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corroborate bands are created for different purposes, and not all are created peer ! We ’ ve pulled together some of our favorite products and are giving you the scoop on what they will do for you. We recommend you waiting to buy one until you need it, since you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always anticipate which type you ’ ll need. When in doubt, consult a women ’ s health physical therapist so you don ’ triiodothyronine neutralize your money on a product that isn ’ t mighty for you. If you have many weeks ahead before you deliver, make certain to pick a size that allows you room to grow. A support band is not required or necessity for every pregnancy. Whether you need one depends on your pose, ligament laxness, congress of racial equality intensity, how your baby is sitting, and early factors. The right isthmus can help with pain or form in the spinal column, belly, or pelvis. Some women may enjoy the feeling of accompaniment and find that it makes day by day activities, walking, or exercising easier. A belly band or support belt is a comfortable ring that wraps around or under the belly, in order to help your body manage some of the postural changes that happen during pregnancy. not sure which belly band is right for you ? Book a virtual consult with our clinical team.

Our favorite bands by type

The best pelvic support belt

The Serola Belt, starting at $ 44.00 on amazonSource: Serola Belt This belt is bang-up for women with pelvic girdle trouble, including :

  • Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain, felt in the back of the pelvis, on either side of the sacrum
  • Pubic symphysis dysfunction pain, felt in the groin or front of the pelvis

How it works

This narrow, stiffer belt out should sit low on the hips. Because it sits below the belly, you can tighten it quite a bit to create potent compression through the pelvis, which stabilizes the sacroiliac and pubic symphysis joints.

How it feels

It feels like a embrace for your pelvis and instantaneously makes walking easier. It does not provide any belly face-lift or support, and is not particularly comfortable for sitting.

The best overall belly band

The Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit, s tarting at $ 69.95 at Belly Bandit
Source: Belly Bandit This band is big for women with general discomfort, including :

  • Low back pain
  • Abdominal strain
  • Round ligament pain

How it works

This knock is the ultimate in low back and abdomen support. It lifts and redistributes the weight unit to improve your position and decrease puree on your back. It may help decrease pressure on the bladder, and will help with round ligament pain by supporting the uterus.

How it feels

This belly band is superintendent soft and comfortable. It provides gamey defend and chasten compaction. The set besides includes insertable cold and hotness therapy packs, which can help manage discomfort without medication.

The best belly band on a budget

The Maternity Belly Band by KeaWorld, starting at $ 15 on Amazon

Source: KeaWorld This band is good for belly documentation when trouble international relations and security network ’ t besides hard. There are other similar brands available on Amazon.

How it works

Like the Upsie Belly, this band helps redistribute the system of weights of the abdomen, holding it in closer to your center of graveness and decreasing puree on the low binding.

How it feels

It ’ s decidedly less comfortable ( and has fewer bells and whistles ) than the Upsie Belly. It ’ second not as soft, but it ’ s an low-cost plaza to start. This isthmus besides only comes in 2 sizes. If you are having some pelvic girdle pain, here ’ s a trick we teach patients in the clinic : you can wear it top down and backwards, and tighten it around the pelvis for extra digest.

The best customizable band

The Baby Belly Band by Cabea, $ 39.99 at Cabea
Source: Cabea

This band is great for women who need a little bit of everything, including:

  • Pelvic support AND belly support
  • SIJ or pubic symphysis pain AND low back or round ligament pain

Cabea besides makes 2 actually capital velcro addition features that you can attach to any cushy abdomen band .

Groin bands add compression the vulva, and can help with:

  • Vulvar varicose veins
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Severe pubic symphysis pain

Source: Cabea Shoulder straps give maximal belly lift for :

  • Larger or more outward-positioned bellies, or twins (or more!)
  • Increased pain from spending long hours standing at work

Source: Cabea

How it works

This knock is like the halfway distributor point between the Serola belt out and Upsie Belly. It gives a little piece of belly corroborate, and a little bite of pelvic compression. It ’ s a well multipurpose option, but doesn ’ triiodothyronine provide enough support for severe pelvic girdle trouble.

What it feels like

It ’ mho much softer than the serola belt, but the side yellow journalism allow you to tighten it around the pelvic for a bit of that “ hug ” feel. You can wear it higher or lower on the belly, depending on your preferences.

The best band for athletes

The FITsplint, starting at $ 69.00 on Amazon

Source: FITsplint This belt is best for athletes, or anyone who :

  • Is continuing higher- impact exercise into their pregnancy
  • Prefers their belly totally wrapped and covered (rather than just lifted from the bottom)
  • Wants to use their band postpartum

Source: FITspint

How it works

This Neoprene wrap can be tire 2 ways : with both straps under the belly for maximum pilfer, or with the straps encircling the abdomen to hold it stable for higher-impact exercise. It besides makes a fantastic postnatal wrapping because it has no sharp edges or boning.

How it feels

It is identical piano and more compromising than the early bands. It is credibly the most comfortable on the list to wear while sitting, and minimizes abdomen bouncing with running or jumping. It provides less plagiarize and compression, depending on how you wear it. It does not provide any pelvic support.

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