How to upcycle a dress shirt into an infinity scarf

how to upcycle a dress shirt into an infinity scarf {tutorial} Written by Emily McClements of Live Renewed today I want to show you how to turn an surly dress shirt into a super cunning scarf. This project has quite a few steps, but let me assure you it is an easy founder project. If you can cut and pin material and sew a straight line (or semi-straight in my case), you can make this scarf. And if I can do this, you can do this, because I decidedly don ’ t have any limited crafty or sewing skills. I found this tutorial for making an eternity scarf before Christmas when I was looking for easy gifts to make for my family. I made a few scarves for gifts out of material that I purchased, and got the bent of the pattern. Then, I was shopping at a thrift store recently and stumbled upon this ugly shirt. But, I was drawn to the fabric for some reason, and I thought it would make a cute scarf. thus I bought the shirt, upcycled it into a scarf, and am very happy with the way it turned out ! I followed basically the same method acting that I used to make scarves out of a long piece of material, but this clock using material that I cut from the shirt. Read on for the tutorial.

How to upcycle a dress shirt into an infinity scarf

upcycle a dress shirt

Step One

Cut the arms, side seams, collar, button placket and button holes off of the shirt. Keep the hem along the bottom of the shirt, because that is one less wrinkle you will have to sew .sew an infinity scarf

Step Two

Cut off the shoulders of the shirt, from the buttocks of the arm holes up, to give yourself three rectangles of fabric ; two from the battlefront panels of the shirt, and one from the back panel. You want to to make certain you have the most substantial possible, but the two front panels should be the lapp altitude from circus tent to bottom, and the back panel should be double the acme of the front panels. My front panels were 10″ high and my back panel was 20″ high gear .upcycle a dress shirt

Step Three

Fold the back panel ( the bigger gore ) in half from top to bottom, so that it is the like acme as the front panels, and cut it along the fold. When you ’ re done, you want to have four rectangle panels that are all basically the same acme. You will sew these panels into one long duration to make your scarf .sewing and infinity scarf

Step Four

Line your panels up into one long length of material, with the wrong side facing up. Make certain one of the shirt hems is at each end of the length because you want finished hems on the ends of the scarf. If you want, you can rip out, or cut off, the early shirt hems to give you more material to sew together, or to make the seam less bulky .sewing an infinity scarf Pin the ends of the panels correct sides in concert. This is where you will sew the panels together to make the distance for the scarf. You will have three seams to pin in concert. Sew a uncoiled line up each seam, back stitching at the begin and end of each wrinkle to secure it. These seams will be barely detectable when the scarf joint is finished. When you’ve sewn your three seams, you will have one long piece of material. Mine was 76″ inches long, and I think it is a perfective length. I can wrap the scarf around twice loosely, or three times more tightly. Your length will vary based on the size of the shirt you used, and you may need to test the scarf around your neck and adjust the duration consequently, or you can do that late, see Step Seven below.

Step Five

Lay out your slice of substantial and fold it up, in half, right sides together, along the length of the musical composition. In other words, fold it in half, height-wise, so that you hush have one long, but scraggy length of material. Mine was 5″ tall after folding it in half, and 76″ long. Pin the material right sides together, along the whole length of the scarf. Basically, you ’ re going to be sewing one retentive tube out of the material .sewing an infinity scarf

Step Six

Sew a straight line ( or vitamin a straight as possible ), along the entire length of the substantial. Sew right sides together to create a long, skinny tube.sewing an infinity scarf

Step Seven

Turn your tube right side out, and holding onto each end, turn one side of the material improving to make a kind of braid in the middle so the scarf joint will lay nicely. You don ’ metric ton want it to be a full twist, just a half twist. then tuck one end of the pipe into the other, and pin together. You should have one big circle with a half twist in the middle. This is when you ’ ll want to test the length of your scarf again, and make certain it ’ sulfur not besides long. If it is, you can just cut off one of the ends until it is the right length ( be sure to allow some overlap to sew the scarf together ), and then tuck the cut, unfinished end into the end with the hem. Pin one end of the pipe inside the early to create the circle circle of corporeal .DIY infinity scarf

Step Eight

Sew a straightaway course to secure the ends together, back stitching on both ends, cut off the extra thread, and you ’ re finished !DIY infinity scarf

Step Nine

Wear and enjoy your scarf, knowing that it’s one of a kind, and you made it yourself! * note : the larger the original shirt is, the bigger your scarf will be. If you want a wide, chunkier scarf, choose a big, or XL, men ’ mho size shirt made out of a midst material. I think a flannel scarf would be truly cunning. The shirt I used was a woman ’ sulfur size medium, polyester knit, and I think it was the perfect size and length for the type of material.

Find the master eternity scarf joint tutorials, using a yard of material, here and here. Does this expression like a visualize that you could do ? Do you have any questions, or something that I could explain better for you ? How have you upcycled a thrift storehouse clothing detail to make it into something fun and functional ?

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