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How one little leaguer knocked one out of the park with the youth athletic cup he created for boys like him. Comfy Cup provides light impact groin protection in a comfortable and kid-friendly design.
Inventor, Kyler Russell
The Comfy Cup® was invented by 8-year old, Kyler Russell when he grew frustrated with the heavily uncomfortable protective acrobatic cup that his baseball coach required all players on his team to wear as character of the uniform .

THE PROBLEM : Kyler ’ s coach required all players on his team to wear a youth protective athletic cup to all baseball games and baseball practices. The acrobatic cups available were all hard, bulky and uncomfortable, which interfered with Kyler ’ s ability to focus and concentrate on improving his baseball skills.

THE solution : Kyler had an theme to create a comfortable, light-weight, flexible, protective athletic cup designed specifically to fit young person athletes fair getting started with contact sports. Kyler and his ma put their heads together and designed “ The Comfy Cup ”. What started out as a hand-sewn product created in the Russell Family ’ s dining room has evolved into a field-test, kid-approved Comfy Cup® available to small league baseball players, make bitty football players and youth athletes around the worldly concern .
The Russell class is blessed to live a life where they get to leverage their own life know, love for sports, and alone creative talents to materialize a intersection that meets a need of young athletes. Realizing the joy that comes in manifesting a creative idea and seeing it benefit others, the Russell Family is committed to donate a share of net-profits to programs that support new inventors and entrepreneurs .

The Grommet


The Comfy Cup ™ helps boys focus on the plot, not the gear.

11-year honest-to-god, Kyler Russell, of Lenexa, Kansas, was frustrated by the protective acrobatic cup his baseball coach required boys on his team to wear. It was hard and uncomfortable. Kyler would fidget with it in the buffet ’ second box, on the field, and in the dugout. It was a constant noise from focusing on the game. He and his parents tried a assortment of athletic cups available in sporting goods stores and on-line, but couldn ’ thymine find a better solution. rather of letting him whine about it, Kyler ’ s parents challenged him to come up with a solution. And immediately, he has hit a home run !
LENEXA, KS – It ’ s baseball season ! spring trail is in full swing for major league and little league teams. Every parent who has sat in the bleachers during a boy ’ s baseball game is familiar with this scenery : a son distracted from the game fidgeting with his protective athletic cup .
Kyler invented the Comfy Cup™— a more comfortable, lightweight, flexible athletic cup specifically contoured to fit the bodies of young boys. Kyler explains, “ I told my ma that I had an idea for a more comfortable cup…we went to the craft storehouse and bought some supplies, my ma got out her sewing machine and we worked together to create the idea I had in my mind. ” What started out as a handmade project in August 2014 has now evolved into the field-test, kid-approved Comfy Cup™ available for purchase at Scheels of Overland Park, on Amazon, and was recently selected to be the sport product April 5th on The Grommet, a popular retail web site with 2.5 million subscribers around the earth –exposure that could turn Kyler ’ s little-known product into the adjacent must-have item for little leaguers around the world .
The Russell kin feels blessed to live a life where they get to leverage their life sentence experiences, love for sports, and unique creative talents to materialize a product that helps kids live better and have more fun. “ In this case we just wanted to make sports safer and more enjoyable for boys one less distraction at a fourth dimension, ” says Co-CEO and head ma Brandi Russell .
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For press kits, media requests, and extra information on the Comfy Cup™ please contact us at ( 260 ) BE-COMFY/ ( 260 ) 232-6639 .

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