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shirt dresses are one of my darling types of dresses. I love the versatility and how you can wear them for sol many occasions. Put it on and you immediately have a chic outfit. shirt dresses are decidedly a authoritative item so they ’ ve never gone out of manner. But recently they have become more popular then ever and are far beyond the preppy piece you may think of them as. Traditionally we all think of them as something for the warm weather months, but with the correctly style you can wear them in the winter a well. And who doesn ’ thymine sexual love getting more versatility out of their wardrobe ?

How to Wear a Shirt Dress in the Winter

not that you need it but I gave everyone license to have several shirt dresses in their wardrobe. They are tons of ways to wear a shirt dress. I ’ ve put in concert a bunch of outfit ideas below on how to wear a shirt apparel in the winter .

Add Faux Fur for a Fancy Night Out

Faux fur is a winter basic. A fake fur jacket or vest elevates a shirt dress to make it appropriate for evening. Add illusion accessories and heels to complete the front. I love the crop length of the fake fur jacket. It plays with the proportions of this outfit when paired with a maxi duration shirt dress. If you worry that a maxi will be an overwhelm look, keep the dress in a upstanding color and wear a pointy toe heel !
How to Wear a Shirt Dress in the Winter Ring Set // Lipstick // Faux Fur Coat // Maxi Shirt Dress // Tote // Bow Earrings // Jimmy Choo Pumps

Add Tights to a Belted Shirt Dress for the Office

Tights are an easy and obvious room to get a shirt dress ready for Winter. They not only provide warmth but the dark color makes the equip wintry angstrom well. Black tights will go with most shirt dresses but preceptor ’ triiodothyronine be afraid to try grey, navy or brown .
Add Tights to a Belted Shirt Dress for the Office Belted Shirt Dress // Layered Necklace // Tights // Booties // Tote Bag
Don ’ triiodothyronine think a shirt dress can work for date night ? I beg to differ. Start with a shirt dress in a dark color, bonus points if its in a satiny or chiffon fabric. This one besides gathers at the shank which accentuates or creates an hour glass trope. To add a little arouse entreaty, you can wear a lacy brassiere and united nations button to the point that it peaks thru. Knee high boots work like a match of tights to provide coverage and keep you warm but admit you to show a little little of skin. The stiletto heel is always a aphrodisiac option for even .
How to Wear A Shirt Dress in the Winter for date nights Hoop Earrings // Silk Tie Dress // Clutch Bag // Knee High Boots // Lady Coat

Add a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have to be mentioned anytime I talk about fall and Winter style. I included them in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe post because they are that substantive. A leather jacket can balance the preppiness of a shirt dress while besides making you seasonably appropriate .

Keep it Casual for the Weekend

I love to be comfortable but placid cute on the weekend. For a quick outfit, layer a sweater over a shirt dress and add tennis shoes. Any of the cable knit or crew neck sweaters you already have in your wardrobe are perfect ! You ’ ll be ardent but comfortable and the layers make your outfit chic ! I love to keep the perch of the equip simple with some simple studs and a crossbody udder .
How to Wear A Shirt Dress in the Winter - casual look cable Knit Sweater // Shirt Dress // Stud Earrings // Tennis Shoes // Cross-body Bags

Layer a Long Cardigan on Top

On days that you don ’ metric ton quite need a coat, grab a long cardigan. Layer it over any shirt dress, just make surely the arms of the snip fit well under the cardigan. You want to prevent bunch together. If your shirt dress has cuffs you can have them peek out. A long cardigan can go dressy or fooling, depending on how you style the rest of the outfit. This outfit below could work for a business casual kit if you switch the boots to heels .
How to style a shirt dress in winter Knotted Cross body // Layered Necklace // Shirt Dress // Duster Cardigan
Heeled Chelsea Boots // Chain Bracelet // Knot Bracelet

Add a Sweater Vest Dress

Another bang-up shirt dress outfit idea is to layer a dress over a preen ! A perspirer vest attire or sweater dress can go over a shirt attire to add layers to the spirit. Layers constantly make an equip more interesting. Pull the cuffs of the shirt dress to peek out from the perspirer sleeves. A shirt dress can besides add duration to the perspirer dress if you need it !
Sweater vest dress over a shirt dress Knot Headband // Sweater Vest Dress // Shirt Dress // Tights

Heeled Boots // Cross-body bags

Keep Your Outfit All Black

Keeping a look monochromatic is one of my go to ’ s when I need kit inspiration. The easiest coloring material for monochromatic outfits is black and an all black kit will constantly work for the winter ! To keep the equip from being one eminence, use items with different textures. For the outfit below the satiny shirt snip is paired with a chenille perspirer and leather accessories .
All black winter outfit Hoop Earrings // Maxi Shirt Dress // Chenille Sweater // Quilted Crossbody // Stiletto Booties

Add a Denim Jacket

Like a leather jacket, a denim jacket and shirt snip is another outfit mind. They typically lend themselves to a casual outfit and work well for the weekends. Whether your shirt full-dress is long or short sleeved, denim adds a great level for winter. If you need more for the cold weather, most denim jackets can fit under a heavier wool jacket besides .

Pair a Shirt Dress with Your Favorite Sweater

A common way to layer a occupation casual kit is to put a five neck perspirer over a collar shirt, this works the like with a shirt dress. The collar can peek thru the neck of the sweater. It besides breaks up the up the solid color of the dress .
Layering ideas for winter V-Neck Sweater // Cross-Body Bag // Pocket Shirt Dress // Tennis Shoes

Add a Blazer

How to style a shirt dress for work Blazer // Tie Shirt-Dress // Chain Necklace // Block-Heeled Pumps // Tote Bag

Layer a Sweater Vest on Top

Of course I ’ meter chime to recommend my front-runner of the consequence tendency, a Sweater Vest. In this post I have tips and trick on how to style this vogue and lots of equip ideas !
Layering ideas for winter Blazer Coat // Sweater Vest // Shirt Dress // Banana Heel Sandals // Belt bag

Pair a Shirtdress with a Sweatshirt

Yes, even a sweatshirt can work with a shirt dress ! To look put together while hush comfy, pick a sweatshirt that isn ’ t excessively outsize and let the collar of the dress glance thru. Too outsize can make the outfit look sloppy. You don ’ t need many accessories either. For the expression below I kept it to a lug and leather sneakers !
Winter shirt dress fashion Pocket Shirt Dress // Sweatshirt // Leather Sneakers // Tote Bag

Layer A Long Sleeved T-Shirt Underneath

A fitted long sleeve shirt is a classical layer piece. In this post, I discuss the best layer pieces and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe. hanker sleeves provide the coverage and warmth needed to make a shirt dress ready for winter. This is an particularly big mind for short sleeve dresses. It besides gives another opportunity to add another color or mark to the outfit. You can take this outfit idea as a way to mix prints. A strip shirt dress would look truly cute with a leopard or polka scatter long sleeved shirt.

How to wear shirt dress in the cold months Pocket Shirt Dress // Long-Sleeved Shirt // Loafers // Oversized Shopper Bag

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