17 Stylish Ponytails Especially for Short Hair

Short haircloth, while constantly chic, can prove unmanageable to style. Wearing it down is typically the default option setting. That becomes the norm, and on the spur of the moment, you realize you have n’t touched your hair in two weeks. That ‘s very well, unless you ‘re feeling bored or uninspired. In that case, it ‘s meter to take up your style products again. And by the way, merely because it can seem difficult to style does n’t mean it ‘s impossible. For proof, check out 15 braids that look amazing on brusque haircloth. The lapp rings genuine when it comes to ponytails. Just because you do n’t have Rapunzel-length locks does n’t mean you ca n’t toss your short-circuit strands up into the most classic style .

Seeing as most of the state is in the midst of a massive heat wave, short and stylish ponytail divine guidance ca n’t come flying adequate, because who does n’t want their haircloth up and out of the way when walking out into triple-digit inflame ? That ‘s why we gathered some of our front-runner short ponytail looks from celebrities, hairstylists, and companion Byrdie editors. These 17 looks are certain to prove ponytails are never out of style .

1. Sleek and High

Lana Condor ponytail
@ lanacondor
serve by celebrity hairdresser Nicole Blais, Lana Condor ‘s high, satiny pony leaves you with a chic and playful look that can well be worn from day to night. The To All the Boys I ‘ve Loved Before ace ‘s shot glass goes perfective with a dramatic makeup look, since the haircloth is more on the insidious slope .

2. Side-Parted and low

@ harryjoshhair
Karlie Kloss is the rare Victoria ‘s Secret model who has made short hair’s-breadth her signature look. She often wears her hair in a ponytail, as it fits her no-nonsense approach to smasher. We love how her hairdresser, Harry Josh, kept her side-parted broken shot glass slicked back and chic. Try using this merchandise from his namesake brand for a similar pin-straight effect : the Harry Josh ProTools Ceramic 1.25 Inch Flat Styling Iron ( $ 200 ) .

3. mohawk

Logan Browning ponytail
@ loganlaurice
We had to take a consequence to admire Logan Browning ‘s braided-up mohawk pony. To achieve this hairdo seen on the Dear White People actress, you ‘ll begin by braiding the sides of your haircloth, but leaving some undo at the ends. then you ‘ll pull up all your hair’s-breadth in a mohawk-like style and trot in the middle. It ‘s perfective for natural and curly hair types .

4. Short and Voluminous

@ harryjoshhair
If straight and slick is n’t your thing, try replicating this voluminous unretentive ponytail that Harry Josh styled for actress Rose Byrne. We love the sheer amount of volume there is at the crown of her head and the top of the pony. No matter which angle you look at it from, it ‘s fresh and bouncy .

5. broken With a Diagonal depart

@ harryjoshhair
Our future inhalation comes courtesy of Kate Bosworth, who happens to be one of our all-time favorite beauty muses. Although her hair is technically medium distance, we think this low shot glass could work for any haircloth duration, including light. Take it from Josh, who captioned this photograph, “ Sometimes it ‘s just humble details like a diagonal side part and ace satiny pony ! ”

6. Wavy

@ harryjoshhair
If you have short hair and bangs, look no further than this soft and crinkled look that Josh created for legendary supermodel Helena Christensen. We like how her bangs swoop over to one side of her frontal bone, ending in a fresh and feathery texture .

7. gamey With Barrel Curls

@ haileybaldwin
Next we have an Instagram post from the newly engaged Hailey Baldwin. Like Kloss, she besides channeled the ’50s with a high ponytail styled in adult barrel curl up. We ‘re obsessed .

8. low With Face-Framing Pieces

@ emmawatson
Emma Watson proves that brusque ponytails can be business-appropriate. here, she keeps her hair pared-down and professional ( professional enough to meet with the prime minister of Canada ) by combing back her strands and securing them with an elastic low at the nape of her neck. She keeps her side bangs and a few face-framing pieces out in front to soften the look .

9. adult curl

@ priyankachopra
Priyanka Chopra posted this word picture to her Instagram, wearing a short pony by celeb hairdresser Laura Polko. Chopra ‘s haircloth is classy and refine thanks to big curls and a lot of glitter .

10. high at the Crown of Your Head

@ yarashahidi
For a fun and youthful look, sweep your coil up into a ponytail at the crown of your point, and let them poof out to celebrate their natural texture, as Yara Shahidi does here. A bright scandalmongering ribbon or barrette is n’t required, but it ‘s decidedly encouraged .

11. Dressed up With a Headband

@ lucyhale
Lucy Hale proves all it takes to add some dynamism to an differently traditional short-circuit ponytail is a big and bejewel headband. Okay, so you do n’t inevitably need that demand headband, but you ca n’t ever go wrong with a stand-out haircloth accessary .

12. abject Side Pony With a Bandana

@ kaitlyn_mclintock
Speaking of hair accessories, here ‘s an exercise of a budget-friendly and summery one you can reach for to amp up a abject side pony, courtesy of yours rightfully. badly though, I constantly keep a bandanna or scarf on hand. I roll it up and tie it around my head for an easy, breezy headband. It takes me all of five minutes and results in a beach- or brunch-appropriate spirit .

13. Braided and Short

@ amanda_montell
Or do as Byrdie ‘s stunning features editor program Amanda Montell does. Braid one side before combining it with the rest of your haircloth into a short ponytail. It does n’t have to be perfective. In fact, the messy, the better. ( She ‘s our resident short-haired editor program and knows all the best style tricks and products. )

14. Wavy High

@ ashleytisdale
Ashley Tisdale recently posted this photograph to her Instagram, sporting a crinkled high ponytail that we love. We like the texture and separation. Try using IGK Beach Club Texture Spray ( $ 29 ) for a exchangeable effect .

15. Braided

Getty Images
If you ‘re an “ I have five minutes to do my hair or I will be madly late for work ” character of person, then replicate this slowly look worn by Kate Mara. Sweep your hair’s-breadth back into a normal pony before braiding down the lengths. This will take all of 30 seconds ( particularly if you have super-short strands ) .

16. Looped Bun

@ vanessahudgens
Vanessa Hudgens, the unofficial queen of boho-chic, posted this photograph to her Instagram. even though it ‘s technically a loop bun, we ‘re counting it as a ponytail since the majority is left out of the rubber band. This is an easy stylus that can span edgy and romanticist, depending on your makeup and invest choices .

17. sleek and abject

@ lucyhale
To round out our list, here’s another photograph of Lucy Hale. here, she sports wet-look hair that has been tied second into a moo pony. It ‘s the ultimate in streamlined hairstyles ( since we started with a satiny stylus, it ‘s alone suit that we end with a sleek vogue ). Make surely you check out our easy-to-follow wet-look hair tutorial by celeb hairdresser Chris Appleton .


  • How can I make my ponytail more voluminous?

    Whether you ‘re working with flimsy haircloth or not a whole fortune of length, it can be slippery to fake a tortuous ponytail. however, propping it up, teasing it, or wearing extensions, will help you to feign a full ponytail .
    3 Ponytail Tricks That Make Thin Hair Look Fuller

  • How can I use ponytail extensions?

    small clip-in extensions work well with updos and give you instantaneous volume. To use them, begin by brushing your hair’s-breadth and then sectioning it. future, nip in an extension to each part of hair’s-breadth from the nape of your neck to your crown. polish by brushing hair out and styling it into your ponytail of choice .
    The Best Clip-In Hair Extensions for Instant bulk

  • How short can I cut my hair and still be able to wear it in a ponytail?

    It depends on how you style your ponytail ( e.g. a low ponytail can work with shorter hair lengths than a gamey ponytail ) but broadly talk, shoulder-length haircloth will give you versatility when styling your updo. For case, with shoulder-length, pieces wo n’t fall out when styling hair’s-breadth into a high ponytail .

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