Instructions for cleaning, bathing, and wearing a belly band after caesarean section

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The article was professionally consulted with Doctor Nguyen Thi Man – obstetrician and Gynecologist – Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology – Vinmec Danang International General Hospital.

cesarean section helps pregnant women to “ go through labor ” successfully, quickly and avoid many dangerous events. however, women after cesarean section want to be cared for by rights therefore that they can return to normal activities soon, starting with clean, bathe, wearing a belt or riding a minibike.

1. How long after cesarean delivery can I clean and bathe?

Women after cesarean section can wash and bathe immediately after giving birth. however, wish should be taken to use ardent water and dry immediately after bathing or contact with water. In the second base week, the mother can bathe normally, limit wetting the incision and absolutely do not rub powerfully on the incision. In addition, for daily activities, the mother was able to wash her face, rinse her sass, and brush her teeth every day correct after giving birth. Choose a soft toothbrush to avoid bleeding gums.
To avoid urinary memory after giving birth, women can exercise urinating 2 to 3 hours after the catheter is removed. If the first one-half of the day after giving birth, the beget feels fallible, she should use the toilet to urinate on the spot, on the second day, she can go to the toilet, but still need close supervision from family members.
In general, cleaning tasks and light activities can still be done, but after giving birth, mothers need to focus on resting a draw to be healthy and take care of themselves and their babies.

2. How long does a cesarean delivery take?

Finding a reduce figure like before giving birth is the top concern of postnatal mothers. exercise is a good thing to do, but in reality, taking manage of your baby will take up most of a mother ‘s meter, particularly when breastfeeding. Because it is very difficult to arrange time for practice, many people seek the patronize of corsets. So how long does it take for women to have a caesarian section ?
Belly corsets can much be used after cesarean delivery part from the 4th workweek onwards, because at this time the surgical scar has healed relatively well, so it is not greatly affected by the abdomen set. however, how long it takes for a cesarean delivery to wear a corset depends on the mother ‘s localization, some people have a longer incision, so it is not advisable to use the belly band gene excessively soon, then it is necessity to wait a fiddling more meter to for the wound to heal completely. absolutely do not wear a belly band when the incision is not completely healed or immediately after giving birth. On the other hand, wearing a belly band not alone pays care to wait for the incision to heal wholly, but besides needs to be careful not to tighten the abdomen besides tightly, leading to friction on the incision, or avoiding the incision when wearing a abdomen band.
however, postnatal women should not be besides dependent on the belly band gene because if abused, it will create an uncomfortable feel, even potentially causing suffocation due to inadequate blood circulation. Postpartum mothers need to feel the body, when feeling uncomfortable, they need to take it off to ensure blood circulation is not obstructed.
Besides, along with the belly gene, in rate to soon regain the desire slender waist, it is crucial to work arduous and exercise regularly and by rights. From about 6-8 weeks postnatal, the mother can practice with relatively gentle exercises and gradually raise the degree according to body condition. In addition, postnatal women besides need to have a scientific and reasonable diet to ensure they have breast milk without making the mother fat. furthermore, breastfeed is besides a way for women to soon regain their pre-pregnancy body condition.

3. How long before a cesarean delivery can ride a motorbike?

many women after giving birth much worry about how long it will take to ride a motorbike after having a cesarean incision. In fact, this depends on many factors, such as health situation, work, circumstances, … If a mother has barely given give birth, her body is still very weak and can not even take care of herself. It is not advisable to go out and ride a minibike. When your health does not allow it, you should take time to rest and recover. If there is an emergency or you need to go out, ask a loved one for avail. When the health is more stable and feels goodly, the mother can go out in the car, but need to be very careful and should only go near the sign of the zodiac.
On the other hand, when going out on the street, sometimes the effects of the environment such as sunlight and scent will easily affect the beget ‘s health. therefore, in all cases, postnatal women should limit dangerous situations and risks to protect their bodies and health.

4. What to do to avoid complications after cesarean section?

Mothers after cesarean section are much at risk of experiencing dangerous complications, such as fever, infection, inflammation of the incision, bleeding at the incision web site, etc. consequently, the mother should pay attention to follow the instructions. doctor ‘s instructions to limit the possibility of complications after cesarean department.
In the first day after surgery, should not lie inactive in one place continuously on the bed, need to turn, lie on the right or entrust side. On the second day on, the mother, if possible, should get up and walk. You can lie down on your stomach every day for about 20-30 minutes, it will help the fluid to drain more well, and you should do abdominal massage every day to make the uterus rubber band and push the product out faster. Breastfeeding should be done early, because breastfeeding besides works to increase uterine contractions and limit bleed after cesarean delivery segment. furthermore, when the baby is breastfed early in the foremost 3 days, the baby will enjoy the source of colostrum from the mother. Colostrum contains a batch of antibodies passed on from the mother, helping the baby quickly improve the immune system, less allergic or minor diseases. The mother should eat enough nutrients, eat increased meat, balance foods, to help the incision heal promptly and increase the body ‘s resistance to the best .
however, the most authoritative thing is the give monitoring and care of the forefather and his family members, in order to protect the health, angstrom good as to encourage and encourage the womanhood ‘s spirit. Born on the way to motherhood.
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