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Running while meaning is possible ! And many fraught runners do it with a secret weapon—a belly band for runners .
A abdomen band ( besides called a motherliness belt out or pregnancy support knock ) helps support your meaning pot and relieve coerce as you run. It besides helps support your first gear spinal column which frequently hurts pregnant women because of the lend sift from the growing stomach .
But not all motherliness bands are created equal. Some merely wear ’ t shape. Some are uncomfortable and dig into your peel. Some feel awkward, adding weight alternatively of relieving it .
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Don ’ thymine worry. I got you. In this article, I ’ molarity going to suggest and review the best belly band for runners. I curated this list based on my own experience, talking with other mother runners, and conducting research on-line .
In this article, I will cover :

  • Why you should wear a belly band running
  • How belly bands work
  • When you should wear a belly band for running
  • And review the Recore FITSplint maternity belt, Baobei Body maternity support, Belly Bandit Upsie belly band, and the Gabrialla maternity support belt.

therefore, let ’ s get going !

Should I run with a belly band?

If you are running while pregnant, I highly recommend you run with a belly ring. A motherhood support belt acts as a sports brassiere in that it supports your abdomen while offering comfort .
motherliness belts can besides reduce the gamble of lower back pain, SI joint dysfunction, diastasis rectus, pelvic floor dysfunction, symphysis pubis dysfunction, and round ligament pain while running .

How do you support your stomach when running?

The best way to support your meaning stomach when run is to wear a motherhood support belt that fits snug over and under your meaning belly .
You may besides tape your belly much like you would use kinesiology tape for an injury. Tummytape makes it easy to apply, coming in a pre-cut software. Just take off the back and apply under and upon the clean skin of your stomach .
I personally have not used KT tape, rock tape, or Tummytape for my fraught belly but do know a handful of ma who have with great success. They say it ’ s comfortable and effective .
You can buy single-use packages for a bare $ 7 if you want to try them !

When should you start wearing a belly band?

It truly depends on the pregnancy for when you should start wearing a belly band. On average, meaning women start wearing motherhood support around 20 weeks .
however, I recommend using them whenever you feel discomfort around your fraught belly while running including in your hips, pelvis and lower back .
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How do you wear a belly band for running?

Most motherhood belts fit under your pot to offer support. You typically put them on by placing the in-between of the belt to your abject back and wrapping the ends under your belly so they fasten on each side of your torso. Make the fit cozy but not besides tight .
Most motherhood bands are adjustable to grow with your growing pot. many women will wear them after having a baby vitamin a well in the fourthly clean-cut to offer extra support as their bodies recover from pregnancy and delivery .
Maternity bands aren ’ thyroxine barely worn while running. many women wear them around the house or at work, specially if they are on their feet a draw .
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4 Reasons Why You Need a Pregnancy Support Band


  1. Belly bands decrease discomfort and pain.

This point is the most important and most obvious. Wearing a belly dance band relieves the discomfort of your heavy pregnant pot which can strain your pelvis and your lower second. ( More than 70 percentage of fraught women struggle with moo back pain. )
A motherliness support band basically feels like person is wrapping their arms around your pot and lifting it up to ease the weight .

  1. Belly bands can prevent future issues.

Because these support garments decrease the stress put on your pelvic area and back, they can prevent or decrease the risks of future issues such as :

  • lower back pain,
  • SI joint dysfunction,
  • diastasis recti,
  • pelvic floor dysfunction,
  • symphysis pubis dysfunction,
  • round ligament pain, and
  • stretch marks.
  1. Belly bands improve posture.

Because belly bands offer compression around your stomach and lower back, it helps you model and stand up straight, studies show .
many meaning women let their larger tummies pull their hips forth, accentuating the arch in their lower back. This front tooth tilt can lead to running injuries such as hamstring strains .

  1. Belly bands help you run longer.

many women, myself included, have been able to run long throughout their pregnancies thanks to the help of belly bands. Belly bands make running fraught more comfortable and thus you ’ re able to go for a longer distance on your runs, far into your pregnancies .
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This is not a given, of course. For exemplar, I did have pretty austere low rear trouble during my second gear pregnancy that made running not fun. however, it is coarse for many women to feel better running while wearing a pregnancy confirm band .
Convinced yet ? Well, now I want to help you find the right belly band for you. Below are my top four abdomen bands for runners .

ReCORE Maternity FITSplint

The ReCORE Maternity FITSplint is the wear
ReCORE Maternity FITSplint
best abdomen band for runners. It was designed by Celeste Goodson, a beget runner herself, and founder of ReCORE which offers pelvic floor train. ReCORE is normally used by elite runners during pregnancy and postnatal stages .
I recommend my pregnant and postnatal athletes do ReCORE ’ s on-line PreCORE and ReCORE pelvic floor programs .
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Maternity FITsplit Overview:

The FITsplint is wholly adjustable with two straps that can be worn three ways for motion master during running and to support your hip and pelvis. It is made of elastic, slender, breathable material .
The FITsplint comes in three sizes. It ’ s a democratic choice among physical therapists and athletes around the world .
purchase of the motherliness band comes with 5 pelvic floor exercises .

Maternity FITsplint Review:

Wearers of the FITsplint say it wholly eliminated the bounce of their bigger bellies and allowed them to run for longer without worrying about having to pee. It well hides under a shirt, doesn ’ triiodothyronine motivation constant adjustment, and supported both the lower back and belly .
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FITsplint fans don ’ thymine good wear the belly band while running. They besides wear it around the house while cleaning or doing chores .
The only ailment is that it does get hot .

FITsplint PROs:

  • Adjustable
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Supports the back, belly, bladder, hips, and pelvis
  • Allows you to run longer
  • Comes with a sample of PreCORE exercises

FITsplint CONs:

  • Gets hot

ReCORE Maternity FITsplint $49.95
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Baobei Body Speed Bump Belly Band

Baobei Body Speed Bump Belly Band
The Baobei Body Speedy Bump abdomen band comes in a close irregular to the ReCORE Maternity FITsplint. In fact, it is recommended by my co-coach Laura Norris who wore it during her pregnancy. Wearers say the Speed Bump belly band is akin to a sports brassiere for your belly .

Baobei Body belly band overview:

This pregnancy belly band features Baobei ’ s “ CORE SUPPORT technology ” which makes it like a sports brassiere for your abdomen. Baobei says this motherliness support dance band is the only one on the market that offers 360 degrees of complete ore coverage .
It besides has a breathable framework that takes the press off the low back and eases coarse discomforts and binding pain of pregnancy .

Baobei Body Belly Band Review:

Wearers of the Baobei consistency belly band love how supportive yet breathable it feels. It wraps around your entire core, offering complete hold and stretches with your growing stomach .
While supportive, the soft fabric does not chafe or get besides hot. however, some reviewers have said some seams came unstitched after washing it and rolls with drift. Baobei says they have resolved those issues with their sewers. indeed, the customer service is very responsive ! ( It is a ship’s company made up of work-from-home moms ! ) .
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Baobei Body Belly Band PROs:

  • Helps alleviateDiastasis recti (splitting of the abdominals), Round Ligament Pain, Hernia, Low back pain, SPD, Pelvic Pressure 
  • Speed Bump PROs
  • Comes in 5 colors
  • Breathable fabric
  • Maximum support for all three trimesters

Baobei Body Belly Band CONs:

  • Fabric rolls with movement such as bending and twisting

Baobei Body Speed Bump Belly Band $65

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Band

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Maternity Support Belt
The Belly Bandit Belly Band is promptly becoming one of the most popular belly bands for runners due to its wax belly support and breathability. It does come in at a higher price point and some mother runners say it ’ second not very durable .

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Band Overview:

Let ’ s beginning with the fact that this belly band is registered as a aesculapian device and is eligible for policy reimbursement. It hides well under your clothes as it wraps under your belly and molds to your peel without digging into it. It is adjustable up to a foot .
Unlike the other bands in this review, it does not fit over your arrant torso which has the pro that it doesn ’ thyroxine catch as hot .

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Band Review:

Reviewers loved how easy this support belt is. They claimed it did a bang-up job of relieving lower binding pain and bladder discomfort. In fact, there were several wearers who suffered from humble back pain during pregnancy and SI joint dysfunction that had relief wearing this belly band .
Some Belly Bandit reviewers disliked the Velcro saying that it was uncomfortable and lost its stickiness after a couple of washes .

Belly Bandit PROs:

  • Ultra-soft viscose from bamboo fabric
  • SecureStretch™molds to your body
  • Relieves low back pain and bladder discomfort
  • 12 inches of adjustability with an anti-dig closure
  • Comes with a hot and cold therapy gel pack that fits neatly into the back pocket
  • Eligible for insurance reimbursement

Belly Bandit CONs:

  • Velcro becomes less sticky with washing
  • More expensive than most belly bands

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Belly Band $69.95

Gabrialla MS-96 Pregnancy Support Band

The Gabrialla MS-96 Maternity Support Belt has been one of the most popular belly bands for running for years. so much, in fact, it is award-winning and covered by FDA and Medicare-approved .

Gabrialla MS-96 Pregnancy Support Band Overview:

Gabrialla MS-96 Pregnancy Support Band
The Gabrialla motherhood dance band cradles your pot, easing pressure off your pelvis and back. It besides has compression which eases stress on the lower back .
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Gabrialla MS-96 Pregnancy Support Band Review:

The Gabrialla pregnancy support band was the one I wore running through my pregnancies. It cradles the bottom of your belly and offloads the system of weights while supporting your lower back .
I will say that it helped take the press off my pelvis and lower binding but I silent had to tinkle a draw while running. It besides sometimes dug into my bark around the edges of the wrapping .

Gabrialla Belly Band PROs:

  • FDA and Medicare-approved and doctor-recommended
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • 5 sizes
  • Has a back pocket for a hot or cold pack
  • Flexible material with compression
  • Claims to help reduce stretch marks
  • Least expensive

Gabrialla Belly Band CONs:

  • Velcro can dig into your skin
  • Doesn’t completely offload pressure
  • Can get hot and sweaty

Gabrialla MS-96 Pregnancy Support Band $39.95

If you want steering with your prepare while running meaning or postnatal, check out my discharge coaching services. besides, be sure to check out my release coach plans :

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