One of the greatest things about elastic headbands is that there are so many styles, shapes, designs, and ways to wear them! Elastic headbands come with endless possibilities no matter how short, or long your hair is, hair up or down! We’ll explain how to wear elastic headbands in 4 simple ways to give you some inspo for your next beach vacation, work from home day, casual dinner with the girls or garden party. We love the textured elegance of our 100 % Linen Elastic Black, White, french Grey, Pink, Burnt Coral and the sheen & pattern on our 100 % Satin Elastic Leopard Headband. All our elastic headbands come with a linen gift pouch.

1. THE BOHO-LOOK with the knot in the middle or at the side

If you want your elastic headband to have that boho-chic look where it sits on peak of your hair, simply put the headband over your head and expressive style as you ’ d like ! 1. First, Place the headband around the top of your fountainhead, so it rests on your hair. 2. second, twist the knot to your desire placement, Central or to the side for a casual look which holds your hair’s-breadth back all day long


The classical Look is a capital fashionable means for keeping the hair out of your face during the sidereal day or even when washing your face. It is besides an amazingly effective means to hide regrowth Before you get to that next appointment ! To enhance this look you can pull through your hair to frame the face creating a stun effect. 1. First pull the headband down around your neck & lift all of your hair out of the headband 2. next, with two hands on the front man of the headband, attract it up to the top of your brow & slide the headband back to your desired blemish 3. extra Step – Pull out belittled hair pieces from the function line at the front to frame your face. A very current Look which softens and frames your face.


An elastic Headband is a bright way to dress a high Pony and bring color and finish to your Look. 1. First pull the headband down around your neck & hoist all of your hair out of the headband.

2. Make a gamey pony or pony at the level well suited to you. 3. Slide the headband back to your desired spot 4. extra Step – pull out small hair pieces from the partially line at the front ( we call them Tendrils ) OR at your ears to soften and frame your face or both.


Messy Buns are a great manner to stylus your hair’s-breadth with an add bonus of hiding regrowth or messy or dirty hair. This front is evenly effective with a tight neat bun and slicked back effect- “ Bella Hadid style ” .

  1. Start again by putting your elastic headband around your neck .
  2. Put your hair into a messy or tight bun, low or eminent as you wish .
  3. next, merely slide your flex headband up and vogue how you like it !
  4. once again, Tendrils can be pulled out at either side of the share line to soften your face or a slicked back impression can be achieved “ .

No matter the style you wish to achieve HairFlair Aus has quality linen and satin elastic headbands to accentuate any outfit !


Tania Hird xx

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