How a shawl-collar cardigan should fit

Is it precisely us, or has winter already overstayed its welcome ? If you haven ’ t already, do yourself a party favor and invest in a shawl-collar cardigan – it won ’ metric ton shorten the season, but it will surely help make the chill a act more bearable.

That ’ mho because the knit of a shawl collar tends to be chunkier and warmer than your standard wool cardigan, making it the mid-layer to reach for on icy days. And when the temperature starts to rise ? It works as an extinct layer besides. Wear it as an alternative to your bomber or Harrington jacket, or even over your suit alternatively of a blazer. Your co-workers will take notification, we promise .
It ’ south besides incredibly versatile – use it to channel your inner area outdoorsman or stylish city satiny. ( Bonus points if you nail both on the lapp weekend. ) But unfortunately, none of this matters if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ace the fit, so be certain to study up before you reach into your wardrobe .


A shawl-neck cardigan shouldn ’ thymine be excessively compressed or slender fitting.The look has a grandfather feel to it ( in the best direction possible ), so it should be comfortable and slightly slouchy, without being oversized. Shawl-collars aren ’ t like a normal, slender cardigan that can be worn as a layer under early jackets, so it should have a relax expect that is a little baggy preferably than excessively stiff .


A shawl-collar cardigan should fall around your hips, or good below your belt out. It shouldn ’ t be besides long, as it will end up falling excessively unaffixed and taking on the spirit of a bathrobe.


The collar is the key feature of a shawl-neck cardigan, so it should be solid. Too cheeseparing, and it won ’ triiodothyronine stand out from a regular cardigan, and consequently, won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate offer the versatility of the shawl cardigan ’ s jacket-like geld. Although wide and chunky, the collar should still fit flush to your neck and chest of drawers, whether you ’ re wearing a jersey or thick layers underneath.


Your sleeves should be fitted around the shoulder with enough room for movement in the branch. They should fall to your wrist rather than over your handwriting, and should be baggy enough that they don ’ thymine bunch up on your forearm, but not then long that they look out of proportion to the length of the body .


A shawl-collar cardigan much features chunky buttons in woodwind or leather. There are double-breasted versions available, but single-breasted lends itself to a wide range of styles and outfits, and is easier to pull off without making besides bold a argument .
Words : Ella White
photography : Angus Williams
Styling : Freddie Kemp

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