard. once released, it has a little inner bounce that closes the egg-shaped loop back up and prevents whatever is clipped from by chance coming out without your treatment. A scoop watch can be worn on either side of the soundbox depending on the preference of the wearer. For exemplify, many right-handed wearers may have their air pocket watch on the left side of the body ; this allows for winding with the right hand while holding the watch with the leftover. however, a right-handed wearer may alternatively choose to keep the watch on the right for ease-of-use when pull and returning the watch to a pocket a well.

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